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Monday 8 July 2013

Troll Along With The Telegraph

Sean Thomas, also known as Tom Knox, has hit on a truly wizard wheeze to impress his pals at the bear pit that is Telegraph blogs: he’s going to not only kick the deeply subversive Guardian – which is, after all, to be expected of anyone there – but also show that he can sock-puppet, just like Andrew “Transcription Error” Gilligan. He clearly believes this to be a supremely original idea.
Originality - we ain't got it

So, in pursuit of his goal, Thomas has joined the commenters at Comment Is Free (CiF) under a pseudonym. Way to go, Telegraph man! That’s just like most of the rest of the commenters, so it’s so staggeringly original that, er, it isn’t really original at all. But he’s not finished: Thomas then actually posts comments! Is there no end to this man’s originality? Then he posts another comment! Wow!
Racist IQ bigotry - the finest available

Well, this is giddying stuff, or maybe not. Thomas has now posted at Tel blogs of his experiences, with the snappy title “Revealed: how I posed as a Left-wing nutjob on the Guardian's Comment is Free – and got away with it”. A word in your shell-like, Sean: you and your pals have no room to talk about “nutjobs” when you’ve got commenters at your own place who are so clearly not dealing from a full deck.
A dab of anti-Semitism masquerading as Beeb bashing

As can be seen from the Telegraph blog comments I’ve reproduced with this post, there are more than enough “nutjobs” there without pretending that those who comment at CiF are anywhere near as bad. From racist comments about black peoples’ IQ to routine anti-Semitism (calling the BBC’s Emily Maitliss a “kike”), the comments sewer is as foul smelling as ever.
Creepy Christmas card troll

Or how about one particularly creepy individual who claims to want to send a number of people a Christmas card? So he wants their addresses. Perhaps Sean hasn’t seen the Islamophobic backlash against writer Kia Abdullah? That contained suggestions regarding rape, together with deliberate mis-spelling of the word Muslim, which segues into bigotry about the London Borough of Tower Hamlets.
Misogynist and Islamophobic in one

Perhaps Sean Thomas and his boss Damian Thompson, that clueless pundit of no fixed hair appointment, think this is all good clean fun, as well as approving of the paranoid ranting about the UK having future Prime Ministers who may be Jewish or black. And I have one final minor inconvenience to point out to Thomas: posting under a pseudonym to wind up the natives is not confined to CiF.
Islamophobia on its own

Yes, there are such people commenting at Telegraph blogs, and enjoying themselves hugely as a result by trolling the slow-witted convocation of the racist, Islamophobic, misogynist, anti-Semitic and otherwise paranoid. One of these fine upstanding beings is in regular contact with Zelo Street (as they used to say in Australian cricket, no names, no Packerdrill).
Racism plus paranoia

Sean Thomas, lame as well as slow on the draw. A natural for Telegraph blogs.

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