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Monday 4 July 2016

So Farewell Then Nigel Farage

After last week’s decision by London’s formerly very occasional Mayor Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson to chicken out of taking any responsibility for the mess in which the UK now found itself after the EU referendum result, today has brought another display of rank cowardice from one of the Brexit ringleaders as UKIP leader Nigel “Thirsty” Farage has announced he is going to spend more time with Himself Personally Now.
Now it's Squeaky cowardice finger up the bum time

Farage’s achievements, from which he is so proud to run away and hide, are many and varied, but in practical terms come back to his ability to vigorously scratch the racist itch until it produced a combustible situation in which hate crime levels soared by the thick end of 500% in the period following the referendum, as many people who were not white, or did not speak English, were abused and attacked.

While honing his amiable bigot act, Farage has also perfected the art of claiming to be against the EU while simultaneously sponging off it, often absent from debates and votes in the European Parliament while trousering as much in MEP’s salary and expenses as he can get his grasping mitts on. And he will continue to feed at that particular trough until 2019 at the earliest. At British taxpayers’ expense.

It’s as well that Farage has managed to take advantage of the electoral list system used in mainland Britain for European Parliament elections: his attempts to win a seat at Westminster have all ended in failure, from Eastleigh in 1994 (when he lost his deposit), to Salisbury in 1997, Bexhill and Battle in 2001, South Thanet in 2005, Bromley and Chislehurst in 2006, Buckingham in 2010, and South Thanet again last year.
The Farage legacy in one ((c) Steve Bell 2016)

Yet Farage continued to be feted by the press and broadcasters, a seemingly permanent fixture on BBC Question Time, despite his questionable views, exemplified by his complaint that he could not hear English-speaking voices on the train from London to his Kent home, and the downright nasty use of a column of bedraggled refugees in central Europe to try and frighten voters about Scary Brown People.

In the process, he attracted many voters to the UKIP cause, and also a rogues’ gallery of fringe politicians whom the country would be infinitely better off without. This undesirable convocation includes creepy Roger Helmer, comedy Scouser Paul Nuttall, wacko absentee Scot David Coburn, and only one Westminster MP, Douglas “Kamikaze” Carswell, who only came on board by defecting from the Tories.

But now Nige, having got the referendum result he wanted, is turning tail and running away, just like his fellow Outer Bozza did before him. The fall in Sterling, the market jitters, the years of probably fractious negotiations, the almost certain recession, the race hatred, the job losses, the fall in living standards, the turning of Britain into a lay-by off the global highway, those are all someone else’s problems. Farage will carry on milking his expense account and partying as he has done for the past seventeen years.

In other words, Mr Thirsty will be able to have his cake, eat it, wash it down with unfeasibly large quantities of the finest artisanal Belgian ales, then leave the rest of us to sort out the mess after he throws it all up. He’s a real class act.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget the £100k a year, index linked, pension we'll also be paying until he falls off his perch.

AndyC said...

Has he un-resigned yet? After all, he does have form.

Roy said...

It's not farewell, Tim.

He'll be back. In some way or another. Cockroaches are indestructible.

Anonymous said...

Same old Nigel. Ultimately, just another parliamentary arse head.

So now we have Angela "Oo Look At My Tears" Eagle fronting up the plot against Jeremy Corbyn, the perpetrators of which will hopefully get a bloody nose from members during a leadership election. But doubtless the traitors are currently ransacking the manuals of snake oil salesmen for "legal" ways to stop that eventuality.

Meanwhile, tory Nastzis will be knifing each other in smoke filled board rooms to ensure the appalling May fronts the cameras with her false grin and grotesque dress sense. That should be enough to satisfy the loopy corner shop mentalities and Little Englander racists.

But for the arrival of Jeremy Corbyn, what I wouldn't give to witness the frothing mouths and mayhem at the Labour Desk of the Friends at Vauxhall Cross and the Brit Desk of the Boys at Langley. Pound to a pinch of dollar they're falling over each other to "help." The mad bastards'll be livid they couldn't stop him in the first place. Now the hatchet jobs will REALLY begin. You ain't seen nothin' yet, folks.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't be suprised if he's been bullied out.

Soon, we will find out.

Stumpy said...

My theory is that the Brexit group in the guise of Boris told him that if he did what he was told, and essentially kept his head down during the campaign he would be rewarded with a place in the Lords so he could finally join the Westminster elite proper. Which, with the exception of an unfortunately timed poster press photograph, he did. But his Johnson failed to stand at the crucial moment and he had no one else willing to give him the support he needed to get himself permanently embedded in a Lord's seat, so he has given up an will probably end up writing opinion pieces for the Murdoch press ad infinitum.

Rivo said...

@Stumpy Funny you should say that, given that he was filmed hob-nobbing with Creepy Uncle Rupe by Lily Allen this very weekend.

Either that or he has stood down as UKIP leader in order to begin manoeuvring his way into a position to be selected for the Brexit negotiation team and from thence weasel his way into an unofficial but undoubtedly lucrative advisory position in whatever Tory government we end up with once they've picked their new leader.

Gilbert Keith Chesterton said...

When it all turns to shit, and the repeatedly betrayed Leave voters form a lynch mob and take to the streets, I just hope they go after people like Farridge and (love rat) Bozza rather than working-class immigrants and Muslims.

Unfortunately I don't see much hope of averting even more racially based violence, as Leave's "leadership" encourages the people they sold out to vent their rage on "foreigners" rather than the right-wing conservative Brexshitters.

As usual, the officer class gets away with it.

Anonymous said...

Ach, c'mon. Giving the slimy Farage a good kicking is unobjectionable enough, I'm sure you're at the back of a long, long queue! But to scorn him for not having been elected (n.b., to British office!) and yet still treated as a pundit is a bit rich. Who elected Lord Ashcroft, for example? Never an MP, but deputy Tory Party chairman, now turned commentator and political bellwether to the media (and Farage makes far better TV material). Since you knock Farage for not getting elected, it seems a non-sequitur to damn him for not sticking around to clear up the Brexit mess. What role do you think he is he meant to fulfil? He wasn't even part of the official Leave campaign that told so many lies. As it is, he remains an MEP and has stated that he intends to play a role in negotiating the Brexit settlement. I'm not sure what else you were expecting.