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Monday, 20 May 2019

Nigel Farage - The Bent Milkshake Man

While many observers rejoice at the sight of Nigel “Thirsty” Farage getting milkshaked in central Newcastle - right opposite the Monument - and then berating his security goons “total failure … should have seen that coming a mile away”, and wonder why it had not happened rather earlier in the campaign, no-one should lose sight of the mildly inconvenient fact that this is a mere distraction where the Brexit Party is concerned.
Hilarious it may be to see The Great Man looking so utterly miserable at the prospect of his detractors revisiting The Monks’ 1979 hit and reworking the lyrics - “Nice suit, shame about the milkshake” - this is not where Brexit Party watchers should be looking. Even though it wasn’t just funny, but absolutely intercoursing side-splitting.
Look, it's not funny, right?

More relevant is the apparent exploitation of the observation made by The Italian Job’s Mr Bridger: “Camp Freddie, everybody in the world is bent”. To demonstrate this, Nige’s new party has taken on board a fundraiser with, shall we say, an interesting past. It was the Murdoch Sunday Times that stumbled across the story.
I mean, we shouldn't laugh at others' misfortune ...

A disgraced former aide to Nigel Farage who was jailed in America for offering to launder money for drug lords is a fundraiser for the Brexit Party … George Cottrell, a 25-year-old aristocrat known as ‘Posh George’, served as Ukip’s head of fundraising until his arrest by federal agents on charges of extortion, money laundering and fraud in 2016 … Since his release from a federal prison in Arizona after agreeing a plea deal, he has avoided appearing with Farage”. But he is now fundraising for Nige once again.
... it really isn't funny. Not even slightly ...

So it is no surprise that former PM Gordon Brown has decided to intervene, during a speech made in Glasgow today, telling his audience “Nigel Farage says this election is about democracy. Democracy is fatally undermined if unexplained, unreported and thus undeclared and perhaps under the counter and underhand campaign finance - from whom and from where we do not know - is being used to influence the very elections that are at the heart of our democratic system”. The media has at last picked up on this.
... except it is. Bwahaha! YES! Double YES! Triple YES!

Farage’s perma-smiling sidekick Richard Tice was grilled on the issue by Nick Robinson on the Radio 4 Today Programme. “I don’t sit in front of the PayPal account all day, so I don’t know what currencies people are paying in” was his explanation. But, as the Guardian noted, “Asked several times to rule out receipt of such sums from foreign currencies, Tice did not do so”. Pundit reaction was less than totally favourable.
Adam Banks did his sums: “If you accept donations below £500 you don’t have to check who they’re from. But if you don’t check who they’re from, you can’t know if they’re donating £500,000 in £500 chunks. What could possibly go wrong”. MP Chris Bryant added “It would be simple for a foreign power or individual to fund @brexitparty_uk by paying hundreds or thousands of £499 in sterling or other currencies as the party does not even verify names. Our democracy is basically up for sale”.
Tice claimed his party only accepted donations in Sterling. The Observer’s Carole Cadwalladr was on that one sharpish: “Because PayPal converts the donor’s foreign currency INTO sterling. And while you’re there, can you explain exactly what involvement convicted money launderer George Cottrell has with the party?
Just to give Tice a practical demonstration, she added “Here’s new one for you. You’ve just accepted a donation in Hong Kong dollars which PayPal converted into £. Absurd to say your donations are in sterling so that’s ok. You are a British political party accepting foreign donations. As a great patriot, how is that acceptable??
Jo Maugham was not impressed by Tice’s bluster: “Not remotely good enough. Political parties have a clear, positive duty to know whether donations, as defined, are coming from permissible donors. And if they don't know, they have to return them”. And outgoing Green Party MEP Molly Scott Cato confirmed “I have referred Nigel Farage to the European Anti-Fraud Office … Farage is a professional political fraudster. We need to know as a matter of urgency whether his 450K gift from Aaron Banks has been used in fraudulent activities which breach EU rules”. That’s why the milkshake was a distraction.

