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Friday 15 August 2014

Nadine Dorries Caught Bullying Critic

What would you do if a Tweet offended you? Would you (a) report it to Twitter, (b) block whoever sent it, (c) register your displeasure with a Tweet of your own, or (d) report it to your MP? No, no, I’m not taking the piss, would you report it to your MP? OK, no, you wouldn’t. MPs are not the Twitter Police, and nor are they the law. But one of the Tory Party’s elected representatives thinks otherwise.
Step forward (yes, it’s her again) Nadine Dorries, who has indeed reported someone for allegedly causing offence on Twitter on the grounds that she has received a complaint, and that the offending Tweet originated in her constituency (it didn't). Have a think about that: how would you know where a Twitter account holder lives? Anyone know of another MP trying to police social media?
A Tweeter otherwise known as Mr Wood observed that Robin Williams’ daughter had been hounded off the site, observing with deep sarcasm “Good work everyone”. The Fragrant Nadine passed adverse comment and signed off “Thanks for bringing to my attention”. Thanks to whom? We’re not told. “I have had a complaint and have [forwarded it] to Twitter” she tells. Behold the self-appointed Twitter Police.
Owen Jones intervened to suggest this was “dark irony”. Ms Dorries was undeterred, claiming “I don’t follow the account but [the] Tweet [was forwarded] to me”. So we are expected to believe that a member of the public has decided that Ms Dorries is the right person to whom one should address a complaint about Twitter – and that she is otherwise disinterested in the activities of Mr Wood.
However, and here we encounter a significantly sized however, it will surprise no-one who knows the Modus Operandi of the Fragrant Nadine to know that Mr Wood is a persistent critic of her actions. Moreover, as a taxpayer, he is be fully entitled so to be (you can see examples of his criticism HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE). So she is not a disinterested party.
On top of all that, Ms Dorries has significant previous for not only running to the Police on the slightest of pretext, but also lying about the outcome: her claim that another of her critics received a Police caution, repeated in a Daily Mail article, was untrue and therefore defamatory. And her recommendation of malicious and untrue material is bang out of order (both posts were pulled after legal complaints).
So when Alex Andreou suggests Nadine Dorries is “thick”, he misses the less pleasant side of her character, as shown when the Mirror took an interest in her employment of one of her daughters as a secretary. The threats of physical violence in response to a legitimate enquiry – it’s our money being spent – speak volumes. One hopes that no taxpayer resources are being expended on her Twitter campaign.

Nadine Dorries appears totally unfit to be an MP. That is not Mr Wood’s fault.

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