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Monday 9 January 2017

Sun Desperation Boils Over

The clock is ticking down for those wanting to let the Government know their views on the future of press regulation in the UK. And for the Murdoch goons at the Super Soaraway Currant Bun, the realisation that very few of their readers are fussed about the regulation régime under which the inmates of the Baby Shard bunker operate has given way to a mixture of blind panic and screaming hysteria, with everything being thrown into demonising those who seek change.
That's what he thinks about the little people

That's change, as in an end to the press' ability to bend sham press regulator IPSO to their will, an end to their ability to tell the little people they routinely smear and defame that it's their place in life to suck it up, and sue if they think they're hard enough, an end to mealy-mouthed and discreet "corrections" buried away where the vast majority of readers won't see them, and an end to taking months - if not years - to 'fess up and admit their appallingly bad behaviour.

No, for today's Sun editorial, none of this gets a mention. Instead, there is another howling denunciation of those who have the audacity to want the paper to cease marking its own homework. "We urge Sun readers to stop Max Mosley and leftie luvvies stealing your fundamental right to a free press" screams the headline. Clearly, the fundamental right to be royally and regularly shat on by a bunch of overpaid and talentless bully boys must be defended at all costs.

No whopper is too big to pitch into the mix, and so readers are told of "vindictive celebs", taking the biscuit in no style at all. As any fule kno, the tabloid press, and the Murdoch branch in particular, are  the epitome of vindictiveness. The Sun still hasn't atoned for its disgraceful behaviour over the Hillsborough stadium disaster, now almost 28 years in the past. The paper cares so little about the people of Merseyside that they not only continue to give employment to disgraced former editor Kelvin McFilth, they gave him his own office on the 13th floor.
Look who's defending our free and fearless press

And talking of the human pustule that is Kel, guess who has been called upon to come over all righteous on the subject of press regulation, a matter that he couldn't have given a fig about when he was in the editor's chair, and still considers little more than a minor inconvenience? You guessed it, the supporting act not occupying the moral high ground is McFilth Himself Personally Now.

After Sun says blubbers "We know that Impress have whipped up their tribe of keyboard hatemongers into swamping the Government with anti-press messages" (thus demonstrating that the Murdoch doggies can't tell Hacked Off from Impress), it's over to Kelvin McFilth for "If you were an orgy-loving racist like Max Mosley was, you too would want to shackle the press". What colour is the pot, O bigoted kettle? The thought also enters that Kel's comment may be actionable. I do hope so.

Yes, Kelvin McFilth, the editor who decided Winston Silcott was guilty because he was black, the pundit who whips up incitement against a Muslim woman for wearing a headscarf, is getting all high and mighty about something someone else did decades ago. Rather more decades than separate the present day from Kel's exploits as Sun editor. Such is the panic and desperation that has taken over the Murdoch goons - sling the mud and deal with any legal blowback later.

Don't be taken in by Rupert Murdoch and his fellow mafiosi. Ignore Kelvin McFilth and his hypocritical dribblings. Get the full story on press regulation from the people at Hacked Off. And back a regulation system that gives redress to the little people, the ones that papers like the Sun have trampled over for long enough. Section 40 and Leveson 2 must both be enacted. The end.


Lampy said...

the times seems to have bought into the hysteria as well, reminding us about the blackshirts (anything to discredit Mosley I guess). I never thought I'd find myself supporting a member of that family, strange days...

Andy McDonald said...

Kelvin seems to have forgotten his efforts to keep Benjamin Zephaniah from teaching at Oxford University, two reasons of which were "he is black" and "he may be teaching your daughter".

Bob said...

After the public consultation on the BBC last year the then Culture Secretary John Whittingdale decided that as 177,000 submissions had come via 38 Degrees they could be ignored as originating from one source. Would the same dismissive attitude be applied in this case from a campaign whipped up by the Murdoch media.
(It was also later discovered that a 9,000 strong petition by Radio Times readers supporting the BBC had never been opened.)

Anonymous said...

Our local paper is also 'on message' today. Pleading that their very livelihood is on a knife-edge, producing the same false news as the national papers,

Ironically for a report about free speech, the comments area was locked. Its open now and there are some enlightened soles around:

"The newspaper industry only has itself to blame. The behaviour of some of the national titles has been disgraceful. Milly Dowler, Fake Sheikhs, Christopher Jeffries etc."

"The old PCC was rubbish. It was run by the papers for the papers. If you were an ordinary misrepresented punter redress was always late and inadequate. As far as I can see IPSO is just another PCC."

With trust levels at rock bottom they aren't winning many fans.

Anonymous said...

Looks like your campaign failed. Oh dear. Free press? Not on your blog.... censorship cuts both ways. Find another outlet for the student whining. No wonder he blocked you. Write to Spanker Max instead... you are well matched.

Tim Fenton said...


As you can see, you were free to submit a comment and have it published, no matter how little sense it makes.

You're welcome.

Anonymous said...

Local press has now had about 20 comments, none of them agreeing with the Editor, and comments are now closed.

Anonymous said...

"very few of their readers are fussed about the regulation régime under which the inmates of the Baby Shard bunker operate"
Unfortunately thats the feeling of the majority of the public when it comes to Leveson 2.


Anonymous said...

Now The Guardian is against it


David said...

A reminder for physicists, Emily Dinsmore included;

SI unit of absolute temperature = Kelvin

SI unit of absolute garbage = Kelvin Mackenzie