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Thursday 14 July 2016

Don’t Menshn Jeremy Hunt

[Update at end of post]

As Theresa May continued her overhaul of the cabinet - rather more than a mere reshuffle - the news came through that Jeremy Hunt (the former Culture Secretary), another who has been useful as a Murdoch stooge and who has previously distinguished himself by unsuccessfully trying to hide behind a tree, had been sacked. Sadly, the news was incorrect, and Hunt is staying at the Department for Health.
(c) Doc Hackenbush 2014

But for a brief period, NHS staff allowed themselves that brief period of rejoicing at the news that someone who was not considered to have their interests, or those of their patients, at heart had gone. At least one hospital department broke out in open celebration at the news, and this was clearly noted and understood by those patients, some of whom had been on the waiting list for operations for some time.
Jonathan Bartley was one of them, Tweeting “I’m on a hospital ward with my son, awaiting a delayed and postponed operation. Huge cheer just erupted at news Jeremy Hunt has been sacked”. Note that Bartley was merely observing the reaction of the staff, and did not join in with the celebrations. But in one reassuringly upmarket corner of Manhattan, that was enough for retribution to be thought necessary.
And, as soon as the news came that Hunt was not being sacked, and not even being moved, (thankfully) former Tory MP Louise Mensch showed her sympathy at Bartley’s son having had his operation delayed and postponed by sniping “Well scumbag enjoy the fact you were wrong you loathsome tit. Jeremy is staying”. This represented a new low, even for Ms Mensch. Condemnation was swift. So was the horror at the insensitivity.
Miranda Sawyer tried to point out the obvious: “come on Louise, he's waiting for an op for his kid”. She did not merit a reply. Other Tweeters asked what was wrong with Ms Mensch. Some asked what part of “awaiting a delayed and postponed operation” she did not understand. Adverse comment was passed upon the Tory Party.
One concerned Tweeter tried reason (never a good tactic with Ms Mensch, because reason involves her actually listening to others and engaging with them): “He was reflecting the view of the patients and NHS staff. Take a look at yourself and your language. You should be ashamed”. Sadly, Ms Mensch does not do shame.
Another Tweeter pitied her: “I think Twitter might be a little beyond your well-established limits. Have you thought of downsizing to an Etch-A-Sketch?” But Ms Mensch does not do listening either. She just sits there in her gilded eyrie dispensing intemperate unpleasantness and remembering that she was the future once. But no more.

Louise Mensch is out of order again. And remember, they allowed her to become an MP.

[UPDATE 1755 hours: even after Ms Mensch had been roundly condemned by hundreds of horrified Twitter users, and she knew exactly the level of feeling at her insensitive and overbearing behaviour, she decided to just Carry On Sneering and hurled a little more abuse at Jonathan Bartley.
"Loathsome scumbag political post. Delighted Bartley gets his comeuppance over Hunt" she trilled triumphantly at the news that someone was having an operation delayed.

Well, Theresa May did call the Tories "the nasty party". We now know just how nasty it still is]


Anonymous said...

"Other Tweeters asked what was wrong with Ms Mensch."

She's a *fucking fascist lunatic, that's what.

*Sorry about that, but she started it.

Brian Higgy said...

And if anybody has the temerity to call HER a scumbag in reply, she'll come over all victim and start complaining about online abuse.

Jon Hughes said...

She's not very bright. I posted something during the campaign mentioning concerns voiced about a possible loss of arts funding in the event of Brexit (not mine, I was reporting what was said in an open letter) and found myself retweeted by Mensch and branded a 'Remainiac' liar. She comes across as a complete loon.

Pam Smith said...

I seriously do wonder what's wrong with her. She was busily creeping round Andrea Leadsom this afternoon, something she does embarrassingly often with women in prominent positions.

Anonymous said...

She's clearly ill. Or just pissed and coked up.
Or both.

hatty said...

So let me get this right – according to Mensch logic, if someone reports an incident, it always means they agree with it 100%. That’s a glass house Mensch should not be throwing stones in.

For her to react with jubilation that the child’s operation was delayed is just...well, I don’t have words.

Andy McDonald said...

Basically another who read some Ayn Rand and took it seriously.

If you're not familiar with Rand, her view was that only wealth creators in society should get any respect. Louise Mensch is, in her own way, a wealth creator, in that she inexplicably gets paid for saying rude things on Twitter.

Anonymous said...

To Andy McDonald.

Well remembered.

And don't forget Rand is the source of ineffable Thatcher's "There's no such thing as society."

Nor that Greenspan, ex of the Fed, was a Randite, as was Milton Friedman, both of whom admitted their monetarism was a failure - in Friedman's case shortly before he croaked and went to join the Big Bank In The Sky.

Anybody who wants to see just how crackpot Rand was, check out the opening scene of the old movie "The Fountainhead," based on one of her "novels." Remember too that she was a loony White Russian full of hate. The latter evil rather like Thatcher.