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Sunday 15 January 2017

Tony Parsons BuzzFeed Smear BUSTED

The skirmishes between the new media presence of BuzzFeed and the drearily old media monolith that is the Murdoch press have not abated: for every tweak of the Murdoch tail from the BuzzFeed upstarts, the iron code of those who scrabble around the dunghill that is Grubstreet dictates that the inmates of the Baby Shard bunker dispense suitable retribution whenever their legitimacy is questioned.
So today, another of the Sun’s dubiously talented pundits has been ordered over the top to put the upstart in its place. There are, sadly for the Murdoch goons, two minor problems with this approach. One is that however low BuzzFeed’s standards may be, they are nowhere near as bad as those at the Sun. And two, the pundit who has been selected to carry the Murdoch standard into battle today is Tony Parsons.

Under the headingBuzzfeed taints real journos” - as if Parsons will encounter many of those at the Sun - he whines “IT is tempting to believe that the battered old trade of journalism plumbed new depths with BuzzFeed’s squalid story about Donald Trump in Moscow … But don’t confuse what BuzzFeed does with journalism … Spewing unsubstantiated rumours into the public domain is not journalism any more than drawing a penis on a toilet wall is art”. Is that so, O wise Sun pundit?

Tony Parsons is the one who suggested Myleene Klass was yer average single Mum. The pundit so bigoted and stupid that he blamed traffic congestion on immigration - rather than his own selfishness. The idiot who blamed the BBC for not blowing the whistle on Jimmy Savile - while failing to mention that the paper for which he writes his weekly drivelfest had the dirt on Savile in the early 80s, and did nothing about it.

Yes, Tony Parsons knows all about abysmal standards of journalism - that’s what his column is all about. Moreover, the BuzzFeed story about the Combover Crybaby might not be to the taste of the Murdoch goons - especially now that Don Rupioni and The Donald are best buddies - but it has come from a serious and credible source.

Instead, Parsons claims “Real journalists are governed by libel laws and editorial standards … If we get it wrong then we get sued and we get sacked”. As if. What happens in reality is that they make sure they don’t smear anyone who’s rich enough to take them to the cleaners, and then get sham regulator IPSO to wipe their arses, which in Parsons’ case means telling anyone who complains that “It’s just an opinion column”.

Fake news is all over the internet and turns it into a running sewer where you can say anything about anyone simply because you despise them” sniffs Parsons, seemingly unaware that this is exactly what the Sun does to anyone to the left of Genghis Khan, any Sleb who shows compassion for the unfortunate, and any Civil Servant, Judge, doctor, trade unionist and indeed anyone else who incurs Murdoch’s displeasure.

Tony Parsons knows all about the running sewer of Fake News. Because that is where he’s been working ever since he took the Murdoch shilling. Away with you, fake pundit.


rob said...

Didn't Tony Parsons shelf life end with the punk generation?

If not, it should have done.

“Real journalists are governed by libel laws and editorial standards … If we get it wrong then we get sued and we get sacked”

Is he saying Daily Mail and The Sun journalists aren't real? They don't seem to get sacked for factually incorrect articles. But then perhaps real journalists need a phone or PC to hack to get their stories right?

#Leveson2 now please.

Alan Clifford said...

"Spewing unsubstantiated rumours into the public domain is not journalism..."

Oh I don't know.

See Campbell's pack of lies dodgy dossier that led to hundreds of thousands of deaths of innocents. Then look at the joint CIA/MI6 operation to do for Trump (while submerging the invasion of Poland by 4,000 Yanks). Then see the kind of coverage given by the usual liars - the other day Esler on the BBC said the unsubstantiated allegations against Trump had "...a whiff of validity...," whereas Esler's lying bullshit merely stank the place out.

You see, like it or not, that IS contemporary mainstream "journalism": information clerks recounting establishment propaganda, all of it couched in weasel words. There isn't a one of them worth the proverbial carrot.