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Monday 17 February 2014

Breitbart London Brings Comedy Gold

Had I been permitted the luxury of taking time out to imagine my fantasy line-up of credibility-free Right-Wing nutjobs, the result would have been remarkably similar to that being paraded at the launch of Breitbart London. The unappealing convocation of ranters, spivs, chancers and sundry nonentities is sure to bring a non-stop stream of unintentional hilarity, combined with next to zero credibility.
Founder: the late Andrew Breitbart

Well trailed for some days has been the star of the show, James “saviour of Western civilisation” Delingpole – the bar not being set too high, then – who is fraudulently described as a “former columnist” at the Telegraph, which he never was. Del Boy inhabited the bear pit that is Telegraph blogs. And his first pieces for Breitbart tread the same tedious ground, ranting and peddling falsehood and misinformation.
Definitely not fair or balanced

Just how wonderful Breitbart London is not can be seen from their choice of managing editor: step forward Raheem “call me Ray” Kassam, who tells anyone not yet asleep that he is “from a Muslim family”, before heading for the nearest bar, as if you needed to know that his last observance of anything to do with The Prophet was a very long time ago. And then it gets worse.
Pretentious? Who, moi?

Andre Walker. No, don’t laugh, I mean, a fellow’s got to earn a living, and all that. Walker was employed by Windsor and Maidenhead Council before he was caught – on record – plotting to bring down its deputy leader. His last attempt to run for elective office, for a seat as Common Councilman of the City of London Corporation, ended up with him not only losing, but bottom of the poll.

Openly supporting this operation have been the rabble working for the perpetually thirsty Paul Staines at the Guido Fawkes blog: Delingpole’s move was trailed by the Spectator’s Mr Steerpike, who, as any fule kno, is the odious flannelled fool Henry Cole. And their newly anointed teaboy Alex Wickham is writing for the site, kicking off this morning with a cut-and-paste kick at Piers Morgan.
Sid Bonkers but no Doris

You can see why Wickham’s piece is such weapons grade bullshit HERE and HERE. So who is declaring their support for Breitbart London? Adrian Hilton, for one: “Very amusing that some Tories say [establishing Breitbart London] will make the Right less electable” he sneers. But Hilton, the presence behind Archbishop Cranmer, is a dishonest Europhobic has-been.

What future for Breitbart London? There will be lots of frothing and ranting. Much selective and slanted copy will be published. There may, for a time, be success. But what will undoubtedly result will be a rich vein of comedy gold: what Delingpole and Kassam believe are “haters” are in fact those of us who right now are having difficulty not going in to Smash advert mode as a result of their idiocy.

So it’s a case of Carry On Ranting. Nurse – the screens!


Chris Neville-Smith said...

I wouldn't get too complacent about Andre Walker. I knew him from NUS days and he knows exactly what he's doing.

Andre Walker was a kamikaze candidate in NUS days, and I suspect he still is. He stood for positions that he didn't have a hope in hell of winning in order to get a platform to attack the policies of his real target. And in 2003, his target was NUS President Mandy Telford. Admittedly, she wasn't the hardest of targets to find faults with, but he was partly responsible for Labour Students eventually losing the NUS Presidency for a few years.

The short version of the warning is don't do anything that Andre Walker can use to make you look stupid. He will if he gets the chance.

Xenophon said...

We have spent the last two years tracking the Breitbart empire after his death. You may be interested to know that this expansion has been financed with venture capital that Andrew Breitbart obtained shortly before his death from at least two investors. One is reportedly Aubrey Chernick, a right wing Israel-firster who subsidizes Islamophobia organizations in the US. Chernick made his fortune in national security infrastructure. You will find his name associated with NC4, an intelligence fusion center. The other funder may be former HBGary CEO Aaron Barr, but we have not confirmed that. Their money has made this expansion possible.

We have bookmarked this blog and look forward to your continuing coverage. You may also find our website a valuable resource on the world of Breitbart News.