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Wednesday 30 July 2014

Gaza – Mad Mel Unrepentant

While the death toll, especially on the Palestinian side, continues to rise, and the IDF persists with what it calls Operation Protective Edge, some are urging restraint and an end to the killing. But one person can be relied upon to ignore such niceties and continue the screaming denunciation of anyone not giving unconditional support to the Netenyahu Government.
Not even slightly fair and balanced

This is, to no surprise at all, Melanie “not just Barking but halfway to Upminster” Phillips, who has already attracted condemnation for her appearance on a recent edition of Radio 4’s The Moral Maze, where she can be heard shouting down dissent with “Israel does not deliberately kill civilians ... it does not deliberately kill civilians”, as well as snapping petulantly at her fellow “judges”.
So while the Archbishop of Canterbury says “Today I urge Israel and Gaza to end this brutal violence and seek peace, and churches to offer victims Christ’s love”, Mel couldn’t give a flying foxtrot. There’s blame gaming to do: “Israel says UN shelter deaths not caused by its ordnance. So who killed those [civilians]? Send protests to Hamas c/o UN”. You read that right: “Hamas c/o UN”. Bottom of barrel already.
Perhaps Mel will listen to an Israeli citizen and fellow journalist? You jest. So while Mira Bar-Hillel cautions “Does Israel realise that when its ludicrous, arrogant and belligerent [spokesmen] appear on the media they lose even more support?” Mel is wibbling “Hamas not ‘powerless’ Palestinian resistance but military arm of Muslim brothers’ Alliance headed by Qatar and Turkey”.
Aaarghh! The Scary Muslims (tm) are coming for Mad Mel! Jibber! JIBBER!! Seriously, there is a humanitarian catastrophe unfolding, and one highly intelligent observer is scrabbling round after conspiracy theories. And the jibbering continues with “Is killing Muslims only [an] outrage when [a] Jew does it in self-defence? Is the only good Jew one who lets [him or her]self be killed?
Can we perhaps cut back on the hyperbole and urge restraint, even among pundits? You’ve got no chance – now she’s really cranking up the wibbling: “Obama working for Hamas victory over Israel to reach accord with Iran enabling genocide nukes”. Shine a light, someone just overshot the buffer stops at Upminster. Hello Ms Phillips, there are a lot of people being killed and injured right now. Wake up!
And save us the drivel about “terrorist infrastructure”. The bombing, shelling, rocketing and infantry backup is going way beyond that. As Moron Watch has observed, “Given that Israel is targeting schools, hospitals, UN shelters and power plants, I think the ‘rockets’ excuse is wearing thin”. The gratuitous screaming from those who would be exemplars is not helping matters, either.

While Justin Welby urges peace, Mad Mel remains in her playground. Sad.

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Shawlrat said...

Where to begin with this? Let's just say she's predictable.