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Thursday 28 July 2016

Don’t Menshn Otto English

Michelle Donohue-Moncrieff is not merely double-barrelled, she is also a Tory Councillor who sits on Scarborough Borough Council, and represents a ward near the North Yorkshire seaside town of Filey. But, sad to say, she is not well versed in the ways of the Web, to the extent that she has ended up blaming someone else for the error of her ways, even though a former Tory MP has gone in with both feet in her defence.
(c) Doc Hackenbush 2014

Ms Donohue-Moncrieff is clearly pleased about the result of the EU referendum, and to show her appreciation of local support for the Leave campaign, she Tweeted out a photo telling “Hero of the Revolution: Farmer outside of Muston in N.Yorks who painted Vote Leave on his storage tank”. Given that is probably the main road through the village in the foreground, the identity of the farm will not be hard to find.
This does not seem to have occurred to her. So when the Tweeter otherwise known as Otto English observed “If it's the one I think it is they've received about £100k in last 5 years”, she was incandescent: “totally inappropriate to do this. What are you encouraging people to do?” Eh? He wondered why she had acted as she did: “Struggling to understand why you have copied North Yorkshire Police into your tweet”.
Still blissfully unaware that she had already identified the farm, Ms Donohue-Moncrieff carried blithely on: “you are attempting to identify people in order to imply they voted Leave. This is intimidation”. Otto English put her straight: “if you don't want to publicise someone I'd suggest not tweeting the name of the place their farm is at”. Quite. But then came the inevitable intervention from (thankfully) former Tory MP Louise Mensch.
Ms Mensch, as would be expected, knew more about the subject than everyone else put together, except she didn’t. So she not only got everything totally wrong, she also advocated the wasting of Police time for good measure. She stated by telling Otto English “you should be censured for such repellent doxxing on the basis of a vote”. There had been no doxxing. And it got worse - a lot worse.
For reasons of politics you publicized the address of a farmer for voting a way you didn't like”. Wrong. And she doesn’t know how he voted, or wanted anyone else to vote. Rob Smith pointed out “But the farmer wrote Vote Leave on his silo, farmer advertised his own voting intent”. Indeed. And another Tweeter had worse news for her.
It was down to Ms Donohue-Moncrieff: “Which @MichDonohue duly shared on social media. As an ex-CID officer, trust me - no case to answer”. Instead, Louise Mensch has encouraged Ms Donohue-Moncfieff to waste Police time making a complaint, defamed Otto English for non-existent doxxing, and failed totally to understand how locations can be identified from place names, photos and landmarks.

To appeal to authority based on ignorance of the subject and wilful stupidity is quite an achievement, even for Ms Mensch. And remember, they allowed her to become an MP.


Anonymous said...

Some MPs (of many hues) are playing a very dangerous "victim" game by crying wolf so much.
This moronic abuse of process weakens protection of real victims of aggression, bullying and threats in the real world.

If find it particularly vexing when this new-found propensity for regulation and enforcement comes from politicians who have derided us plebs as being reliant on "red tape", "the Nanny State" and "elf n' safety".

Malcolm Redfellow said...

Aided only by Councillor Michelle Donohue-Moncrieff's photograph, her menshun of Muston, and my faithful version of Google Earth, out took all of ... oooh ... 30 seconds to locate the scene of the event.

Anonymous said...


Yeah, it's the in-word.

Ask the New Labour gang. Not that they can produce EVIDENCE and FACTS you understand. But they sure can lie their arses off about it.

rob said...

****The white elephant in the room******

Poor Louise! The Heat is getting to her.

One tweet makes her angry
And her own are set to appall
And the ones that people send her
Just go to send her up the wall
Go ask Louise
When she's at Rupert's beck and call

When logic and proportion
Have departed and fled
And the light chick is talking nonsense
And the ex MP's off with her head
Remember what the brexiteers said
Fears in your head
Fears in your head

pete c said...

With just one leap, we get yet another 'batshit babe'.

Labelling someone as "Hero of the Revolution' would not seem to leave much space for anyone to have doubts over anything.

The real sadness though, is that these 2nd division participants in public life lose all sense of objectivity.

Effectively saying "I p*ss on those who didn't vote my way".