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Thursday 7 August 2014

Warsi Resignation – Mad Mel Speaks

While there was the usual snarking from those in her own party – many of whom chose to remain anonymous, proving yet again that no man is of perfect courage – Sayeeda Warsi has garnered some support for her stance on the behaviour of Israeli forces in Gaza, not least from former chief whip Andrew Mitchell, who has “demanded an arms embargo in response to the ‘misery and carnage’ in Gaza”.
Not even approaching fair and balanced

Elsewhere, claims of growing anti-Semitism as justification for standing by the actions of the IDF have been put into more accurate context, notably by Mira Bar-Hillel in her latest Independent Voices piece, which notes that those questioning the actions of their own countrymen in Israel are more likely to need protection. But none of this has deterred Melanie “not just Barking but halfway to Upminster” Phillips.
Mel says they’re all wrong, in her own inimitable manner. “Warsi’s dubious track record on Hamas and Islamic radicalisation. One might wonder she was ever in UK Government” she observed, citing Islamophobic bigot Doug Murray the K. And as for Labour: “Ed Mili et al supporting Warsi thus endorsing condemnation of Cameron for refusing to call on Israel to surrender to genocidal Hamas. Vile”.
The Lib Dem position? “Israel fighting genocidal Islamofascism in proportionate war; Clegg would punish it by stopping arms sales. He is totally unfit for office” And she’s worried about Young Dave: “Will Cameron buckle under this tide of venomous malice and lies not consuming UK over Israel? Will he abandon truth and decency?” Ah, the truth and decency that killed hundreds of children, eh? But do go on.
Oh, don’t worry, she’ll do that: “UK political hysteria over Israel shows Hamas manipulation / lies and media cynicism / incitement have worked. UK now sliding into moral cesspit”. And Warsi’s contribution? “Warsi doesn’t slam Hamas for stated aim to destroy Israel and kill all Jews in pursuit of jihad, nor Hamas was crimes, only Israel defence”. Hamas acknowledged Israel’s right to exist earlier this year, Mel.
But she’s not for listening: “Hypocrisy of UK pols slamming Israel for ‘disproportionate’ war in Gaza when UK showed hugely less care to protect civilians in Afghanistan [and] Kosovo”. No thanks, I don’t want to look over there. Anyway, back to Warsi: “Warsi suggests Israel in Gaza not consistent with rule of law. Rubbish. Israel attacks permitted by int’l law because targeted with warnings”.
Well, that’s all right, then. And look over there at Warsi’s threats! “Warsi statement repeats Islamist threats worldwide: back our line of you will get more domestic Muslim terrorism. Will Cam fold before this?” She didn’t threaten anything. Final rant? “Israel commits no atrocities; it is the victim of them. Is there a point where you will support its defence against them?” Ah, if only it was defence. But it isn’t.

Reality and Mad Mel never were close friends. Now they’ve fallen out for good.

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organic cheeseboard said...

From what I can tell, Israeli attacks are not in fact necessarily legal if 'targetted with warnings' - certainly not if the 'warning's are things like 'roof knocks' which are easy to confuse with actual bombings, and certainly not if, as Israel seems to have done, they also send bogus warning calls to people in addition to the real ones.