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Saturday 2 July 2016

Corbyn Lunge Lies Exposed

After most of Labour’s MPs declared that they no longer had confidence in Jeremy Corbyn’s ability to lead their party, there were talks of a challenge to the leadership. This rapidly escalated into needless threats of deselection directed at MPs who had dissented. And then, into the already combustible mix, waded the right-leaning press, scenting the opportunity to make a little more mischief and flog a few more copies.
This has resulted in some highly creative reporting - that is, highly creative even for papers that have developed a reputation for extreme creativity. And this creativity reached its zenith today after Corbyn attended a “Say no to hate crime” event in his constituency. Reporters had been told that the Labour leader was not answering questions about the party leadership. This meant that they asked them anyway.

And those questions were as predictable as ever: a mix of “Mr Corbyn, when are you going to stand down?”. followed by “How much longer can you stay?”, and the slightly goading “Mr Corbyn, it looks like you’re running away from talking about the leadership”. After all of that, Corbyn turned round to the pursuing press pack and told them “If you want to arrange an interview then speak to my press office, thank you”.

This effrontery had to be punished! And so it came to pass that the Telegraph - which claims to be an upmarket paper of record - told its readersJeremy Corbyn is under fire after losing his cool with a reporter at a rally in his constituency amid claims that his aides are deliberately refusing to allow him to speak to other MPs … Mr Corbyn had to be held back by aides after he lost his cool with a television reporter … A visibly angry Mr Corbyn … appeared to lunge in the journalist’s direction in front of camera crews and photographers”. Notice the use of the word “appeared”.

The Murdoch Sun made sure everyone knew it was a female journalist: “Jeremy Corbyn appeared to be held back  by his aides in a furious conversation with a female reporter who asked if he was ‘running away’ from the crisis engulfing the Labour Party … The embattled opposition leader reportedly lunged towards an ITN journalist who tried to question him about his future”. But there was a problem.
The ITN journalist in question was Victoria Macdonald of Channel 4 News, and her account of what happened does not match the shock horror of the Sun and Telegraph: “My exchange with @jeremycorbyn in full at 515pm on @Channel4News. He was angry yes but contrary to reports I didn't feel 'lunged at’”.

All that Corbyn did was to turn round so he could direct the reporters to his press office. He may not be the world’s most natural media performer, and may also be getting a little frayed at the edges after the past week’s events, but that is no excuse to go from reporting the facts to serving up a mix of falsehood and misinformation.

Dislike of politicians and their parties is no excuse for reporting to leap headlong from gutter into sewer. If Corbyn is such a lousy leader, he will be seen as such without hacks resorting to smears and dishonesty. This kind of distorted reporting is not good enough.


Anonymous said...

"This kind of distorted reporting is not good enough."

Tim, after decades of lying propaganda from the usual media sources (that is, all of it) what on Earth did you expect?

Jeremy Corbyn is at best a mild mannered socialist, probably not even that if he ever gets into power. That such a decent man should draw these well publicised extremist reactions tells you all you need to know about the far right crooks and liars who infest the House of Scoundrels and mainstream media.

To call the "reporting" "distorted" is to give new meaning to the disgusting scumbags who perpetrate it. They are talentless cowards to a man and woman, the dregs of a society in the process of disintegration. They care about nothing, let alone the truth. Which is why they are despised by everybody with a sense of fairness and social cohesion.

At this rate it won't be long before they call openly for political assassination. It's the logical step after failed character assassination. Imagine what they'll be like if and when a half million strong Labour Party membership again votes overwhelmingly to keep Jeremy Corbyn. Such "reporters," "presenters" and "correspondents" will disappear up their own arses while foaming at the mouth. Which would be a hugely amusing sight and sound.

Anonymous said...

What the media forget is this.
Yes, politicians have a duty to address the public but they are under no obligation to do it through the media.

We have social media now. They are becoming irrelevant.
Some call it progress in a digital age and others call it karma.

Gweedo Fawkes said...

Chabliiiising tonight.

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It's fantastic, my clothes are all elastic.

I can dye my hair, but not that white bit there..

Stop picking on my Jez. I worked hard in my coup to get him in.

Come on Jezzy, let's go partaaaayyy!

Gweedo Fawkes said...


I'm a barbie girl, in a barbie world.
It's fantastic, my clothes are all elastic.

I can dye my hair, but not that white bit there!

I love Jez.

Come on Jezzy, let's go partaaaaay!


Anonymous said...

The press pack are like Pavlovs dogs, whenever they see a Politician they expect a certain reaction.

Corbyn isn't what they are used to, he throws their mindset completely. In some ways its similar to when a child wants attention.

The child kicks and screams and some parents react by also kicking off. Corbyn is the parent who has learnt the best way of dealing with a petulent child is not to rise to their tantrums and simply play a straight bat. Just like the children they are the press hate it so make stories up to try and make out Corbyn was rattled.

Anonymous said...

To think, they are still allowed around children.

Gweedo Fawkes said...


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