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Sunday, 25 August 2019

Stepford Daughters’ Clueless Irish Fantasy

After their obviously staged and glibly argued videos were loudly ridiculed recently, it might have been thought that Alice and Beatrice Grant might stop and think, and conclude that there were better things to do than making fools of themselves. But that thought would have been misplaced, because the Stepford Daughters have come back with the video turkey to end all video turkeys, as they lecture their followers on the subject of Ireland.
Beatrice kicks off “Since the beginning of time, the people of Ireland and the people of Britain have been united by their geography and their history. we share so much: our DNA, we love the same food, like Cheddar cheese and Guinness [yes, she really said that]. We share the same language [!]. We’ve such similar weather, and we’re both islands. We shouldn’t allow ourselves to be divided by our politicians, who have betrayed us to the EU over the decades, and still continue to betray us”. And how do they “betray us”?

By putting this globalist, despicable project above us, the people, who should be their priority”. Christ on a bike, that’s desperate. But hold on for a moment, Alice has something to add. “The European Union has done Ireland and Britain so much harm morally, socially and economically [no citation]. We mustn’t let our deceitful political class and the EU destroy the relationship between our nations over the backstop”. There is more.

We mustn’t let them blow out of proportion this issue merely about the transportation of goods over the border, while forgetting the goodwill, the peace, and the prosperity brought to us by the Good Friday Agreement”. Yeah, right. She goes on to characterise Leo Varadkar, the elected Taoiseach, as an “EU stooge”, one of whom whose job is “to destabilise society with their lies”. The farce is strong with this one.
Ms Grant goes on to claim that these “EU stooges” “use the integrity of our union [what union, other than the European kind?] as a pawn in the agenda of their globalist, money-hungry agendas”. The EU, she asserts, “don’t care about the welfare of the people”, and has “sacrificed the economies of Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy and France”.

It only remains for Alice Grant (for it is she) to deliver her peroration. “Ireland! Stand up against your establishment and join the peaceful political revolution to regain your independence and your freedom”. This is total, fantasist, tosh from start to finish.

The history of the UK and Ireland is why the two are now separate countries. The Good Friday Accords were made possible by both countries being EU member states. The so-called “common language” was imposed by the UK on the Irish. Worst of all for the Grant sisters and whoever is working them, EU approval ratings in all the countries they mention suggests they will remain member states for many years to come.
Indeed, that approval rating in Ireland is above 95% right now. The country has benefited enormously from EU membership - the idea that the Republic will leave the EU is yet more fantasy. And the mildly anti-Semitic repetition of “Globalist” should worry even those on the Brexit-boosting side. This is another deeply creepy video.

But perhaps they should go on making them, just for the hilarity their crashing ignorance, and elitist entitlement, bring to the table. As it drives away their intended audience.
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Boris And No US Trade Deal

Cheered on by the right-leaning part of our free and fearless press, alleged Prime Minister Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson has decided that he will not only invent a trade deal with the USA which does not exist, and may not do for many years to come, but that he will enhance its magical qualities by telling Combover Crybaby Donald Trump that the deal (which still does not exist) should be shaped in the UK’s favour.
A total Muppet. And Elmo from Sesame Street

In doing so, Bozo The Clown showed not only that he is supremely clueless on the subject of trade, but also that when it comes to protectionism, the USA is in no position to lecture anyone - something that right-leaning press managed not to tell its readers. Yet.

The response from Trump has, to no surprise at all, been the usual mix of bullshit and braggadocio: “We're going to do a very big trade deal, bigger than we've ever had with the UK”. Big - y’know, BIG. Really big. This will be talked up by the press, and it will guarantee nothing, not while Speaker Pelosi is determined not to let a trade deal pass the House if there is any compromise on the status of the Good Friday Accords.
Donald, where's yer hairspray?

