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Monday 25 July 2016

Piers Morgan’s Lost Causes

You have to hand it to Piers Morgan: if you’re his pal, he will defend you even when others have long abandoned the cause. For him, loyalty to friends is clearly to be taken seriously, even to the bewilderment of everyone else. Today, his chosen lost cause was the now-disgraced former boss of BHS Philip Green, who is on track to be stripped of the knighthood many believe he should never have been awarded in the first place.
Green, as I’ve previously told, was today excoriated in an MPs’ report that took his alleged business acumen apart, and concluded that BHS, all of whose stores will close very soon, had been subjected to “systematic plunder”, the most obvious example being a pension fund shortfall of more than £570 million. While all this was going on, Green and his family were becoming enriched beyond most peoples’ dreams of avarice.
Morgan was - almost alone in the print and broadcast media today - ready to defend Green to viewers of ITV Good Morning Britain, although his campaign developed not necessarily to his advantage. Here on Zelo Street, though, Piers Morgan always gets cut a little slack, as he stood against the Iraq adventure when it was fashionable to go with the crowd, something for which Alastair Campbell has still not forgiven him.
But his innings today got off to a sticky start when he opined “Just pointing out that Sir Philip has been very generous to a lot of charities over the years”. That sounds awfully like the defence of Dinsdale Piranha: “He was a lovely man, he bought his mother flowers an’ that”. The journalistic licence didn’t help, either: “I didn't defend what he did at BHS & I can’t … I just don't share the popular view he's a monster”.
Bloody hell Piers, nobody is suggesting he’s a “monster”, just that he shafted BHS. And although his initial reaction was to stand by Green and not be swayed by mass sentiment - “I'd rather stay true to myself & what I honestly feel than run with the baying mob” - reaction to his GMB pitch has not been favourable. At all.
Indeed, Danny Baker had to point out to Morgan a most unfortunate incident: “When we did Apprentice he thought I was crew member & was pompous & boorish. When told who i was changed completely”. What say Piers to that one? “He has his faults but I'd rather wait to see how he resolves the BHS situation before passing final judgement … The BHS employees & pension holders must be recompensed & looked after. I hope Sir Philip does this”. Well, he’ll need to write out a cheque for £570 million - and then honour it.
I know Piers Morgan likes to stick by his pals, but as with Andy Coulson, who presided over what was a borderline criminal enterprise at the late and not at all lamented Screws, and Donald Trump, who has abused and alienated many in his own chosen party on his way to securing the Republican nomination for the US Presidency, he does seem to back lost causes way past the point that others might at least keep schtum.

Philip Green’s behaviour is beyond forgivable. The BHS employees who are getting screwed over for their years of moderately paid loyalty can attest to that.


Unknown said...

I know you've always been sympathetic to this buffoon because of his anti Iraq war stance. Yet in the end he has contradicted himself totally over this, he said even if the pics were faked, that showing the torture that happened was right. Now along with Trump he wants ISIS tortured and bombed, despite this causing all the problems in the first place. He's pro-Trump as he feels having a friend in the Oval office will help reignite his failing career..
He has no principals. he's the worst type of tabloid guttersnipe that you normally rightfully go after. Take the way he writes about the England cricket captain, calling him a weasel, because he hasn't picked one of his mates, then look how he defends Coulson, Green and other deplorable people.

The man is a disgusting hypocrite of the worst kind.

Anonymous said...

Piers Moron has a face I'd never tire of slapping. Unfortunately, that is not an option, so I must derive what pleasure I can from his perpetual pratfalls in the press. When he got kicked out of the Mirror (for running a completely bogus photo-story that fell into the category "Too good to check") he recorded in his 'diary' that he was now going to become a celebrity instead, and set out to do so by buying off-the-peg PR. Sadly (for him) his return to journalism (if indeed what he does merits that name) is ample illustration that you cannot polish a turd, and sometimes it's not even solid enough to be rolled in glitter.

Blackout said...

"The BHS employees & pension holders must be recompensed & looked after. I hope Sir Philip does this" ~ Piers Morgan.

Piers doesn't seem to be grasping that even *if* Green pulls out his debit card to plug the £570m-sized hole in the bucket, and even *if* he pulls out his other debit card and proffers the same amount again to reinvigorate BHS in some grand gesture of humility... that's still not the same as having not been a colossal, thieving blaggard in the first place...

Anonymous said...

Morgan worked happily enough for Murdoch.......Tells you all you need to know, really. He's just another mainstream media gobshite.

Talking of gobshites.......Just watched Toby Jug on C4 News. To say it was hilarious is like saying Eric and Ernie's immortal sketch with Andre Previn made me smile a bit.

The Jug has invented a new on-camera persona designed to convince viewers he's an intense "intellectual." (Look, I know the mere thought will have you gagging for air - but bear with me).

His new shtick consists of much hand waving (copyright Klingon Smith on Beeb News), wrinkled forehead, horn rimmed glasses occasionally adjusted, and an attempted unwavering stare.

The actual aggregate effect is to make him look like a barrow boy stuck by an electric cattle prod. Or a twitching arse hole.

Morgan should get together with him and form a company named Spivs Inc.

Sam Best said...

ha ha...easy to be generous to charity with money you have plundered from others. I never tire of that claim.
In actuality it was the BHS bilked pensioners who were giving money to charity not Green. It just passed through his hands but he ensured he took a huge percentage of it for his personal charity, a Swiss bank account.