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Thursday, 5 December 2019

Corbyn And The Queen’s Speech

Few things illustrate the change in viewing habits, and indeed our attitude to the monarchy, than the dwindling audience garnered by the Queen’s Christmas Message. Gone are those days in the 1970s when families would ensure Christmas lunch was cleared away before 1500 hours, when the Queen’s thoughts would be shared with the nation, before the afternoon film was screened. Now, around 10% of the population tunes in.
Many are working, yes, even on Christmas Day. Others are away from their homes, visiting relatives and friends. Yet more do not bother tuning in at all. But such is the desperation of our free and fearless press, and the Tory Party which they have in their pockets, that not watching the Queen’s Christmas Message has been turned into some kind of heinous crime - but only if the person not watching is Jeremy Corbyn.

That’s right: the new supposedly devastating attack line from the right is to moan that Jezza might not be watching the Queen on Christmas Day. The Daily Brexit, still sometimes known as the Express, was in the vanguard, sneering “JEREMY CORBYN dodged questions on whether he watches the Queen’s speech on Christmas Day either alone or with his family, saying he ‘usually’ has it on, ‘some of the time’”.

Then came the Murdoch Sun to kick both Jezza and Angela Rayner: “LABOUR's Angela Rayner today claimed Jeremy Corbyn might watch the Queen's Christmas Day speech on catch-up. The shadow education secretary tried to defend the Labour boss, after he was caught out yesterday pretending he watched Her Majesty's annual address to the nation - but said he had it on in the morning”. Yeah, Boo Rotten Unpatriotic Lefties!
And no attack on the Labour leader would be complete without the Mail, which crowedJeremy Corbyn allies desperately claim he might have watched Queen's Christmas message 'on catch up' BEFORE it was aired as farce over his TV interview blunder deepens … Angela Rayner has insisted Jeremy Corbyn could have 'watched it on catch up’ … She then claimed he'd actually said he catches up with the speech on Boxing Day … Comes after Mr Corbyn's cringe-worthy exchange with ITV's Julie Etchingham”.

Any more sneering? Ah, but there has to be someone at the increasingly alt-right Spectator to put the boot in, and so it has proved. “It’s a simple question, but one the Labour leader appeared to struggle with during his interview on ITV … ‘You don’t watch it, do you Mr Corbyn?’ Etchingham asked the Labour leader. Oh dear. Another broadcast interview success for Corbyn”. Tee hee hee! Nyaah nyaahdy nyaah nyaah!!

It was left to the Labour-supporting Mirror to relay what Jezza actually does on Christmas Day: “I enjoy the presence of my family and friends around Christmas. Obviously, like everybody else does … And, I also visit the homeless shelter, either on Christmas Day, or the day before, to talk to, and listen to people's lives, about how they could be made better with a government that cared for them”. What most of the press won’t tell you.

Visiting a homeless shelter. Talking to those less fortunate. Maybe including those with mental health problems, victims of broken relationships, those evicted from their homes, and former soldiers with conditions like PTSD. You know, former soldiers - the people the press claims to stick up for. Those they claim Jezza doesn’t care about. Nothing shows the rank hypocrisy of the Tories and their pals to better effect. Another right-wing own goal.
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Wednesday, 4 December 2019

CORRECTION: Kieran Mullan

On 20 November 2019 I tweeted an article which questioned the legitimacy of a photograph of Kieran Mullan as a volunteer police officer. I have now been informed by Dr Mullan that he was in fact a volunteer police officer between 2014-2018 and the photograph was one of him in uniform, but off duty. I am happy to clarify the matter and to apologise for any distress caused.
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Bozo And Trump NHS Denial BUSTED

In case anyone was not yet aware that much of our free and fearless press long ago abandoned the distinction between news and comment, today’s edition of the Super Soaraway Currant Bun - which in living memory was moving four million copies a day but has now fallen below 1.25 million - should put them straight.
Desperately trying to dismiss genuine concerns over the Tories’ intentions for the NHS, and indeed the party’s competence under the leadership of alleged Prime Minister Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, the Sun has today ranted “Key Corb Claim Crushed … TRUMP THUMPS CHUMP OVER NHS LIES”. A mass circulation newspaper reaching for the L-Word is a sure sign that matters are becoming desperate.

The paper has run its ownFact Check” - The Sun checking facts is a contradiction in terms if ever there was one - to try and debunk Labour claims that the NHS would be “on the table” in future trade talks. It has run a particularly abusive editorial today headed “Lies on NHS” and asserting “OUR Government and America’s could not be more emphatic: Under the Tories the NHS will never be for sale”. There is more.

