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Sunday 3 August 2014

Rob Wilson – Go On, Make My Day

I said last week that the lame attempt to make mischief out of Commons Speaker John Bercow receiving a donation to his re-election campaign (note, not to himself) from Farah Sassoon, a personal friend of wife Sally, was going nowhere. That Ms Farah had a pass to visit the Speaker’s House, which is on the Parliamentary Estate, was because she was a family friend: it pre-dated the donation by two years.
Rob Wilson - a totally useless MP

This galvanised the perpetually thirsty Paul Staines and his rabble at the Guido Fawkes blog, and especially newly anointed teaboy Alex Wickham, who had penned not just the Bercow attack, but also the lame smear of Owen Jones that had to be pulled in the face of mounting ridicule, into trying to push this supposed irregularity further, just to show that they were right.

In this, the Fawkes folks enlisted the assistance of one of their most useful idiots, Rob Wilson, who is supposed to be Tory MP for Reading East, but spends rather a lot of time firing off missives that, by the happiest of coincidences, match exactly the agenda of The Great Guido. Thus he wrote to the Speaker, questioning the award of a pass for Ms Farah. This did not meet with a successful outcome.

No matter: he and his bestest pals in the blogosphere then invented more of those Very Important Questions, of the kind that Bercow had to answer. The Fawkes rabble then told that this was going all the way to the Standards Commissioner. And – to no surprise at all – Wilson is now threatening to take the matter, you guessed it, to the Standards Commissioner.

So does this turn of events cause any disquiet on Zelo Street? Does it buggery. My conclusion is no different from that reached last week: there has been no impropriety, and the two reasons for the story carrying on are, one, that the Daily Mail, in which most of the knocking copy has appeared, has decided that the Bercows are not their kind of people, and two, to save Wickham’s skin.

Neither are sufficient reason to be concerned, and nor is the presence of Wilson. I’ll go further: this Fred Scuttle lookalike is as close as you can get to a guarantee of failure. So go on Rob Wilson, go on, take your already dead story and flog it before the Standards Commissioner. Go on, let your constituents know just how utterly lame you are. Go on, show them all what a terminally useless MP you are.

Go on Rob Wilson – let your previous with Speaker Bercow allow the red mist to descend. Don’t bother even considering that this was down to you being a third-rate politician. Go on, show the world that you are nothing more than an errand boy for the Fawkes rabble. Go on pretending that the backing of Paul Dacre’s obedient hackery is forever, and totally trustworthy.

Go on Rob Wilson – make my day. Show the world what a complete tosser you are.

1 comment:

Mark Iliff said...

"Go on Rob Wilson – make my day. Show the world what a complete tosser you are."

Really, no need for further proof.
—a constituent