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Wednesday 18 January 2017

Paul Nuttall - You're A Liar

Pressure is building on UKIP’s new leader, comedy turn Paul Nuttall, to put himself forward as the party’s candidate in the upcoming Stoke on Trent Central by-election, caused by the realisation of Tristram Hunt that he could make significantly more money, and avoid all those ghastly proles, by becoming the director of the V&A. There is only one problem with this move - Nuttall has also been rumbled as a shameless liar of no fixed principle.
Ullo Nige, gorra new motor?

His schtick, an amalgam of early Alexei Sayle and Al Murray’s Pub Landlord, has not been helped by the realisation that not only does he not have a better than snowball in hell’s chance of getting elected on his native Merseyside, but also that his fellow Scousers despise him with a vengeance. It was no coincidence that when Nuttall was nicknamed a “Bad Bootle Meff”, the characterisation quickly stuck like glue.

And then came the serial dishonesty: Nuttall has now claimed that he was in the Leppings Lane end of the Hillsborough stadium when the disastrous crush took place in April 1989. But then he appears to have also claimed that he was involved in a crush outside the ground. He cannot have been in both places at once - so which is right? The thought that he is using the disaster for his own ends will not best please anyone.
The ignorance and idiocy continued yesterday as Nuttall attempted to look vaguely leader-ish in replying to Theresa May’s EU exit speech, but instead fell flat on his face again, as Daphne Romney has pointed out: “Paul Nuttall betrays his ignorance, complaining that May did not mention the ECHR in Brexit speech. That's because the ECHR isn't part of EU”. You’d think an MEP would know things about, er, the EU.

Could it get any worse? It certainly could, as Strictly Sid pointed out. “Paul Nuttall: ‘Foreigners should speak English properly’ … Also Paul Nuttall: ‘Trump loves Britain. He's an Anglophobe’”. Nuttall had described Combover Crybaby Donald Trump as an “Anglophobe”. So he doesn't have a competent command of his own language.
All this, of course, comes on top of Nuttall’s claims about playing professional football for Tranmere Rovers (not true), posing for a photo with a background of books which was soon rumbled as having been photoshopped to make the number of books look greater - and Nuttall more important - and the claims of doing a PhD somewhere that didn’t do PhDs. Plus his call for selling off the NHS and then backsliding on it.

So you can see why Paul Nuttall might not be too keen on standing in a Parliamentary by-election campaign, during which all of his previous lies, along with any more that are discovered in the meantime, will be held up as examples of his lack of fitness to occupy any elective office. Added to that might be the possibility that being an MP could mean his opportunities to trouser lots of expenses from the European Parliament are curtailed.
Paul Nuttall is a clown. Folks on Merseyside distrust and despise him. And he’s been exposed as a serial liar. So he’s ideal material for leader of UKIP, then.


Anonymous said...

Colin The Bat says:

Eddie Hitler, at it again, showing why Kippers are a woeful political party.

UKIP aspires to be competent. Like Corbyn.

Alan Clifford said...

Nuttall demonstrates (once again) that nothing good ever came out of nationalism.

Since he and his ilk want out of the European Union he must be in something of a quandary over the SNP wish to leave the United Kingdom Union.

Oh irony.

David said...

To be fair, Trump could well be an Anglophobe; maybe he only likes those bits of the British Isles he's built vanity-project golf courses on....

iMatt said...

Did Nutter not say publically on BBC QT that NATO guaranteed the peace in Europe, not the EU? Conveniently forgetting of course how many time various EU member states have been to war with one another over the past 500 years!

So why be so happy to see Donny Trump in power, a man who calls NATO 'obsolete' and is a bigger threat to said organisation right now than the Kremlin?

The Judge said...

It seems to be with the mad Union-Jack-wavers and their lack of command of their own country's language as it is with creationists in the US, about whom the late, great Bill Hicks once remarked, "You ever noticed how people who believe in Creationism look really unevolved?".

Anonymous said...

"not have a better than snowball in hell’s chance of getting elected"
Is that the same chance that Donald Trump had, or Jeremy Corbyn, or the vote to leave the EU?


Jim Denham said...

I'd like to re-blog this (with appropriate acknowledgement and a link) at Shiraz Socialist: is that OK with you?