It is pathetic to see Corbyn, his social media propagandists and his pet ­’journalists’ persist with their baseless and utterly cynical scaremongering … The health service will not form part of any post-Brexit trade deal. Not if it was offered ‘on a silver platter’, according to Donald Trump. Boris Johnson says it is off-limits anyway … Corbyn pretends even that isn’t enough. Why? Because that really IS all he has”. Which is not true.

We know this as both Combover Crybaby Donald Trump, and Woody Johnson (part of the “Johnson” in Johnson & Johnson), his ambassador to the UK, have said that the NHS would be on the table in any future trade talks. Johnson said in an interview on The Andy Marr Show™ in early June that “healthcare” would be “on the table” for discussion as part of a post-Brexit trade deal”. Then, soon afterwards, Trump confirmed it.

Here’s what Sky News reported at the time: “When asked if the NHS should be on the table for a post-Brexit trade deal, Donald Trump says ‘everything will be on table … I think we’re going to have a great trade deal … We’re going to have a great and very comprehensive trade deal … I think everything with a trade deal is on the table. When you’re dealing with trade, everything’s on the table … So NHS or anything else … a lot more than that, but everything will be on the table”. He went there. And he said it.
So when the inmates of the Baby Shard bunker start shouting “liar”, it is they who should be reaching for the nearest extinguisher. Worse, as Politico has told, “Boris Johnson and Donald Trump snuck in a quick private meeting Tuesday evening with little fanfare ahead of a NATO leaders' meeting in London Wednesday. The U.K. prime minister and U.S. president discussed the importance of the military alliance and the need for unity to address evolving threats during a head-to-head”. What else did they discuss?

Tory cheerleaders can stamp their feet and cat-call all they want. Trump has already said that the NHS would be on the table in future trade talks. No amount of propagandist knocking copy can change that. Nor can it make Bozo The Clown a competent PM.

The Murdoch mafiosi is now beyond desperate. But you knew that anyway.
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Maajid Nawaz’ Legal Problem

As I’ve told recently, the least problematic course of action when faced with a legal threat is to address the threat, and if necessary settle as quickly and inexpensively as possible. The likes of pro-am motormouth Katie Hopkins, and her pal Stephen Yaxley Lennon, who styles himself Tommy Robinson, are testament to what happens when one ignores the threat and it turns out to be something more serious.
Maajid Nawaz

The latest individual who needs to take this advice on board is Aaron Bastani, who has himself been routinely smeared by a whole host of individuals, most regularly and recently minor thesp Frances Barber, but who has made an assertion on an open social media feed which he might have trouble standing up. Moreover, the target of his assertion is the thin-skinned and highly litigious LBC host Maajid Nawaz.

Nawaz memorably extracted a significant sum from the Southern Poverty Law Center after he had been accused by them of being an “anti-Muslim extremist”. So when Bastani called him “literally a former terrorist” after Nawaz went on another of his anti-Corbyn rants which themselves could leave him open to defamation proceedings, it was in the no-brainer category that there would be a legal threat following right behind.
Aaron Bastani

Nawaz added helpfully “Two other Corbynist media pundits will also be sent letters today. Anyone who supported this tweet, your tweets are printed out. You are on notice”. Letters? In this age of electronic communication? How very 20th Century.

Meanwhile, it seems Bastani has plenty of time to consider his position. As he has told in response to Nawaz’ announcement, “Mr Nawaaz [sic] and his lawyers have been kind enough to furnish me with a letter including a deadline for 4pm....December 18th”.
But one item is missing from Nawaz’ bluster: Bastani and “other Corbynist media pundits” are not the only ones publishing or transmitting material using the T-Word to describe him. And thus far there is no sign of any threat being made over a significant other media source which falls into this category. That source is the increasingly desperate and downmarket Telegraph, in an article featuring none other than Stephen Lennon.

The Tel had run a piece on Lennon back in 2013 - it is still up on the paper’s website - which explores his supposed renunciation of the EDL and embrace of Quilliam, which appears to have been brokered by Nawaz. It tells “Of those who refuse to believe in his change of heart, he says: ‘They don’t say that to Maajid Nawaz today. He was in Hizb-ut-Tahrir, he did six years [in prison] in Egypt for terrorism. You know, and I find stories like that inspiring’”. Except that Nawaz did not do time in an Egyptian prison for terrorism.
For a whole six years, Maajid Nawaz has - perhaps by not being alerted to the article’s contents - allowed a published claim that he had “[done] six years for terrorism” to remain uncontested. Were I in Aaron Bastani’s shoes, I’d be waving that Telegraph article in the faces of Nawaz and his reassuringly expensive lawyers pretty sharpish.

