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Sunday 14 July 2013

Top Six – July 14

So what’s hot, and what’s not, in the past week’s blogging? Here are the six most popular posts on Zelo Street for the past seven days, counting down in reverse order, because, well, I have to get the washing out. So there.
6 Press Freedom – Delingpole Speaks The invitation to Rupert Murdoch to appear before the DCMS Committee was duly spun by Del Boy as erosion of press freedom by the mythical “Liberal-Left”. He missed out rather a lot of those inconvenient facts along the way.

5 Troll Along With The Telegraph One of those inhabiting the bear pit that is Telegraph blogs boasted that he had trolled Comment Is Free, somehow unaware that there are plenty of folks doing the same thing on his home turf. And he and his boss Damian Thompson need to clean out that comments sewer.

4 HS2 Attacks Forget Freight Again The knocking copy aimed at the HS2 project seemingly refuses to notice the elephant in the room – network capacity. So here are the forecasts for 2030, showing just how much demand there will be for freight paths, and how they will not be accommodated without HS2.

3 Toby Young Climate Science Own Goal Tobes cited a scientist in support of his contention that increased carbon emissions didn’t really contribute to rising temperatures. But that scientist said they did, and his solution has been sneeringly rubbished by Tobes’ pal Delingpole.

2 Don’t Menschn The Peacocks Back came Louise Mensch, talking up her new boss Rupert Murdoch and relying for her information on the DCMS Committee on some highly dodgy sources – like the Murdoch Sun. And she wasn’t at all happy to be called out for it.

1 Daily Mail Suckered By Bigots The Dacre attack doggies ran a story about a 10 year old being allegedly denied water at school because some of the other pupils were fasting as part of Ramadan. What they didn’t do was tell their readers that the parent making the accusations was a supporter of Football Casuals, and that the Ramadan story didn’t add up.

And that’s the end of another blogtastic week, blog pickers. Not ‘arf!

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