So the Sunday Express claim “UK-US TRADE DEAL IS DONE” is crap. What is worse, and revealing in its own right, is Bozo’s cluelessness on trade. Here’s what he said earlier, as reported by the BBC: “Melton Mowbray pork pies, which are sold in Thailand and in Iceland, are currently unable to enter the US market because of, I don't know, some sort of food and drug administration restriction”. Some sort of restriction. And there was more.

UK bell peppers cannot get into the US market at all … Wine shipments are heavily restricted. If you want to export wine made in England to the US you have to go through a US distributor … There is a tax on British micro-breweries in the US that doesn't apply to US micro-breweries in the UK … I don't think we sell a single joint of British lamb in the United States, we don't sell any beef”. Any more complaints?
This is a flat-out lie ...

The government added that tariffs on some UK goods in the US can reach up to 28% for fashion, 15% for machinery and 35% for food and drink”. What was that about the EU being protectionist? But enough: pork pies, British wine and bell peppers aren’t going to be an effective substitute for all those automotive sector jobs likely to be lost with Brexit.

Nor is US agribusiness likely to want to see any more UK produce allowed to rock up on its manor. As the Beeb has also told, “David Henig, the UK director of the European Centre For International Political Economy, said the US ‘would be loathe’ to get rid of the barriers intended to protect US producers. He added: ‘The US is quite protectionist - the US have never done a trade deal the likes of which Mr Johnson is describing’”.
... and this isn't going to happen

The deal being talked up would not be to the UK’s advantage. Forget the Telegraph’s blathering “Boris tells Trump: it’s time to help British firms”. The deal the USA wants is one that lets their producers into our market, not ours into theirs. It is, as their Ambassador to the UK let slip on The Andy Marr Show™, one where the NHS “is on the table”.

Yet Bozo and his press cheerleaders cling to their delusion. It is, after all, necessary for them to do so in order to persuade their readers that all is well, when it is not.

Just because The Donald speaks English doesn’t mean he is our friend.
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Jewish Chronicle Says Sorry

Interpal is a registered charity, which for the past 25 years has been providing humanitarian and development aid to Palestinians in need, which means a lot of them. The areas where the charity operates are the West Bank, Gaza, and refugee camps in Jordan and Lebanon. Interpal majors in medical and education aid - and advocates for the Palestinian cause. In doing so, it has gained some powerful enemies.
The most powerful is the US Government, which in 2003 designated Interpal a “specially designated global terrorist organisation”. Sadly for Dubya Bush and his gang, no evidence was ponied up, and when the Charity Commission came to investigate, they found nothing wrong with Interpal’s actions. The US designation remains contested.

That did not stop the Jewish Chronicle asserting the contested claim without pointing out the clean bill of health given by the Charity Commission, or that the US authorities have been unable, or unwilling, to back up their designation with any evidence. So legal proceedings began, and now the JC has apologised, telling “We apologise unreservedly to the Trustees for any distress caused and have agreed to pay them damages for libel”.

What they did not tell is that Interpal retained the services of Messrs Carter, Ruck, which means it will be expensive. We know this as the JC is not the only publication which has recently defamed Interpal. As the Guardian reported last June, “The publisher of the Daily Mail has paid £120,000 in damages plus costs to a UK-based humanitarian charity after the paper falsely accused it of funding a ‘hate festival’ in Palestine which acted out the murder of Jews”. Mail Online also repeated the contested terrorist designation.
Stephen Pollard, editor of the JC

The Guardian article went on to tell “Associated Newspapers apologised unreservedly to the trustees of Interpal, which provides aid to Palestinians, for suggesting the registered charity was a terrorist organisation … The settlement, secured with the help of the law firm Carter-Ruck, a libel specialist, related to two articles published last August”.

What was also not told by the JC is that the publication has previous for having to apologise to UK charities after linking them to terrorist behaviour. As Middle East Monitor has told, “Back in 2014, the paper apologised and paid substantial damages to Human Appeal International for accusing it of being a designated entity in the US and for falsely claiming that the charity supported suicide bombings. Also that year, it had to apologise to the Director of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign”.