Nawaz may believe he’ll extract apologies, damages and costs from Bastani. It would be most unfortunate if all he received was a referral to Arkell v Pressdram 1971.
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Tuesday, 3 December 2019

Rabbi Assaulted - Corbyn Alone Calls

The scourge of anti-Semitism, like other forms of racism, never went away. It is showing worrying signs of becoming more serious, as the Guardian has now reported. “The Metropolitan police have been accused of failing to urgently investigate an antisemitic assault by two attackers who shouted ‘kill the Jews’ as they punched a rabbi and left him ‘bleeding and dazed’ in north London last week”. There was more.
The unnamed rabbi was on a visit from Israel for a family wedding when he was attacked on Friday night. The attackers also shouted ‘fucking Jew, dirty Jew’ before striking him to the ground, according to Shomrim, a neighbourhood watch group that monitors hate crimes against the Jewish community”. Jewish voices were understandably unhappy.

Shomrim’s chairman, Rabbi Herschel Gluck, who reported the attack, accused police of dragging their feet. He said: ‘The police response has certainly not been good enough. When something like this happens, which has caused deep distress to the Jewish community, the police should pull out all the stops to deal with it in a suitable manner … We hear a lot of very nice talk about being against hate crime and antisemitism but when it comes down to it we don’t see any appropriate action’”. Then came an interesting detail.

The shadow home secretary, Diane Abbott, and the Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, both condemned the attack … Corbyn tweeted that he had spoken to Gluck to express his concerns … Gluck confirmed that Corbyn ‘phoned to find out what happened and to express his shock and empathy with the community’. He added: ‘We deeply appreciate his concern. He sounded extremely genuine. He was the only party leader who called”.

Well, well. You didn’t hear that? Why that might be can be seen from other media reports of the assault. Take Mail Online, for instance, which tells readersPrime Minister Boris Johnson, local MP Diane Abbott and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn used Twitter to condemn the attack”. Bozo only did that after Corbyn phoned Rabbi Gluck.
And the Jewish Chronicle, whose editor Stephen Pollard is vehemently anti-Corbyn, does not mention Jezza at all in its report. But then, Rabbi Gluck has also said, as the Hackney Gazette has reported, “I do not think any of the attacks in Hackney have been caused by issues in the Labour Party or Jeremy Corbyn … These are antisemitic attacks, pure and simple, and I think they are part of a pattern that started long before Brexit and have increased exponentially since the current government came in”.

Also, he passed adverse comment on recent Police cuts. "The president of Stamford Hill's volunteer-led neighbourhood watch group Shomrim believes police funding cuts have fuelled a rise in hate crime … Rabbi Herschel Gluck said minorities including the Haredi Jewish community are being attacked on a regular basis and there are not enough police in the area to deal with the issue”. Small wonder some in the press are keeping schtum.

Thus we see that selective reporting is alive and well: airbrushing the Labour leader out of this story shows that, when it comes to allegations of anti-Semitism, it is not only what the press chooses to publish, but also what it chooses not to publish.

Jeremy Corbyn alone of party leaders cared enough to call. I’ll just leave that one there.
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Bozo’s Corbyn Security Risk Hypocrisy

As the General Election approaches, and opinion poll numbers appear to be moving more in favour of Labour than the Tories, so the right-leaning part of our free and fearless press begins to get more jittery - and print more knocking copy attacking The Red Team. And there is no more shameless repository of knocking copy than the Murdoch Sun, today giving a platform to alleged Prime Minister Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson.
The tactic is as old as it is tired: try and link the Rotten Lefties™ with the current rĂ©gime in the Kremlin. The Sunday Times tried that one with Michael Foot many years ago, and their story didn’t even make lunchtime before it fell apart. The Sun’s Bozo article today is already DOA, thanks to a little investigation from a proper investigative journalist.

But first, let’s hear Bozo in the Sun. “Every time he has the chance, he sides with our enemies. He spent the long years of the Cold War basically on the other side [no citation, and none will be provided] … Nato is an organisation that Corbyn has said he wants to disband [not true] … I don’t think it is to be strong to want to … scrap MI5 [flat-out lie]”.

