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Thursday 31 July 2014

Natalie Rowe’s Drugs Allegations

Some gain notoriety through their being directly in the media spotlight, while others gain it by, shall we say, interacting with them. In this latter category is one Natalie Rowe, former Madam and author of Chief Whip – Memoirs Of A Dominatrix. Ms Rowe is, as Russell Harty might have put it, “famous, nay, notorious” for her alleged cocaine snorting with the current Chancellor of the Exchequer.
Natalie Rowe and alleged former client

Her associations also extended to someone that the Telegraph’s Tim Walker called a “dashing thespian”, an actor who was a household name, now in his 60s and married. Yes thanks Mr W., I got that one without any more clues. And there it might have remained, until the perpetually thirsty Paul Staines and his rabble at the Guido Fawkes blog prodded Ms Rowe yesterday.
The Great Guido told that Ms Rowe had Tweeted a photo of herself and a young George Osborne (allegedly “off his trolley”), then attacked her credibility: “Her tweets were increasingly hysterical and from her timeline she appears to be having some kind of episode. Today she was arrested for unrelated ‘abusive behaviour’ on the King’s Road last Thursday ... One for the conspiracy theorists”.
This did not impress Ms Rowe one bit, and she subsequently launched into a Twitter tirade against Staines, making the most extraordinary claims against him, starting with “So that everyone is aware, you’re a tax dodger on top of all your other dodgy stuff, you picked on the wrong bitch” and ending the Tweet with the hashtag “#hairfolicle”. What could this mean?

Now, as Staines holds an Irish passport, and the company that runs the Fawkes blog is registered in Nevis, he can quite legitimately make use of tax regimes that can be, shall we say, more revenue-efficient than that in the UK. But it would be interesting to see her expand upon “other dodgy stuff” , as well as explain that hashtag. Was it, someone asked, to do with a hair drugs test?
She appeared to confirm that it was, as she followed up with “Not only would the Tory lapdog fail a drug test, he’d have to find his balls first, far up Osborne’s backside”. Well, we know of The Great Guido’s recent closeness to the Tory Party, but the idea that he may have done illegal stuff recently is a new one. Staines’ recent problems have been associated with his legendary thirst.

So will Ms Rowe expand on her assertions from yesterday? Will there be any further comment from Staines? Whatever follows, it does seem that the Fawkes folks were unwise to rattle her cage yesterday afternoon. Perhaps it is something and nothing: after all, if Staines wants to indulge in a little extra-curricular indulgence, well, it’s his money and his choice. Nothing to see here, or to sniff at.

I mean, it’s not as if he’s driving again. Or is he?

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