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Tuesday 17 January 2017

Nigel Farage Is A Liar - OFFICIAL

The persistent rank dishonesty of former UKIP Oberscheissenführer Nigel “Thirsty” Farage has been considered more than once previously here on Zelo Street: his claims regarding the 2015 assembly elections in Portugal, the idea that he had been the subject of an assassination attempt, the claim that he could not go out in the street without his own security detail and his prediction of the Austrian Presidential Election were all bunk.
Squeaky burning trousers finger up the bum time

Moreover, his ability to leave his obedient and loyal supporters in the lurch was also demonstrated when he cosied up to Combover Crybaby Donald Trump, and The Donald’s pick for commerce secretary, Wilbur Ross, was revealed to have encouraged firms outside the UK to take advantage of post-Brexit uncertainty to nick jobs from Brits.
And then there was the proposed march on the Supreme Court, announced in November, but called off a month later amid alleged fears that it would be infiltrated by the BNP and EDL. First, as Left Foot Forward told in November, “Today’s Telegraph reports Nigel Farage will lead a march of 100,000 people through London for the government’s Supreme Court appeal of the High Court verdict on Article 50 … The march will be organised by Leave.EU, the right-wing anti-EU group led by Arron Banks, and see Leavers march from Trafalgar Square down Whitehall to Parliament Square around December 5”.
But then, as the Independent later reported, “A march on the Supreme Court planned by Nigel Farage and other Brexit campaigners has been cancelled, sources close to the Ukip politician have confirmed … [the event] was cancelled due to fears that it could be hijacked by far right groups like the EDL and BNP”. But now we know the truth.
Thanks to the enterprising efforts of Nick Pettigrew, we know that Farage and his pals never seriously intended to hold that march. Pettigrew has FOId the Met to ask three straightforward questions. The first of these asked “Can you confirm whether the Met Police ever received a 3175 form from either leave.EU or Nigel Farage, giving official notification of intention to hold a demonstration?
Question 2 was “Can you confirm whether any formal or informal discussions were held by the Met Police on the policing of the proposed march?” with the third question being “Can you conform whether the march was postponed on advice from the Met Police?
Nick Pettigrew has now had his reply. And it makes grim reading for those still placing some credibility in Nigel Farage. On the 3175 form (needed to give the authorities notification of a march) the Met told “We have no record of Mr Farage or leave.EU submitting a 3175”. And on the question of discussions?
The MPS contacted UKIP to establish if the march was being undertaken. No formal or informal discussions were held beyond this”.

And whether the march was postponed on Police advice? “Police did not give any advice to postpone the march and we do not know why the march did not take place. Why it did not take place can only be in the mind of those who wanted to hold it”.

Once again, Farage has opened mouth before engaging brain. He sounded off for effect and got caught with his pants on fire once more. Nigel Farage, you’re officially a liar.

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Alan Clifford said...

And softshite Trump said Farage would make a good ambassador......