The Brexit Party is the finest new party money can buy. But who has bought it?
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Yellow Vest Man Is Tree Hugging Coward

Yesterday’s attempt by Stephen Yaxley Lennon, who styles himself Tommy Robinson, to ingratiate himself with the people of Liverpool was, from the start, a campaign destined to develop not necessarily to his advantage. The Great Man turned up hours late, experienced a hostile reception, required a significant Police escort to get him in and out of the planned venue, and all for around 60 diehard followers to hear him rant.
He's not the Messiah, he's a gobby wimp

But if Lennon had a bad time, that was as nothing compared to his self-appointed outrider James Goddard, the de facto head of the UK Yellow Vest movement, who is a prime candidate for being arrested simply for being himself. In an attempt to camouflage himself, Goddard turned up wearing a red jacket. But he had not taken steps to button his North and South, which turned out to be a most unwise move.
Confronting a significantly-sized group of protesters, Goddard began to insult them, and their city, seemingly unaware that there was only one of him, and rather a lot of them. Under some pressure from no more than two Scouse women, Goddard delivered the fatal insult. “Why would I want to be from here? It’s a shithole”.
So speaks someone who hasn’t checked out his own bedroom recently. It was a most unwise thing to say, and soon Brave James Goddard was, er, running away, the Police holding back his pursuers to the chant of “If it wasn’t for the Bizzies you’d be dead”.
Ending up hiding in a tree, Goddard was soon the subject of well-deserved ridicule. “Loving that Liverpool didn't bother with the milkshake for James Goddard. They just told him to fuck off and chased him up a tree” … “Today some racist divvy called James Goddard came to Liverpool and two Scouse women made him run away and climb up a tree to hide. Don’t ever tell me that this isn’t the best city on the planet” was typical.
There was more. “In the last few days Liverpool has run the far right fascists Tommy Robinson and James Goddard out of town, extremists of the far right aren't welcome in this tolerant city, god I love Liverpool and its people”. And, as it was Bootle, someone had to use the M-word. “Liverpool is a shit hole yet the tramp can’t get trabs that fit him #JamesGoddard bad meff”. Paul Nuttall was unavailable for comment.
Goddard hiding in a tree brought more ridicule. “A nobody. Under a tree” … “Tommy Robinson imitator James Goddard having an absolute shocker in Bootle - about one whole minute after he called Liverpool a shithole loads of Scouse ma’s made him get his stepcount on and climb up a tree for his own safety” … “James Goddard has been legged by the Scouse Ma's of #Bootle Hahaha”. Then came the pièce de résistance.
James Goddard yellow vest supremo and Anna Soubry botherer, goes to Liverpool, called it a 'shithole' and gets filled in by Mumsnet”. You’ve got to love Scousers.

The hard man of the Yellow Vest movement? What a spineless pussy.
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Katie Hopkins Milkshake Paranoia

It’s almost like a variation on the Monty Python sketch: “How to defend yourself against a man armed with … a milkshake”. I mean, what if he’s got a poin-ted stick? But for some of those hoping to become MEPs after Thursday’s European Parliament elections, milkshakes are a clear and present danger. If only for the cleaning bills.
Viewers may still want to look away now

After Stephen Yaxley Lennon, who styles himself Tommy Robinson, was milkshaked in Warrington - and by a Scary Muslim™ too - his security detail managed to prevent a recurrence, even confiscating at least one milkshake at a later event. Carl Benjamin, who styles himself Sargon of Akkad, has not been so fortunate, and has been milkshaked more than once. But out there on the paranoid right, someone thinks this is a problem.
To no surprise at all, the paranoia belongs to pro-am motormouth Katie Hopkins, who had until recently not had a problem with milkshakes, her Twitter feed littered with asides such as “they were lush - plus milkshake and fries” … “just gagged on my milkshake” … her children “are outside playing in the sunshine drinking milkshakes”.
She even used milkshakes as a way of sneering at Muslims. “My advice for women who choose to dress like letter-boxes? Order something easy to eat. Like soup, perhaps, with a straw. Or milkshake”. In Hatey Katie’s world, milkshakes were a benign thing.
But then came Lennon’s milkshake encounter, and the mood darkened. “Guardian & Mirror perfectly content to sell the story their readers want to hear … If you have watched the footage prior, you will know the truth is very different to Milkshake Man’s laundered version … This was assault. Egg man got 28 days behind bars”.
That was because Egg Man did not throw an egg at Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn - he was merely holding an egg while he punched his target. Not even remotely similar.
Then came terrible news from Burger King. “Dear people of Scotland … We’re selling milkshakes all weekend … Have fun … Love BK … #justsaying”. Ms Hopkins missed the next Tweet - “We’d never endorse violence - or wasting our delicious milkshakes! So enjoy the weekend and please drink responsibly people” - and instead the mood darkened.
Your milkshakes … Leads to Muslim Defence League handing out eggs to use as missiles … Leads to a man dead on the pavement in a pool of his own blood. Killed for his views … Know this @BurgerKingUK”. Someone got killed by a milkshake? When? Where?
First they came for the milkshakes, but I did not speak out, because I was consuming my milkshake. No, doesn’t sound so dramatic. But it does seem that Hatey Katie is cool with making weapons easier to obtain, proving they don’t have a high lactose content.
Sad, though, to see paranoia seeping into the already troubled mind of has-beens taking a break from scrabbling around for anything that pays in money.

