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Wednesday 20 July 2016

Simon Danczuk - A Tory MP?

The travails of Rochdale’s nominally Labour MP Simon Danczuk may have passed from view temporarily, as observers of The Red Team have been concerned with the party’s leadership challenge rather than individual MPs’ misbehaviour, but with the certainty of night following day, he has been further implicated in less than upstanding activities, this time over ex-wife Karen’s failed town centre delicatessen.
As Rochdale Online has told, it now transpires thatCafe On The Walk Ltd, formerly Danczuk's Deli, the family business of disgraced Labour MP Simon Danczuk and his former wife Karen, has been struck off … Notice has appeared in the London Gazette confirming the demise of the business”. That’s the same London Gazette where those who have been declared bankrupt have their names posted. And there was more.

Despite Mrs Danczuk claiming last year that she had sold the business, the business name was simply changed to Cafe On The Walk Ltd and her father, Martin Burke, appointed as a director … Both Danczuk's remained 50-50 shareholders according to Companies House … The striking off comes as the last set of accounts and the annual return for the business have not been filed”. And yet more.

On top of that, there was the County Court Judgment against Kazza for rent, and it appears Rochdale Council have also been pursuing the Danczuks for non-payment of business rates. That’s in addition to the criminal investigation into Danczuk over historic rape allegations, the continuing controversy over his expense claims, and the “sexting” of a 17 year old girl, which is what got him suspended in the first place.

Could it get any worse? It certainly could: rumours have been swirling for some time that Danczuk’s suspension from the Labour Party will be converted into expulsion. But it seems Si has a Get Out Of Jail card - it’s called Palling Up To The Tories. Ridiculous as this may seem, Danczuk has been cosying up to Rochdale’s Tory group leader. But the press has missed something here - he’s been at it for a while.

He welcomed local Tories to the Commons. One might have thought that they would look to the nearest Tory MP to do the hosting and tour round the place, but not this time. And he celebrated with local Tories last Christmas. Not only that, there are photos of the celebration, which will inevitably come to light if he decides to defect.

Danczuk would, of course, face humiliating defeat if he stood for the Tories in Rochdale. But he has trouble understanding that much of his increased majority last year was down to the Lib Dem vote collapsing, some going to UKIP, and some to Labour. That means very little of it went to the Tories. And if Si thinks there is any kind of personal vote that he can take with him to The Blue Team, he is utterly deluded.

Nevertheless, it’s more than a passing probability that Simon Danczuk will try and jump ship to the Tories before Labour boot him out. You read it here first.


Anonymous said...

Surely even Danksuck wouldn't be so stupid as to join the tories?

Well, Yes he would, actually.

Which raises an interesting question: If an MP changes parties, shouldn't there be an automatic bye election in that constituency? Which means herr Danksuck would get his arse soundly kicked. Which means I'm decisively in favour of such bye election. Which also means the New Labour gang are again in deep shit because it would demonstrate people vote for the party, not for the individual MP. Which means they'd have to do one and form yet another SDP doomed to failure.

But all of this plus the Labour leadership shenanigans and tory ur-fascism shows just how out of touch the House of Scoundrels is with "ordinary" people. Hopefully the whole rotting edifice will be soon declared unfit for purpose. We might even begin to see some genuinely representative democracy instead of the PR bullshit and mainstream media lies.

Anonymous said...

Surely even the Tories wouldn't be stupid enough to take on Danzuck?

Why would they want an MP submerged in scandal, about to be thrown out of his own party, and with a history of financial and personal incompetence, in a seat they would clearly lose at the next election anyway. Maybe UKIP would take him, it would double up their parliamentary party, but I suspect even they would think twice. More likely he'll end up being an unwanted independent, hanging on until 2020 in order to scoop up as much cash as possible before his inevitable demise.