Yet still JC editor Stephen Pollard continues to make remarks, and indeed publish articles, which make a variety of claims about others - most recently and notably the Labour Party and its leader - which he may have difficulty standing up if the matter were taken to law.

What do those charities and the Labour leadership have in common? They all support the cause of the Palestinians. I’ll just leave that one there.
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Top Six - August 25

So what’s hot, and what’s not, in the past week’s blogging? Here are the six most popular posts on Zelo Street for the past seven days, counting down in reverse order, because, well, I have domestic stuff to do later. So there.
6 We’re Walking Away But It’s Not Our Fault And so the Brexit blame game begins. The press is now admitting it will be bad, but so long as someone else can be blamed, well, that’s all right, then.

5 BBC Frit Of Carole Cadwalladr The Observer columnist was going to debate someone from the Beeb, and talk about why they don’t invite her on - until the someone was pulled from the discussion and no-one else was available.

4 Tommy Robinson And A Bent Copper Stephen Yaxley Lennon, it seems, got all those personal details for his targets from a Police officer.

3 Boris Bot Army ON THE MARCH Thousands of otherwise dormant Twitter accounts are suddenly coming to life - to amplify the thoughts of Bozo The Clown.

2 Guido Fawked - Conned By Twitter Joke The perpetually thirsty Paul Staines was duped by a Scottish football Tweet. Another fine mess.

1 BBC Backstop Bum Steer BUSTED They misinterpreted Angela Merkel’s comments. The press piled in. And so they all went wrong.

And that’s the end of another blogtastic week, blog pickers. Not ‘arf!

Saturday, 24 August 2019

Amateur Kidnapper’s Owen Jones Harassment

Just to show the intellectual level of which some of those hangers-on who have hitched their wagons to that of Stephen Yaxley Lennon, who styles himself Tommy Robinson, one of them has decided that, while claims of assault and actual bodily harm are being made against him, his cause is best served by engaging in a little self-publicised harassment.
Wake up Danny, you just broke the law. Again

And to no surprise at all, the brains trust member so doing is Daniel Thomas, aka Danny Tommo, the amateur comedy kidnapper whose behaviour at a Warrington campaign event for Lennon’s abortive European Parliament campaign has come under scrutiny after he was alleged to have violently assaulted a member of the public for no good reason.
Thomas saw that campaigner and pundit Owen Jones had been assaulted outside the Lexington pub in Islington, and fancied a bit of that action for himself. So he pretended to be the pub landlord, and called Jones up. “For someone that has been attacked he sounds very surprised that something has been found on the CCTV. Owen had a call from the landlord of the pub (me), shocked when he finds out something has been found” he told.
Jones wasn’t shocked at all. And the call proves nothing, other than that Thomas has already decided that Jones’ account is somehow wrong, and that him calling Jones has proved his point, even though it has not. And anyway, what was his point? Well, Danny doesn’t think the Jones assault happened. Because CCTV.
He had already signposted his conclusion by first Tweeting “[Owen Jones] is ‘Trending’, so lets [sic] all have good laugh shall we. Remember when [Tommy Robinson] was assaulted, they all celebrated. Now its [sic] happened to the [sic] [Owen Jones], the left are standing in solidarity”. What does he mean? Who knows, and, indeed, who cares?
Then Danny finally gets to the point. “5 CCTV cameras outside the pub, where [Owen Jones] says he was attacked. If he was attacked it would of [sic] been caught on one of these. Im [sic] thinking of visiting the pub to show you all this has been totally fabricated, he is soon to be a UK version of [Jussie Smollett] … [Tick Tock]”.
Thomas’ problem is that not only does he know nothing about the Police investigation into the Jones assault, he has interfered with it by making that call. It is, as might be expected from someone of his intellectual calibre, an appallingly stupid act. As Jo Phillips has pointed out, “Please report this to the police [Owen Jones] his name is Daniel Thomas. The police will have his details given he is a convicted kidnapper. Malicious Communications Act and Protection from Harassment Act, with added intent to promote homophobic abuse (which it has)”. Danny thinks that is funny. Because he’s an idiot.
One Tweeter pointed out the interference angle: “Isn’t it also interfering with an ongoing investigation”. And another helpfully added “Daniel Thomas, Danny Tommo, was convicted and received a two year prison sentence in July 2016 for an attempted armed kidnap that took place on 5 December 2015”, tagging in Havant and Portsmouth Police, just in case.
Daniel Thomas thought he was being clever by phoning Owen Jones and pretending to be a pub landlord. He was not. And the Police know where to find him.
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Adam Wagner - A Word In Your Ear

