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Tuesday 18 November 2014

Rich Sleb Wants To Stay Rich

Ever watched ITV’s The Agenda? Neither have I: Tom Bradby’s show goes out on Monday evenings after the News Not Always At Ten, in the slot opposite BBC2’s Newsnight. But the right-leaning press was watching, or at least they’ve lifted the copy from someone who was, because last night Mil The Younger was on, and so was overmonied loudmouth Myleene Klass.
Another day, another hatchet job

Who she? Ms Klass is famous for once being a member of a manufactured pop group, having then had a solo career, presenting a variety of TV programmes, going on I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, and otherwise for being Herself Personally Now. She is one of those “personalities” who fetch up as part of the rotating chat show guest list. In 2011, her estimated worth was £11 million.

And she was not enamoured of the prospect of a “Mansion Tax”, so, although it has been reported that she “debated” this Labour Party proposal with Miliband, in effect she ranted at him and kept on ranting at the thought that he might get a word in edgeways in his party’s defence. The Tory supporting press loved it: she had “wiped the floor” with Miliband. This was true, as four Twitter users said so.

However, and here we encounter a significantly sized however, Ms Klass’ outburst, and her suggestion that £2 million would only buy you “a garage” in London, may not be playing out necessarily to her advantage. Why so? Well, the mansion tax idea is popular, especially among those who do not have eight-figure fortunes and think that those who do would not be unduly harmed if asked to pay a few hundred quid more.

That did not deter the press, with the Mail crowingWell you wanted a Klass war, Ed! As if things weren't bad enough, now the beleaguered Labour leader is humiliated on TV by former pop star Myleene as she takes him to task over the mansion taxand the Telegraph thatSinger Myleene Klass went 'full Paxman' on the Labour leader during a TV debate in a stunning annihilation of his mansion tax policies”.

Yes, shooting your gob off means you “humiliate” and “annihilate” someone else. But don’t take my word for it: such is the less than enamoured response of members of the public who don’t give a flying foxtrot what the Mail and Tel want them to think that a Just Giving page has been set up to help the supposedly beleaguered Ms Klass pay that unduly onerous Mansion Tax.

And LabourList has helpfully suggested five properties in the Greater London area which Ms Klass could buy for no more than £2 million: as she used to live near Cuffley, the six bedroom detached, with selection of those garages, at Hadley Wood should be right up her street. Even the most desirable new homes in central London locations – like Chelsea Harbour – don’t cost more than £2 million.

Still, it keeps the Tory supporting press hopeful. Until next Thursday, that is.


rob said...

The right are running scared of the mansion tax.

Possibly because it could be tied in with higher bands for council tax which would make re valuing properties on a shorter timescale a more affordable venture.

It is not so easy to hide a property away as income - just tie the tax to the property rather than the owner which could take time to establish in case of default.

Shawlrat said...

Having watched this exchange it seemed that there was nothing it to warrant such condemnation by the right wing press.
On another day the headline in the same papers could have read "millionaire Myleene Klass, daughter of immigrants, rants about proposed mansion tax".
Yawn - zzzzzzzzz.