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Monday 16 January 2017

Kelvin McFilth Mosley Smear BUSTED

The Government’s “consultation” over Section 40 of the Crime and Courts Act may have finished last week, but for some of the more cranially challenged inmates of the Baby Shard bunker this is proving a difficult concept for them to grasp. Hence the deeply unpleasant Kelvin McFilth, disgraced former editor of the Super Soaraway Currant Bun, deciding to have a bit of afters in this piss-poor column this morning.
Under the heading “Mosley’s money is tainted” - yes, this is a long time taker of the Murdoch shilling saying this - Kel reimagines Max Mosley’s interview on yesterday’s Sunday Politics to tell readers it was a “car crash”. Mosley actually fought his corner rather well, and host Andrew Neil may, as I told yesterday, be in a spot of bother about at least one of the allegations he pitched at the time. This does not deter Kel.

So on he drones: “Max Mosley, the orgy-loving racist who is funding a full-scale attack on free speech, made a startling admission … The £3.8million he put up to create his own regulator (you could not make this up) came from a family trust re-based from Lichtenstein to the UK, meaning much of the wealth had been created by his father, the Fascist Sir Oswald Mosley”. It meant nothing of the sort, as anyone viewing the interview will know.

Mosley said that it was “family money” and pointed out that preceding generations of Mosleys - in other words, those who came before his singularly notorious father - had owned large parts of what is now central Manchester. And the idea of Kelvin McFilth calling “racist” on anyone else is stretching credibility beyond the limits of elasticity.
The clown who wrote this says someone else is a racist

After all, it was a Sun editorial in Kel’s day (Monday April 27, 1987 to be precise) which howled “WOULD YOU LET THIS MAN NEAR YOUR DAUGHTER?” and went on to smear poet Benjamin Zephaniah by asserting “On Friday, he is expected to become a Cambridge don … Just what are his qualities [sic] which have appealed to Trinity College? He is black. He is a Rastafarian”. And Kelvin McFilth calls “racist” on others.

Back at the Mosley smear, he’s doing no better when it comes to basic research: “During the TV interview he said his family had owned large chunks of Manchester and there was even a Mosley Road. Am astonished the local council hasn’t sought a name change”. There is a Mosley Road in Manchester, but (a) it’s out of town in Trafford Park, and (b) Mosley did not make the claim. He said Mosley STREET.

This is a well-known and mainly tram-only street in central Manchester. The most basic of research would have sorted that. But for Kelvin McFilth, lazy bigoted thug that he is, such things were all too much, as was bothering himself to find out Mosley’s actual views on politics nowadays. Hence “He failed to explain why he had never distanced himself from his early views on Fascism”. One, he wasn’t asked, and two, he’s a Labour member.

But Kelvin McFilth’s had his instructions from elsewhere on the 13th floor, he’s too thick to bother with facts or research, so just says whatever comes into his head. And looking at his efforts today, not much in the way of information makes that journey.


Esmond said...

Any family can have its black sheep such as Oswald Mosley. I imagine that there are even decent members of the McKenzie clan who are not filthy little muckrakers

asquith said...

This brings to mind Nicholas Mosley, I haven't read his books for a bit but they are very interesting.