Barrister Adam Wagner is concerned. What appears to concern him is the view that others have of him. He clearly believes that there is an irrational dislike in some of those views. Yet he manages not to see not only that the adverse comment has nothing to do with whether others like him, but also that it is his own wilful behaviour, and indeed his unproven claims about others, which is at the root of the problem.
Adam Wagner

He mused earlier this week “a complaint was made to my regulator about me two weeks after I revealed I was acting in the Equality and Human Rights Commission investigation. It was by ‘Jewish Voice for Labour’. Thankfully dismissed as unarguable before I had to respond. Stressful few months!” Then he wondered why the complaint had been made.
And here is where he went wrong. “I have come to the sad realisation in recent months that there are people out there, who I have never met or contacted, who seem to have genuine animus towards me. It's a strange feeling, though I suppose part and parcel of taking a prominent position on a controversial issue”. Do go on.
Also, these are all just examples of the kind of abusive atmosphere which has developed around the Labour Party, which I have been talking about for a long time. These people don't realise they are proving my point for me … It's about the hostile denialism which developed in the Labour movement, epitomised by Chris Williamson, Labour Press Office, JVL and a phalanx of social media accounts”. And there is his problem.
Someone complains about him. The complainant’s name has “Labour” in its title. So it is the Labour Party’s fault. And this is a barrister - coming out with a wilful circular argument. It’s the same circular argument he applied when discussing whether the EHRC should formally investigate Labour over allegations of anti-Semitism, when he assertedthe Labour Party has a significant racism problem”. That’s for an investigation to decide.
It has nothing to do with animus: indeed, Zelo Street has applauded Wagner in the past for his stance on potential erosion of human rights legislation (see HERE), a subject on which, it seems, we must be eternally vigilant. But it does have to do, for instance, with his alliance with groups like the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism, which has questions to answer over the behaviour of six of its Honorary Patrons.
Also, the CAA left several highly defamatory comments made about Jeremy Corbyn by signatories to a website petition live before eventually removing them. It also has to do with Wagner dismissing evidence seeking as “hair-splitting”. It also has to do with his being not only involved with the CAA, but also the EHRC: the potential for conflict is clear.
It also has to do with his assertion “I do hope that the EHRC goes ahead and investigates Labour as I believe it’s [sic] recommendations can be used for all political parties. Though labour also has some quite Labour-specific issues”. Once again, the impression is given that he had reached a conclusion before any investigation has taken place.

No, it is not about animus, but concern: concern that a barrister very close to the ECHR probe into Labour may be conflicted, concern that he is pre-judging the issues, and concern that he may be selective in what he takes on board. I’ll just leave that one there.
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Brendan O’Neill’s David Koch Memorial Dump