And there was more. “He said the governments of the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand - the four nations in the so called Five Eyes intelligence-sharing agreement with Britain - had already expressed their fears [no citation]. The Prime Minister added: ‘A lot of our allies, particularly the Five Eyes, are very anxious about any future collaboration. It is absolutely not a Tory scare story. They have said precisely this.’” Yeah, right.

And, as Jon Stewart might have said, two things here. One, Bozo has been described as a security risk by his own senior colleagues on more than one occasion. Take this from the Murdoch Times during the Tory leadership election: “Boris Johnson ‘is a security risk’ because of his private life, say allies of Jeremy Hunt … Tory MPs backing the foreign secretary say his rival is vulnerable to blackmail by foreign powers”.
Also, this from the BBC: “Downing Street attempted to withhold sensitive intelligence from Boris Johnson when he became foreign secretary … It is understood Theresa May and some in the intelligence community had worries about Mr Johnson's ability to keep information confidential”. Then we come to Bozo’s own Russia connection.

Two, former Panorama stalwart John Sweeney has produced a short video (see it HERE) which shows a part of Umbria where two Russian families own the land around one of the area’s many hills. One of the families is the Lebedevs. The same Lebedevs who own the London Evening Standard, among their other UK business interests.

Sweeney points to the Lebedev Palazzo and observes “a regular guest is Boris Johnson”. Even when he was Foreign Secretary. As he points out, no-one is fussed about what parties Bozo goes to when in Italy. But “here’s the rub … MI6 did … what concerned them was not what Boris was doing, but where he was doing it”. And guess what?

On at least one occasion … when Boris Johnson came to Italy, he left his Metropolitan Police protection team back in England”. And there is Bozo in the Sun, telling its readers to Look Over There at someone else. The hypocrisy is staggering.

The real security risk is hiding in plain sight. And his name isn’t Jeremy Corbyn.
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Monday, 2 December 2019

Tory Cheerleader Smears Crewe Labour

As can be seen from the litany of Tory dirty tricks already deployed during the General Election campaign, from fake fact-checkers through fake adverts to fake claims on any number of broadcast shows, the intricacy of intellectual heft deployed in their creation and dissemination need not be so great, or indeed, need not exist at all.
Cooeee Tom! Plug yer brain in, eh?

This has been demonstrated in no style at all by Tom Harwood, the routinely dishonest replacement teaboy to the perpetually thirsty Paul Staines at the Guido Fawkes blog, who has today decided that Crewe and Nantwich Labour Party needs to be routinely smeared. His problem is that the vehicle used for smearing it has no connection to Labour.
Ewa Jasiewicz was campaigning in the area as part of the School Cuts campaign, telling her followers “Went leafleting in Crewe and Nantwich 2day about [School Cuts]. Every single school there will be cut and the avg. cut per pupil is £300. Met a father of 2 who is buying pencils for his kids' school The [Teaching Assistant] I was leafleting with has no more A4 paper at hers”. She also used the hashtag #GTTO.
This may have been what caused Harwood to deduce that Labour must be behind the School Cuts campaign. But it is not. Nonetheless, off he went. “The woman who vandalised the Warsaw Ghetto is leafleting for Labour. Because of course she is”. He also Tweeted, but later deleted, the claim “Reminder that Ewa spray-painted the wall of the memorialised Nazi Ghetto with anti-Israel messages. Now she’s grinning alongside [Crewe Labour] activists”. Except she wasn’t. And Ms Jasiewicz was not happy.
Delete your libelous tweet - it wasn't a memorial it was an artists wall regularly used by artists … I also took responsibility and publicly apologised … Facts don't seem to matter to you Tom?” Then came the blowback from real Crewe Labour activists.
Vicky Taylor tried to put the teaboy straight. “School cuts is an independent campaign, Also no activists from [Crewe Labour] in the photo. Trust a Tory to smear and lie”. More ominously for the Fawkes rabble was an intervention from Connor Naismith. “Hi Tom, I'm the Chair of Crewe & Nantwich CLP. There are no [Crewe Labour] activists in this photo. Please retract this false statement about our local Labour party. The message about school cuts is an important one”. Harwood got it wrong. Now he knows it.
He should seriously consider withdrawing the Tweet concerned; that he has already deleted another suggests he knows he’s fouled up. The clue that the School Cuts campaign is not Labour is in the absence of any Labour Party identification. Any real Labour campaign photos will have people brandishing “Vote Labour’ posters and boards.
Another local activist simply concluded “Well there's literally no Crewe Labour activists in the pic he posted so it doesn't surprise that the rest of his post is nonsense. Desperate stuff”. The Fawkes mob is desperate all right. Now all of Crewe knows it.

