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Monday 3 November 2014

Don’t Menshn Romanian Beggars

In a supreme irony, it was the Daily Mail, the most virulently anti-EU, anti-Labour, anti-Miliband and anti-begging of papers, that discovered the reality of what some of the more Ron Hopeful types on the right are calling “beggargate”. In doing so, the obedient Dacre doggies have effectively called themselves out for telling their own readers a pack of lies about Mil The Younger’s Manchester awayday.
(c) Doc Hackenbush 2014

But the lying is not confined to the Mail: one hates to devote too much time to the self-publicising idiocy of (thankfully) former Tory MP Louise Mensch, but the blatant and wilful nature of her dishonesty, together with the frequency at which she has set her pants on fire, is without parallel. The lying starts with the accusation that 14 year old Rebeca State was part of an organised gang.
Our streets are plagued by organised beggars run by East European criminal gangs. Ed Miliband just endorsed that” she declared. Ms State was operating alone, so Ms Mensch is lying. She is also lying to assert that Miliband endorsed criminal gangs. He merely showed her an act of charity.
Louise then changes tack and lies about the EU: “Angela Merkel, what first attracted EU to massive multi-billion Euro net contributor the United Kingdom?” she demands, suggesting that the German Chancellor runs the EU, which is also untrue. So what’s the reality? Oh look, we pay less per head than even the Italians. So Ms Mensch is lying once more. And then it’s back to lying about Miliband.
Disgusting. Beggar Miliband wouldn’t talk to an exploited Romanian 14 year old who should have been in school”. But he did talk to her – IT SAYS SO IN THE MAIL ARTICLE SHE LINKED TO. Didn’t she bother reading it? And nobody is exploiting her, bar herself. So that’s two more blatant lies.
Can she top that? You betcha, says Sarah: “he did NOT show her an act of kindness he showed her utter indifference. 14 year old exploited here because Labour signed Lisbon”. Let’s look at the facts, shall we? Romania joined the EU as a full member at the beginning of 2007. The Lisbon Treaty was not signed until December of that year, and not ratified until 2009. Lisbon has nothing to do with this.
So that’s another lie. And they keep on coming: “why was a 14 year old trafficked to England and dumped by Romanian parents? Because [Gordon Brown] signed Lisbon”. Louise Mensch likes to use the word “trafficked”. She should look up the definition some time. It suggests illegality. There was none. Ms State was not dumped; her parents had to return to Romania, and will be back.

So that’s two more lies. Add to that she lied about what Miliband donated. And the lie about school: “cannot go to school until her parents return to the UK and find somewhere to settle permanently”. They let Louise Mensch become an MP.

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rob said...

Every little tweet seems to shout from Louise,
Looks kinda soft but is so very hard to please.
Each little word
of venom and spite says I hate you, I hate you

(not exactly heavy metal but there you go)