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Saturday 16 August 2014

Mel Says Israel’s Opponents Are Nazis

For reasons better known to the perpetrators, far too many who have passed comment on the unrest in Gaza have seen fit to cite the Third Reich in the process: whether they are graffiti sprayers, anonymous social media commenters, or sundry yobs on the street, all are totally out of order, and should try engaging brain first in future. But then, some of them are supporting Israel.
Definitely not fair and balanced

You think I jest? Sadly not: step forward Melanie “not just Barking but halfway to Upminster” Phillips, who has no problem summoning the spectre of Nazism as she screamingly denounces her former colleagues at the Guardian, the BBC – from which she makes a reasonable living – along with anyone else who refuses to see the conflict other than through her eyes.
She opens up with a predictable endorsement of Islamophobic bigot Douglas Murray, the one who says that “conditions for Muslims in Europe must be made harder across the board”. Murray “states inconvenient but crucial truth: ‘integrated’ Muslims have been taught to hate Israel and Jews”. Note that she fails to distinguish effectively between “Israel” and “Jews”, though they are not the same entity.
Then comes the attempt to dig up all those Nazi demons: “‘Moderate’ PLO envoy to Tehran: ‘the annihilation of Israel has begin [sic]’. So not two-state solution but final solution”. Let’s have the full context, eh Mel, and while you’re at it, that’s the Times of Israel you’re citing. That’s the same Times of Israel that hosted that blog titledWhen genocide is permissible”. As in genocide of Palestinians.
Following right behind the first Nazi reference comes a Communist one – well, that and Nazism, eh? Just too hard for some to tell apart. A fellow Tweeter is dismissed with “That means ‘destroy Israel’. Another fellow traveller of the unspeakable here, folks”. That’ll teach them to say “free Palestine” to her!
Then the Guardian gets it in the neck: “Watch main Guardian Israel-hater rant [!] v its existence, justify Hamas terror, deny Israeli right to defend v genocide”. Seumas Milne, who is described as “Guardian editor”, is not, and once again, Mel is happy to cite the Times of Israel, that carries content saying genocide of Palestinians would by OK, while accusing others of wanting to do it to Israel.
And then it’s back to the Nazis: “How would UK have treated a US decision to sell it anti-aircraft guns but not other arms to fight Germany?” Shine a light. Israel has overwhelming firepower, they’ve trashed much of Gaza, and they aren’t fighting the Third Reich. The people whose lives are being lost are objecting to being forced to live in a prison camp. Get real, Mel.

Israel’s PR offensive is a difficult enough proposition. With supporters like Melanie Phillips, it is a mountain they are unlikely to climb successfully.

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Shawlrat said...

I suggest Melanie Phillips reads a letter in the Guardian today ; it was written by Holocaust survivors and their relatives. When she's digested the contents, she might like to consider whether the people who wrote it are anti - Jewish.