Take the Tweet down Tom - you fouled up again and got caught. Another fine mess.
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Tory Terror Grandstanding CONDEMNED

Alleged Prime Minister Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson and his advisors clearly believed that Friday’s fatal stabbings on or near London Bridge could be leveraged to rescue the Tories’ General Election campaign. Labour had been closing the poll gap after pitching a series of new policies and initiatives, while The Blue Team’s offer to the electorate consisted mainly of anti-Labour scaremongering.
So it was that Bozo The Clown and his equally alleged Home Secretary Priti Patel pushed the line that it was all Labour’s fault. The problem was that their claims were soon debunked as false, not least by the Secret Barrister, whose analysis of suspect Usman Khan’s original sentencing and later appeal you can (and should) read HERE.
Those whoppers were then added to in no style at all by chief Secretary to the Treasury, the ever-confident Rishi Sunak. The Secret Barrister wasn’t convinced by him, either: “This is another lie, this time by [Rishi Sunak], the Prime Minister’s stand-in. The European Court of Human Rights had NOTHING WHATSOEVER to do with the sentence of Usman Khan”. Blame Labour, blame the EU, blame everyone but the Tories, BINGO!
But this was a campaign destined to develop not necessarily to the Tories’ advantage, and at the sight of today’s front pages, with the Daily Brexit, still sometimes called the Express, proclaiming “BORIS BLITZ ON FREED JIHADIS BEGINS” and the equally strident Daily Mail thundered “NEW BLITZ ON FREED JIHADIS”, David Merritt, whose son Jack was one of those killed in Khan’s attack, decided enough was enough.
Don’t use my son’s death, and his and his colleague’s photos - to promote your vile propaganda. Jack stood against everything you stand for - hatred, division, ignorance” he responded. Emma Goldberg added “Jack Merritt, my Cambridge classmate, was stabbed during a terrorist attack near London Bridge on Friday. He was a tireless advocate for prisoner rehabilitation. His dad reminds us to mourn his death without forgetting what he stood for in life”. The Mail and the Express sniffed. But the Independent did not.
Their report told that the Tories’ attempts to use the attack for party political purposes “prompted Mr Merritt to share a tweet by left-wing journalist and academic Ash Sarkar which said: ‘It's beyond disgusting that Boris Johnson, Priti Patel and newspapers like the [Daily] Mail are using Jack Merritt's death and image to promote an agenda he fought against all his life. He was a passionate believer in rehabilitation and transformative justice, not draconian sentencing’”. So have Bozo and his pals stopped and thought?
As if you need to ask. Paul Brand of ITV confirmed what came as no surprise at all. “PM has now cancelled his campaigning this morning to attend to matters relating to London Bridge attack instead”. That means more politicising, more leveraging the two deaths to help the Tory Campaign, more of the press playing Hunt The Jihadi.
Owen Jones asked the question that others should be, but so far are not. “He’s still campaigning, using a terrorist atrocity as a campaigning prop and to promote policies one of the victims dedicated his young life to fighting. His loved ones have asked for this to stop. Is any political journalist going to challenge Boris Johnson on how sick this is?

QTWTAIN. The Tories are shameless and sick. And the Lobby is beyond spineless.
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Tories’ Dodgy Election Adverts BANNED