An environmental catastrophe is unfolding in South America. As the Guardian has reported, “International pressure may be the only way to stop the Brazilian government from taking a ‘suicide’ path in the Amazon, one of the country’s most respected scientists has said, as the world’s biggest rainforest continues to be ravaged by thousands of deliberate fires … Scientists say the ongoing destruction will have dire consequences for Brazil and the world”. International concern is growing.
We are, after all, talking about what that article calls “the destruction of an essential carbon sink”. It might be thought that no-one would argue that this is anything other than A Very Bad Thing. But, to mark the death of his benefactor David Koch, Brendan O’Neill of Spiked, so called because it should have been long ago, has stepped up to the plate.
Starting as he means to go on, Bren opens with the headlineWhy shouldn’t Brazilians burn down trees? The Western hysteria over the rainforest fires is riddled with colonial arrogance” and sneers “Every now and then the environmentalist mask slips. And we get a glimpse of the elitist and authoritarian movement that lurks beneath the hippyish green facade. The hysteria over the rainforest fires in Brazil is one of those moments”. It is?
Bren has decided that it is. “As well-off, privileged Westerners rage against Brazil for having the temerity to use its resources as it sees fit, and as they even flirt with the idea of sending outside forces to take charge of the Amazon, we can see the borderline imperialist mindset that motors so much green thinking. In the space of a few days, greens have gone from saying ‘We care about the planet!’ to ‘How dare these spics defy our diktats?’. And it is a truly clarifying moment”. It is a truly clarifying pack of lies, that’s what it is.
Greens, and indeed those less green, have done no such thing, but before he proceeds to knock it down, O’Neil needs to build one hell of a straw man. The lying reaches an early crescendo with “Observers claim the Amazon is experiencing its highest number of fires since records began. That those records only began in 2013 should give the Western hysterics pause for thought”. Those records began many years earlier.
But that is not the point: O’Neill is duty bound not merely to push libertarianism beyond any rational level, he has to remember who is paying the bills. As Zelo Street told recently, Spiked has been bunged $300,000 by the Koch Foundation. Bren gets a regular bung from the Murdoch mafiosi. He is rumoured to be on Gina Rinehart’s payroll.
So green-bashing and climate change denial come as standard, no matter how indefensible the cause, and especially when O’Neill has the death of David Koch to mark. And with the ridicule at O’Neill’s indefensible contrarianism - typified by James Doleman’s “What is Brendan planning on breathing?” … “Ordinary white working class people don't share the virtue signalling elite's obsession with so called ‘oxygen’” - has come disgust at the depths to which he is prepared to sink in order to suck up to his paymasters.
Alex Tiffin mused “If Jeremy Corbyn argued for tougher sentences for paedophiles, Brendan O'Neill would be straight out with an argument to legalise it”, and Emily Atkin told “I wrote this, because letting you know what [David Koch] did to fuck the climate is in my personal interest. It's in yours, too”. Brendan O’Neill spouts his climate change denial garbage because those who have fucked the climate pay him to do so. End of story.
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Friday, 23 August 2019

Boris Bot Army ON THE MARCH

We hear that social media will become ever more influential in disseminating opinion, in getting political propaganda out there. We know something of the machinations of players like Cambridge Analytica. And we know that there has been a campaign on behalf of alleged Prime Minister Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson to harvest voter data under the guise of an opinion survey. So the obvious corollary should surprise no-one.
A complete Muppet. And Elmo from Sesame Street

It seems that whenever Bozo The Clown Tweets, rather a lot of fellow Tweeters decide to Like and Retweet whatever The Great Leader is telling the world, which sounds innocuous enough until the status of many of those fellow Tweeters is considered. Rather a lot of them have few followers; indeed, many have no followers at all. Some have Tweeted very rarely since their accounts were created, if at all. But they like to Like Bozo.
Some appear to be based in Russia, some in China, some in the Middle East. They have one characteristic in common: when Bozo Tweets, they become momentarily active. This boosts the Twitter metrics for Bozo’s Tweets, but more importantly, it helps to increase the signal strength of the Bozo broadcast. So how many of these Bots are out there?
This is a small selection of the bots discovered so far