Calm down Katie, it’s only a milkshake. And you’re not even on telly.
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Sunday, 19 May 2019

Labour MP Spy Claim IS BUNK

There must be an election approaching, because another claim has been made that a Labour MP was a Rotten Commie Spy. This time, it’s the Mail on Sunday splashing the screaming headlineEXCLUSIVE: Party grandee issues furious denial as Communist files claim he betrayed Britain’s secrets … LABOUR MP ‘WAS SPY FOR CZECHS’”.
We’ve been here before: last year, it was the infamous Jan Sarkocy, who also claimed that Czech intelligence funded Live Aid (or perhaps it was the Free Nelson Mandela concert), who made a number of highly creative claims about Jeremy Cotbyn, then widened his wacko offering to include Ken Livingstone and John McDonnell. He was talking crap.

Hot on the heels of that pile of steaming bullpucky came the Murdoch Sun, taking the perpetually thirsty Paul Staines and his rabble on trust, claiming that there was a file on Jezza in the archives of the East German Stasi. That one was debunked by the Guardian, whose reporter went to the archive trustees, who confirmed there was no such file.

So when the MoS decided to once again take a single source from the former Czech intelligence agencies on trust, they knew this was the kind of campaign likely to develop not necessarily to their advantage. Worse, the howlers jump off the page at the reader, as one claim on nuclear missiles did to former BBC man Meirion Jones.

Long-serving Labour MP Geoffrey Robinson is the MoS’ target, and the paper tells “At a meeting in June 1967, Robinson is said to have given [handler] Pravec information on US-UK discussions over the replacement of Polaris. Robinson is said to have told how US Vice-President Hubert Humphrey was placing 'pressure on the UK to purchase the Poseidon rockets', America's upgraded nuclear missile. Apparently the information came 'straight from [Denis] Healey’”. Jones saw that one coming.
Geoffrey Robinson

I checked 1st claim by Mail  that GR gave away nuclear Poseidon secret in June '67 & everyone had known for 2 years Wilson had ruled Poseidon out & he confirmed it in Commons June 13 '67 - not exactly a secret”. In other words, had Robinson really had access to Healey, he’d have known that Poseidon had been rejected in 1965.

Another rather major item stands out, the MoS claiming “At this time [September 1967] , the documents allege, Robinson was also passing information about sensitive discussions between the UK Government and foreign heads of state, including negotiations about Britain joining the European Economic Community. In June 1967, the files say Robinson reported that French President Charles de Gaulle was 'devoting exceptional attention to stopping the UK from joining the EEC’”. That is total bullshit.

De Gaulle devoted no more time to British attempts to join the then EEC than was necessary for him to state firmly “NON”. Ditto the claim that Robinson “said he had been delayed in Paris because the French Prime Minister, Georges Pompidou, invited him to dinner. ‘The explanation he gave was that the French PM wanted to talk to him on an unofficial basis about various views on the British joining the EEC,’ said one report”.

Pompidou, who would succeed de Gaulle as President, would not be discussing such views, not until de Gaulle was out of office. There was no point; de Gaulle would entertain no talk of EU enlargement, and none occurred until after he died.
On top of all that, the MoS sets rather too much store  by past claims which have now been discredited: not just those from Jan Sarkocy about Corbyn, Livingstone and McDonnell, but Oleg Gordievsky’s fantasist drivel about Michael Foot, which landed the Murdoch Sunday Times with a hefty libel and costs bill back in 1995.

The MoS article has had to be heavily caveatted because Robinson has already called in lawyers, and may well do again. We already knew that one Czech “spymaster” had largely invented claims about past “agents”, but the MoS has not secured a second source to verify any of its claims. We know the Poseidon and France claims are bunk.

It would surprise no-one if the rest of the story were to unravel. More Fake News.
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Farage IN TROUBLE With EU Authorities

It was another of those moments which might have floored lesser politicians, but once again Nigel “Thirsty” Farage breezed through it, lies and all: the inevitable questions following the Channel 4 News revelations that he had benefited to the tune of £450,000 from donations from his old mucker Arron Banks.
Squeaky caught lying again finger up the bum time

First, he denied the claims. Those Rotten Lefty™ broadcasters were trying to stitch up poor Nige. It was to be expected; they were trying to take the gloss off his triumphal procession around the UK, and his new party’s inevitable triumph at the upcoming European Parliament elections. Then he was told that Banks had confirmed the payments.

Was Nige fazed? Not a bit of it. Look, it was all about him trying to establish a new career for himself as a media star in the USA. He was rather enjoying it, too, until those useless Westminster politicians denied the people their referendum choice. It had been about him getting back on his feet and getting on with his life. It was, he proclaimed, irrelevant to the EP election campaign. Except it was highly relevant.