At last, the technology giants have not only cottoned on to the tsunami of disinformation being peddled by those out there on the right, they have decided to do something about it, as the Tory Party has now discovered. Both Facebook and Google have slapped bans on the party’s selectively edited content, saving the blushes of the BBC in the process.
Tellingly, the advert that really got noticed featured the Beeb’s political editor, who has already faced severely adverse comment in the past. Who Targets Me observed last week that “The [Conservatives] just launched Facebook ads featuring [Laura Kuenssberg]”, adding “Her original words appear to be highly edited”. There was more.
Also features [Huw Edwards]. Ends with the campaign’s ‘Get Brexit Done’ tagline. The party has been previously criticised for misusing BBC news stories in their ads, and for highly selective editing in their videos … How to deal with and report on impartial news sources being coopted for partisan campaign clips is one of the many mind-bending challenges of the complexity of social media”. There’s understatement for you.
Peter Jukes was not surprised. “The thing is the Conservative Party will think nothing of destroying the BBC these days. The most vocal critics of the current failings of the BBC are, more often than not, the most passionate defenders of public service broadcasting. BBC - appeasing your enemies will not help”. So what did the Beeb do in response?
We’re aware of Conservative Party Facebook adverts using edited BBC content. This is a completely unacceptable use of BBC content which distorts our output and which could damage perceptions of our impartiality. We are asking the Conservatives to remove these adverts”. They had a case on intellectual property grounds, but Jukes was proved right.
They had reckoned without the cynical arrogance of today’s Tories. As the Beeb’s Joe Tidy observed, The Blue Team declined to do the right thing. “Statement from Conservative Party on the Facebook advert with BBC footage. They disagree with the BBC’s view and have no plans to take it down. They’ve also put it on YouTube now too”.
BBC Technology Editor Rory Cellan-Jones then had good and bad news. “One of their ads - featuring BBC material - has been banned but the Conservatives have today started running more than a 100 versions of these two ads about the NHS . Let us know at election.ads@bbc.co.uk if you get them - and tell us how they're targeted”.
But time was running out for this particular disinformation campaign. After Facebook confirmed thatWe have removed this content following a valid intellectual property claim from the rights holder, the BBC. Whenever we receive valid IP claims against content on the platform, in advertising or elsewhere, we act in accordance with our policies and take action as required”, it was also revealed that Google had taken action against the Tories.
The Independent reported thatGoogle has banned eight different adverts paid for by the Conservatives over the last month because they broke its rules … Transparency data released by the search giant this week shows that the adverts ‘violated Google’s advertising policies’ and had been removed … [Google] specifically lists ‘fake documents’ as one of the things that cannot be promoted in advertisements and says ‘we don’t allow ads or destinations that deceive users’”. No further comment necessary.
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Sunday, 1 December 2019

Bozo Fibs Through Marr Interview

So it was that, having thus far avoided a grilling from Andrew Neil, alleged Prime Minister Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson rocked up at New Broadcasting House this morning to be interviewed by the host of The Andy Marr Show™. And now that the transcript of that interview has been made available, we can see the scale of the dishonesty to which he resorted in order to bluff his way through it. There were lies. A lot of lies.
This was especially true on his attempted blame-shifting on the London Bridge attack, as he blustered “When the judges reviewed his sentence in 2012, they had no option but to comply with the law that Labour brought in 2008”. It was not Labour’s law that had to be complied with, but that which the Tories had enacted in 2012. And his sentence was reviewed not in 2012, but in 2013. This lie was then repeated. A lot.

He was sentenced under Labour’s system that allowed him to be released automatically having served only eight years … this whole system of automatic early release, which was brought in by Labour … .because of changes to the law that were brought in by the Labour Party … that was brought in by Labour … 74 other individuals who’ve been let out early on the basis of this Labour change to the legislation”. Not true. Any of it.

But hey ho, and on to the next whopper, as Bozo asserted “Jeremy Corbyn has said he would disband MI5”. Lie. Flat-out lie. Also, Priti Patel has made a similar claim against Diane Abbott on the basis of something Ms Abbott said 32 years ago. Desperate.

On the NHS, Bozo kicked off with a recycled whopper: “We’re upgrading 20 hospitals and building 40 new ones”. Marr had to correct him. “When you say I’m putting in seed money for a business plan it’s not a hospital. Seed money for 36 business plans is not 36 new hospitals”. Nurses? Same again: “you mentioned 50,000 nurses” said Bozo. Marr reminded him “Of which 19,000 as you know are not new”.
Social care went the same way. Where, Marr asked, was the clear plan that had been promised on the steps of 10 Downing Street? “I accept that the full plan needs to be developed”. So he didn’t have a plan? “Actually I think there is an emerging national consensus about this”. There isn’t. No plan, no vision, no idea.

Child poverty? “Actually there are 400,000 fewer children in poverty than there were in 2010”. The Government’s own figures show it has increased by 500,000. Brexit and Northern Ireland? Marr asked “On Brexit will there be tariffs and checks on goods moving from Northern Ireland into Great Britain?” Bozo: “Absolutely not”. Absolutely not true.

Nor was his answer on the avoidance of a Brillo grilling. Marr: “Why are you avoiding being interviewed by Andrew Neil?” Bozo: “I’m perfectly happy to be interviewed by any interviewer called Andrew from the BBC”. No he isn’t. There was, though, one last whopper held back until the very end: “Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party … would abandon NATO”. That also has no basis in fact.

Jezza has made no secret of his opinion that NATO should have disbanded in 1990, but neither he, nor his party, have advocated abandoning it.

Boris Johnson is a habitual liar and unfit to be Prime Minister. But you knew that already.
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