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Tuesday 25 February 2014

But Still They Won’t Say Sorry!

That is today’s Daily Mail headline: once again, the legendarily foul mouthed Paul Dacre is trying to equate the Labour Party with encouragement for paedophilia. But, as a new petition at change.org started by Owen Jones suggests through its title, “Stop the Daily Mail sexualising children”, encouragement of paedophiles did not end in the early 1980s: it is happening now. And the perpetrators still won’t say sorry!
Who f***ing says my website's creepy, c***?!?

This may be because that encouragement has been spearheaded by Mail Online, with needlessly intrusive photos of little children backed up by the creepiest of copy and captions. This behaviour is not limited to isolated occurrences. Paris Jackson (13 at the time), Nicole Kidman’s 16-month-old daughter, Jennifer Lopez’ two year old twins, Halle Berry’s two year old daughter, Brad Pitt’s two year old twins, and Miranda Kerr’s five month old son were all “growing up fast”.

It gets worse: although the post calling Heidi Klum’s eight year old daughter a “leggy beauty” later had the offending wording removed, there were also Jennifer Garner with her two daughters (7 and 4 years old), Ariel Winter (15) and her niece Skylar (a toddler), Myleene Klass’ two year old daughter, and 19-month-old Harper Beckham being described as “runway ready (ie a budding model).
Newspaper editors in glass houses, and all that

Not completely creeped out yet? As the man said, there’s more: several shots of Kourtney Kardashian’s one year old daughter in a string bikini (plus her three year old son), Farrah Abraham’s four year old daughter (and the full title of her sex tape), and Minnie Driver’s little boy (plus a similarly aged friend).

And there’s more Kardashian Kreepiness: lots of pics of Kim’s daughter North, taken with the obligatory long lens, Chantelle Houghton’s toddler daughter Dolly, Sarah Michelle Gellar’s four year old daughter, plus another of those “growing up fast” moments, with 13 year old Sophie Nelisse (in four inch heels). That’s an awful lot of encouragement for all those paedophiles we are told are out there.

On top of all that, Harriet Harman, one of Dacre’s targets in his latest attempt to damage the political party he loathes, has discovered a Mail story featuring a 12 year old girl in a bikini – but she was a sleb, so that makes it all right in the perverse world of the Vagina Monologue.

That’s a world where politicians are accused ofbacking” something they didn’t back, of being “apologists” for something they actually confronted and challenged, and “gave succour” to a group they threw out. “They have failed to utter a word of contrition or sorrow” over something they are accused of somehow facilitating, except that we don’t get an example, because there isn’t one.

Meanwhile, the Mail has failed to say sorry for its constantly “giving succour” to paedophiles. Paul Dacre is the lowest form of hypocrite.


Malcolm Armsteen said...

Dacre was ably supported by the BBC's aggressive and Mail-focused questioning of Harman on the mid-day news, and their tacit acceptance of the Mail articles by allowing airspace to Andrew Pierce.

rob said...

It looks like it might not be just Neil Wallis getting his "late tackles in early"?

David Leigh on Twitter:

Mail's "Labour loves paedos" smear: could fresh charges be looming against a top Tory relative? #RetaliationInFirst