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Friday 8 July 2016

Andrea Leadsom Manifesto Revealed

Some politicians may not lower themselves to join the Other Ranks in using public transport, but in London, needs must, it seems, and one helpful chap using the Central Line yesterday evening has done the electorate a great service by letting them know just what would be in store if Andrea Leadsom won the Tory leadership contest and therefore became Prime Minister. It would not be a future to savour.
Would you buy a used CV from this woman?

The Zelo Street interpretation of what was revealed by the man on the Central Line, and snapped by the enterprising Ben Hart, can be put directly.

Theresa May will be attacked over Sharia tribunals. She’s had no part in their operation, but has been accused in the past of praising them. So Tory members are being asked to vote Leadsom because the alternative means Scary Muslims (tm).
Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty will be triggered in September. A Leadsom premiership would start the process of leaving the EU before knowing what on earth was going to happen, and before the UK had a team of competent negotiators in place. If that happened, expect a run on Sterling and significant falls in the stock market. Pensions and nest eggs would be decimated. But don’t forget, Ms Leadsom has 25 years’ experience in the financial services industry, so that’s all right, then.

Human Rights Act and the European Convention on Human Rights to be abandoned. Anyone who is disabled, not white, not Christian, LGBT, or merely poor should be very worried. So should journalists, or indeed anyone who values freedom of speech. Demonstrations? You can forget those in a Leadsom Police State.
Wage war on political correctness. This would be the green light for racism and bigotry, a return to the 1960s. Anyone observing the increase in hate crime following the referendum vote? A Leadsom Government would make that permanent.

Grammar Schools and talk to Toby Young. This demonstrates the Leadsom camp’s detachment from reality. My information is that the loathsome Tobes has been eased out of his berth as CEO of the West London Free School, rather than leaving of his own free will. To even consider hiring him as some kind of education guru would be batshit in the extreme. As for Grammar Schools, that ship sailed long ago, sorry.

Win back some of the UKIP voters. That means tacking to the right and confirms the dog whistling to racists and bigots. Talking about Yuman Rights will get papers like the Mail and Sun on board, and will appeal to some Tory members. Who are voting in this election.

Boris to campaign around the country for her. This is the ultimate combination of hypocrisy and self-aggrandisement. Bozza, who has already backed Ms Leadsom, has a record of being socially liberal and progressive, whatever his North And South occasionally comes out with. But in return for a plum cabinet job, he is prepared to go along with the most right-wing, and indeed reactionary, programme of Government.

And what the “Positive Discrimination” point means, God Only Knows. Welcome to the future as envisaged by someone who falsified her CV and thinks having a mortgage in Jersey is like buying a book from Amazon. You have been warned.


Anonymous said...

In the year 2016......the tories want to abandon Human Rights.

Says it all about them.

Any day now they'll be back to child slave labour and elimination of universal education. After all, they promoted the former and resisted the latter. Just as they tried to prevent founding of the NHS.

They represent everything that is wrong, distorted and downright evil in public life. Sooner or later this will become obvious to even the most isolated corner shop mentality and xenophobic loony. Sadly, this will mean there is much more (intensifying) horror to endure.

It isn't as though there haven't been enough warnings, or that history hasn't demonstrated what happens to nations that take this crackpot route.

Anonymous said...


This is where it all ends if neocon lunacy isn't stopped by genuine democracy:

The murderous tragedy goes on.

Anonymous said...

One needs to remember that a personal manifesto from the new leader is not a green light for the House of Lords to pass it. Such a manifesto needs to be passed by a General Election.

If the personal manifesto is at odds with the Tory manifesto of 2015 then the Lords will block it. Particularly if it is bat-shit crazy.

Malcolm Redfellow said...

So I wander into the centre of York, tripping over oodles of overseas tourists having a last look at Britain before it finally disappears into the orifice of the ooze-boozle bird.

I buy my prescribed list, as dictated by the Lady-in-myLife, adding a small soup├žon (OK: two bottles) to help the medicine go down.

Check-out time: being confronted by the Mail, the Express and the Mirror, all anticipating the return of the Blessed ♱Hilda Margaret. Were two Harrowings of the North (1069-70 and 1985+) not enough?