As the Independent has reported, Farage “is facing an investigation by European parliament authorities over claims that he failed to declare nearly half a million pounds in gifts from an insurance tycoon under investigation by the National Crime Agency. It was claimed this week that the Brexit Party leader has been given as much as £450,000 in kind by Arron Banks, including a chauffeur-driven car, rent and bills on a £4.4m Chelsea home, and lavish trips to the United States to meet with right-wing politicians”. There was more.
But none of the gifts, detailed in invoices seen by Channel 4 News, were declared on Mr Farage’s register of interests with the European parliament, which is designed to prevent MEPs from keeping their conflicts of interests secret.” That’s £450,000 he’s failed to declare. And he’s running for re-election to that same Parliament.

So will an investigation go ahead? Seems it will. “In a letter seen by The Independent, one of the European parliament’s quaestors - MEPs responsible for the body’s financial and administrative matters - calls on the parliament’s presidency to ‘investigate these apparent contraventions as a matter of urgency’. The push for an inquiry comes days before British voters are set to go to the polls for the European parliament elections”.

One of those quaestors, Lib Dem MEP Catherine Bearder, observed “I can see no reference to any of the reported travel or accommodation subsidies related to Mr Farage’s US tour on any of his declarations of financial interests on the parliament’s website”. That may be because they are not there. And the problem for the EP is that they might fine him - not for the first time - but he would still be able to take his seat if re-elected.
Moreover, there is still the question of where the £450,000 actually originated. Arron Banks, it should be remembered, cannot afford to live in his mansion, instead occupying the rather more humble lodge, and hiring out the main house for events.

There has been too much fawning over Farage, especially during the EP election campaign. Perhaps our free and fearless press could start asking questions instead.
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Tommy Robinson Oldham Riot NOT MUSLIMS’ FAULT

After not attending the Veterans’ protest in Salford yesterday morning, Stephen Yaxley Lennon, who styles himself Tommy Robinson, continued his campaign in support of his attempt to become an independent MEP with his own events, one of which was in the Limeside area of Oldham. Here, as groups confronted one another in the late afternoon, was the inevitable conclusion of all that Muslim-baiting.
Those groups were initially kept apart by a significant Police presence. But something caused it all to kick off; missiles were thrown, vehicles damaged. There were running skirmishes as front gardens were trampled. And then the blame game began.

As the BBC has reported, “Missiles were thrown and police vehicles damaged during a disturbance at a Tommy Robinson campaign event … Footage posted on social media showed clashes between his supporters and counter-demonstrators in Limeside … Greater Manchester Police said ‘objects including eggs and bricks’ were thrown and there was damage to two police vehicles”. So who started it?
Lennon was quick to get out his king-size onion and blame the Scary Muslims™. “I held a family-friendly campaign rally today in Oldham that was attacked by violent Muslims … We chose to hold our rally in the safest part of town … today, the Police encouraged and allowed us to be attacked … They actually escorted a large group of violent Muslim agitators wearing balaclavas towards us. They travelled miles with them”. Yeah, right.
There was more. “I personally witnessed women and children injured by rocks and bricks at the hands of these Muslim thugs. One of my cameramen was bleeding from his head after being hit by a stone.”. As so often with Lennon, it plays to his fans’ fears. But it is substantially untrue. He needs to look to his own side first.

The Tweeter known as Roblola told “Trouble started in Oldham today when neo nazi John Lawrence and his mob started throwing beer bottles and other missiles at @OfficialMDL protesters. Locals came out to support and now fash are spinning it as an attack on Tommygod. This was a calculated operation to start trouble”.
Louise Raw concurred. “Do NOT believe the Robinson camp monetising fake victimhood. Trouble was started by known neo-Nazis like John Lawrence of Britain First, seen coming out of his house with projectiles. Muslims were attacked & have every right to defend themselves”. There are images of Lawrence taken yesterday. With those projectiles.

And while those still undecided weigh up the conflicting accounts, consider this: Lennon’s supporters put about a rumour that The Other Lot had stabbed someone. But, as the BBC has confirmed, “The force [GMP] said there were no reported injuries and rumours someone had been stabbed were false”. That was another lie.
Also, given Lennon claims to have “personally witnessed” so much of what he alleges went on, this from the Beeb report is yet more interesting: “It is unclear where Mr Robinson - who is campaigning for the European elections as a candidate for north-west England - was during the trouble”. Had he been there, you’d think someone would have seen him.

Lennon’s pals started the melée and then played the victim. No change there, then.
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