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Wednesday 27 August 2014

Don’t Menshn Rotherham

The Child Sex Exploitation scandal in the South Yorkshire town of Rotherham has been attributed to many things, but a religious motivation is not one of them – unless you are a former Tory MP and attention seeker with a column in the Sunday edition of the Sun. Yes, unbelievable as it may seem, Louise Mensch has decided that what happened in Rotherham is not what has been reported.
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Without doing any research – so the same as usual, then – Ms Mensch has decided that, behind the report published yesterday are the machinations of Scary Muslims. Moreover, these are not just Muslims, they are Extremist Muslims. And they have been perpetrating not just crimes, but Hate Crimes. You think I jest? Cast your eyes over this lot, then. It’s down to the usual standard.
For starters, the headlines are wrong! “This headline. It should read ‘Muslim Extremist Sex Abusers’”, she tells. And why should this be? “It is not right to gloss over the hate crime element of the paedophila [sic], which was racist and religious hatred against non-Muslims”. Yeah, what does that report author know, eh?
She goes on (predictably): “Nor is it right to say ‘Asian’ and leave out the word ‘Muslim’ there is no Hnidu [sic], no Sikh abuse here. There’s religious hatred Paedohilia [sic]”. And, just to make sure you get her drift: “ONE THOUSAND FOUR HUNDRED children raped by extremist Muslims in Rotherford [sic] in a hate crime, a religious hate crime”. And there is some advice for the authorities.
Rotherham Council did NOTHING. My God. You should ALL go to jail you pandering bastards. Children doused in petrol”. The cops don’t escape her all-seeing eye, either: “Our own Police did this to these children. By not helping them. Senior Police officers. Councillors. Name every one of them”.
As if a witch-hunt will help. But no-one should diss Ms M: “Stop saying ‘political pointscoring’ when a religious hate crime based on children being non-Muslim has been committed ... instead of crying Islamophobia [nobody has] accept that, yes, Muslim men committed religious hate crime against non-Muslim children, look to that cancer”. Guess what will be in her next Sun column?
Just in case you didn’t get the “Muslim” angle, there was more: “It is not one-off. It is not one city [Rotherham isn’t a city]. It is not multi-religious [it ain’t religious at all]. It is vast majority Muslim male child abuse against non-Muslim children ... This was Rotherham. Don’t forget Rochdale [that isn’t a city, either]. Judge found religion was a hate crime factor here [not true], non-Muslim victims [not all of them]”.

Remember folks, someone let her into Oxford University. And someone else allowed her to become a Tory MP. Now, someone has given her a column in the Sunday Sun. Never assume our ruling classes know more than jack shit about anything.

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