Labour activist Chris Furlong has discovered hundreds of these accounts, as he told recently: “The latest [Boris Johnson] tweet got thousands of retweets & likes within an hour. However, when you check the accounts retweeting/liking it, many have no or very few followers, never tweeted themselves, brand new accounts. Who is paying for the many thousands in The Boris Bot Army?” Who indeed? And there is more.
Some accounts are new: “This account is Meankitty70. It has no profile. It has tweeted/retweeted 485 times in its 6 days. They are mainly Donald Trump tweets or his supporters. It also likes [Boris Johnson] tweets”. Some are not: “This is the aptly named account Gary Dicker. It hasn't tweeted itself for well over two years. In total it has tweeted nine times, asking people to download a bear? It has also liked 6 of [Boris Johnson] tweets in the last month”. The latter account is over four and a half years old.
Here’s an even older account: “This account is called Bill. It was opened in 2013 and has never actually tweeted anything in all that time. It has actually given six replies to other people's tweets in six years, all in Arabic. Bill also likes [Boris Johnson] tweets”. Or one older than that: “This account is John Craig. It has managed two retweets in seven years. It has also managed to like seven [Boris Johnson] tweets in four days”.
And it’s not just Bozo The Clown who is being boosted: “March of The Boris Bots? Not just [Boris Johnson] in the Tory Party who suddenly gets a huge spike in their likes/retweets by thousands of new & no profile Twitter accounts. It's across the Tory Party. Sometimes on the same day from one post to the next. So who is paying for them?
Who indeed? And the age of some accounts suggests not that they have been created to order, more that they have been hired. There is not a snowball in hell’s chance that the numbers involved are being directly controlled. So someone, somewhere, is paying for their services. As a result, the Boris Bot Army is now on the march.

There is a General Election coming. And the Tories want to win it. By whatever means.
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Tommy Robinson And A Bent Copper

Former Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Robert Mark memorably said that “a good Police force is one that catches more crooks than it employs”. His crusade, during a career that spanned 40 years, was to root out Police corruption; hundreds of officers were dismissed or forced to resign on his watch. But the corruption has never gone away.
That sad fact was demonstrated by the Daniel Morgan murder and the decades of obstruction his relatives faced in finding out what really happened. It was reinforced by discoveries in the wake of Operation Motorman, where Steve Whittamore had contacts able to extract confidential information from the Police National Computer.

So it should surprise no-one to see it claimed that Stephen Yaxley Lennon, who styles himself Tommy Robinson, had at least one corrupt Police officer who was willing to supply address details of Lennon’s targets - in return for an appropriate cash payment. After all, if real journalists could do this - and they did - then pretend ones could do it too.

Lennon’s pretence of merely “doing journalism” is what led him and his sidekicks to my front door in April 2017; from there the questions were obvious. How had Lennon got my address, and why did he insist not only on calling me “Paul”, but claiming - wrongly - that I was using a false name? We may be closer to finding the answers.

It seems that Caolan Robertson, one of those sidekicks who rocked up that April night, and who is now out of favour with both Rebel Media - under whose auspices Lennon targeted me - and Lennon himself, has decided to come clean and tell all to Byline Times. The first instalment of his confession was published yesterday.
Who's on the end of the line?

Under the headline “Tommy Robinson and the Boys in Blue”, Peter Jukes and Hardeep Matharu tell that some Police officers voiced open support for Lennon, with Robertson “claiming that police officers went beyond personal opinions to actively supporting Robinson’s campaigns by providing confidential details of his targets”.

Then comes Lennon’s visit to my house. “Beyond the intimidatory visit, one mystery has always remained about this episode. Throughout, Robinson refers to Fenton as ‘Paul’. Fenton told Byline Times that, since childhood, he has always been known by his second name - Timothy. Paul - his first given name - is not on any public database, but remains on his medical records”. Only my NHS record shows Paul as the name I use.

This is not by design: unless someone who does not use their first given name tells the NHS and has their records amended, it is assumed the first given name is the one used. So the question of Lennon finding my address is not merely one of searching for it - it is the source of the information he received. And it has to have come from the NHS.

Jukes and Matharu go on to say “On two occasions, Robertson and another witness claim that they heard Robinson claim he had a police contact who procured confidential information on potential targets who he would pay in cash in an envelope - between £250 and £500 for each address”. Also, they have been told that “[Lennon’s Police] contact could obtain ‘medical records’”. That’s most interesting.

Police corruption, like Stephen Lennon, remains a problem. I’ll just leave that one there.
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