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Friday 1 July 2016

Michael Gove - No, No, No, No, No

After yesterday’s defenestration by Michael “Oiky” Gove of London’s formerly very occasional Mayor Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, the prospect of Gove becoming the next occupant of 10 Downing Street became the subject of serious discussion. Pundits talked of him as a credible prospect. They should all have known better. Michael Gove should never be allowed near the levers of power.
Why that should be is not hard to see: Gove may have been good at stabbing his Vote Leave co-conspirator in the back, but on every other criterion he does not measure up to the job specification. He would not be his own man, in hock to the press, his cadre of advisors, and his appalling wife Sarah Vine. The charge sheet makes grim reading.

Gove was incompetent as a front rank minister. His time as Education Secretary was a disaster: although incessantly talked up by his pals in the right-leaning press, the DfE spent most of his tenure being terrorised by Gove’s polecats Dominic Cummings and Henry de Zoete, and the money sprayed up the wall on the Free Schools programme (from which there have been several failures) reached eye-watering proportions.

Gove was incompetent as Chief Whip. His spell heading the Whip’s Office reached its ultimate ignominy when his plot with William ‘Ague to deal a blow to the authority of Commons Speaker John Bercow failed spectacularly.

Gove is in Rupert Murdoch’s pocket. It’s bad enough having an interfering foreigner sticking his bugle into this country’s business, but the level of control by Don Rupioni and his fellow Mafiosi would be that much more direct with Gove, who was, and may well be again, a Murdoch journalist.

Gove is in his wife’s pocket. Sarah Vine was revealed the other day to be the real power behind the Gove throne, an authentic Lady Macbeth figure. She was also a Murdoch journalist, and like her husband, may well be again, especially now that her current beth, the Daily Mail, has endorsed not Gove, but Home Secretary Theresa May.

Gove and his wife are in it only for themselves. “Oiky” and Ms Vine are the epitome of grasping, selfish and uncaring social climbers, capable of warmth and empathy with their close friends, but otherwise not giving a rat’s arse about the little people. For them, wrenching Britain out of the EU is just another game. What will Brexit do to the country, and the union with Scotland? They don’t care. They won’t be affected.

Gove’s advisor Dominic Cummings is a psycho. If only one reason could be cited for preventing Gove from entering Downing Street, it is the presence of Cummings. This man is a wacko. He is psychologically unstable. He was, by all accounts, too much even for Bozza, whose refusal to have Cummings on board contributed to Gove’s decision to go it alone. Cummings is not just Barking, he has overshot the buffer stops at Upminster.

Gove has abused Royal protocol. The Sun’sQUEEN BACKS BREXIT” story can have had only one source, and that source was Gove. What the monarch says in the company of her Privy Counsellors should remain confidential. It did not when Gove saw an opportunity to use it for political advantage. The Royal Family know that they cannot trust him. For the Queen not to be able to trust her Prime Minister to maintain her confidence makes a Gove premiership a non-starter.

Gove cannot do his sums. This is the MP who appeared before a Commons committee and suggested that all schools could be better than average. That he persuaded Bozza to promise him the keys to 11 Downing Street should induce a shudder in any student of economics (Bozza also promised him the role of chief Brexit negotiator - and Gove could not negotiate his way out of a paper bag).

But, above all, Gove is not credible. He is not known as “Oiky” for nothing. To have to sit through a speech by Gove is rather like the prospect of being regaled by Elmer Fudd. He would make the role of Prime Minister a laughing stock - quite apart from being highly susceptible to allowing others to influence his decisions.

Michael Gove is unfit to be Prime Minister. Or indeed any other minister. End of story.


Anonymous said...

It's worth the entrance fee just to read the line 'Cummings is not just Barking, he has overshot the buffer stops at Upminster' Poetry innit.

A.Robot (Mrs) said...

Good summing-up, Tim, but some omissions:
You forgot his bullshit story about his father's fishing business being ruined by the EU, which his father rubbished.
You didn't mention his excruciatingly 'careful' way of speaking, on a par with Sir Alf Ramsey (ask your dad)
You also omitted that he's a disgusting little pimple of a man.

Andy McDonald said...

Give credit to him, he did pull off the feat (when presenting little-seen and little-remembered 'satirical' comedy show A Stab in the Dark) of making David Baddiel look funny.

rob said...

In essence then, UK politics still run by the foreign media owners in their own interests which don't necessarily coincide with their readers until they are told otherwise.

When Gove was apppointed first as a Minister his allies said that, while he was not good on detail, he was sound on the overview. Not looking too good then as a negotiator through the Brexit minefield. Perhaps Cummings will be in charge of the Goings?

Plus point, he will be able to pull up the Latin countries negotiators on any improper use of latin.

Unknown said...

He used to be known as the "Minister for Murdoch." For God's sake don't let him be "Prime minister for Murdoch."

Anonymous said...

Certainly a good summing up of one barrow boy spiv.

But degree of bullshit aside - what makes him so different from the other tories and the red tories who betray the Labour Party?

Blair, for instance, was even more craven to the wizened old YankOz Nazi crab and the crackpot Dacre. Prompted of course by "Lord" Mandelson.

This country would finally sail right around the bend if it even considers Gove for prime minister. Unlikely to happen, though. It's either Fox or May, both of them actually just as bad - probably worse - politically as Gove, the difference being they are slyer and more "accomplished" liars and hypocrites.

Then look across the table and see Benn, Eagle, Mann, Harman, Hodge and other New Labour war criminals and mass murderers.

We may not have rotten boroughs any more. But we sure as hell do have a Rotten Parliament. They are the largest single collection of corrupt spivs and pimps in our increasingly divided country. They are the biggest threat to democracy since Mosley's black shirts.

And it will get much, much worse. Don't kid yourselves.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your weekend, Anon!

Greedo Fawkes said...

No, no, no no no no, there's no limit.

Obviously, a reference to my drink poos.

Or, my malice......