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Friday 27 January 2017

Popbitch PWNS Piers Morgan

The fall-out from Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan’s meltdown at finding that Ewan McGregor - that would be A Real Star, as opposed to just another of those clever people who talk loudly in restaurants - did not want to share the sofa with him has continued, to the point where Morgan’s pals in The Old Media have decided - purely by coincidence, you understand - to rally round and defend his allegedly principled stance.
A clever person who talks loudly in restaurants

Strangely, most of the defending being done on Morgan’s behalf consists not of telling the world what a great bloke he is, but attacking McGregor. Typical of the genre has been the deeply unpleasant and disgraced former Sun editor Kelvin McFilth, who has today told his readersIf Ewan McGregor is so moral why did he work for paedo director Roman Polanski?” Yes, Kel is taking a highly moral tone over the issue.
A real star

Quite how the person who dropped the Sun in the mire over Hillsborough, and who left a litany of defamation, racism, misogyny, and other minor forms of intolerance and bigotry as his legacy to journalism, gets to occupy the moral high ground is an interesting one. But Kel is not alone: Eamonn Holmes, the allegedly slimline radio and TV host, has also weighed in - as noted by the Sun’s Bizarre column.
A bellend

Adding his contribution to the established part of the Old Media has come one of its sadder wannabes, the loathsome Toby Young, who has told “Why my sympathies are with @piersmorgan in his spat with @mcgregor_ewan … What is it about left-wing virtue signallers like @mcGreggor_ewan that's so irritating? My latest @Spectator column”. It’s certainly irritating when you can’t get someone’s Twitter handle straight.
Tobes has no room to talk about virtue signalling, having done little else since he went on his crusade to tell the world how crap state schools were, and only the intervention in the sector by Himself Personally Now, bankrolled by well north of £20 million of taxpayer funds, could save the day. In any case, all this support has been no use at all.
That is because, in the latest Popbitch email, under the heading “Piers review … Shepharding star guests”, it has been revealed that Ewan McGregor was not alone in concluding that he did not wish to be interviewed by Breakfast TV’s most shameless self-promotion artist. Morgan and his fans may want to Look Away Now.
If you enjoyed Piers Morgan filling his nappy to the brim when Ewan McGregor declined to appear on Good Morning Britain earlier this week, just wait until he finds out that talent bookers for GMB have been having exactly this same sort of discussion with celebrity star guests for months now … Bookers have literally been asking agents directly if they mind their clients appearing on air with Piers and will try, wherever possible, to move guests over to a morning when Ben Shephard is hosting instead”.

Truth be told, it’s not just about Piers Morgan’s views on Women’s Marches, celebrities who won’t give him the time of day, or the kinds of questions he might ask during interviews. It’s about someone who wants to make the whole shebang about Himself, constantly push the idea that he’s a star, turn the exercise into a great big festival of self-promotion. Ewan McGregor’s mistake was not to be available on Thursday or Friday.

I look forward to seeing Morgan and his pals’ response to Popbitch. If there is one.


Sam Best said...

Piers made a grievous error in his bizarre hours long Twitter rampage against Ewen McGregor who received so much publicity for a small budget film it was like a gift from Heaven without having to sit on a sofa and answer mindless questions from the oaf.

And the message Piers sent out to other celebs who may think twice about being interviewed by him was, "mess with me and I'll try to decimate your career even if it means accusing you of being a pedo lover".

Quite apart from the disgraceful, appalling & unprofessional conduct of an interviewer scorned, it reflects so badly on his employers.

What was amusing on Pier's Twitter campaign was the number of so-called 'Deplorables' and Donald Trump cult lovers who most likely had never heard of McGregor or ripped into him over his Star War appearances (even though it was a huge box office success which is all that matters) and joined the attack because they perceived that any slight upon a Trump boot-licker like Morgan was an attack upon Trump himself.

I should think slebs are at this moment informing their agents & PRs that should an invite come from GMB that a polite apology should be sent informing the station that said celeb will be in Norway or New Zealand that week or perhaps having brain surgery and they must decline such a generous offer from The Great Man.

Meanwhile reading Lord Alan Sugar's Twitter feed is a must. His witty decimation's of the poor pompous Piers are a delight.

Alan Clifford said...

Britain 2017: Piers Moron a "celebrity."

Says it all really.

pete c said...

Having great difficulty here, in ascertaining anything like a principled stance by PM.

Surely McGregor is the one in such a position here.

Does PM even do principles. I've no idea, as I'd never remotely consider turning on the TV at that time of day - and tend to have no time for ITV anyway. And why would someone like Gaga think it worthwhile getting up at silly-o-clock for. A much better encounter would likely be had on The One Show.

Don't do Twitter, Facebook or any of those things, so have no idea what PWNS is. But I might've to surrender - if only to keep up with Lord Sugar.

Anonymous said...

Colin The Bat says:

Declaration of Non-Interest: I make a choice NOT to watch the Moron's TV interviews e.g. Life Stories on ITV because I find him a talentless sh*t.