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Tuesday 31 January 2017

Piers Morgan - Another Own Goal

It has not been a good couple of weeks for former Screws and Daily Mirror editor and former CNN host Piers Morgan, now scribbling furiously in defence of his idol, Combover Crybaby Donald Trump, at Mail Online, and co-hosting ITV’s breakfast offering Good Morning Britain three days a week, if only to garner the channel better ratings. And this morning Morgan’s defence of The Donald took another knock.
Piers Morgan at Leveson - another unconvincing performance

We knew just how miffed Morgan was over all the stick his pal in the White House has been getting from a mardy strop he threw on Twitter yesterday evening, bleating “BREAKING: President Donald Trump just announced a cure for all known diseases. The global protest march against this outrage is at 8pm”. But Trump couldn’t cure a hunger craving in a curry house, and the GMB co-host was protesting rather too much.
Someone's a little bit sore about something

Then this morning, joining him and unfeasibly patient co-host Susanna Reid on the Official ITV Breakfast Sofa (tm) were appallingly intolerant Tory MP Philip Davies - who, to the great relief of many viewers, was reduced to a bit part in the unfolding drama - and campaigning journalist Owen Jones. Morgan’s intention, as so often, was to make the whole exercise about the promotion of Himself Personally Now.

But the best-laid plans, and all that: The Great Man combined a basic research fail with his propensity to shoot from the hip, with the result that he ended up covered in rather more than confusion. Jones, he asserted, was a leading gay journalist (intercoursing subtle, our Piers), and so should have been protesting at the state visit not of his pal Trump, but the likes of King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud. the late ruler of Saudi Arabia.
Owen Jones - sound bloke

The mildly inconvenient problem here was that Jones had led protests against the state visit of the then Saudi ruler. He pointed out that Morgan could have easily Googled the answer, noting that he hadn’t seen Morgan at those protests. Morgan changed tack and passed adverse comment on those coming together to protest. Jones had to remind The Great Man that he’d just asked where the protests were, and now, having been told that there were protests, had changed his mind and wasn’t bothered about them.

There was only one thing for Morgan to do - engage rant autopilot and turn the whole shebang into a monologue. This, too, was less than totally successful, as Jones then called him out for it. Morgan kept droning on, not letting anyone get a word in edgeways. The studio team began to laugh at him; Jones pointed this out, too. Ms Reid also began laughing. Morgan was looking silly (yes, I know, no change there).

And, as with the equally embarrassing occasion when The Great Man got well and truly Pwned by Evan Harris of campaigning group Hacked Off, Ms Reid had to intervene to spare his blushes and bring the alleged interview to a close. It was another less than stellar advert for free speech, to see someone who likes to bang on about it trying his damnedest to prevent its exercise by those of opposing view.

How many more celebrity guests and their agents will see that and slip the word to GMB’s bookers that it’s Ben Shephard or no show? How much longer before someone at ITV takes Morgan aside and tells him to stop making a complete Tango Whisky Alpha Tango of himself? But top marks to Owen Jones for sticking to his task. Someone has to.


Anonymous said...

I don't get it. I just don't get it. Given Morgan's ever-growing reputation for being a monumental twat why would anyone (excluding Trump and his supporters) ever agree to being 'interviewed' by him? Because it's never an interview; as you say,Tim, 3 times a week GMB becomes the 'it's all about piers show'.

This one was fun, though. Morgan got his arse well and truly spanked.

Owen Jones, though, should think hard before agreeing to sit on the sofa in future: being invited on as a guest doesn't mean that Morgan will treat you as one. More likely, you'll be subjected to a torrent of non-stop verbal abuse.

AndyC said...

Looking forward to the End of the Pier(s)Show. Coming to ITV soon, I hope.

Anonymous said...

Breakfast show platforms are tired and boring.
The sofa side show bitch fighting disguised as banter has had a long enough run.

People should go to work feeling jolly on a morning, not carrying a voodoo doll of Piers and being pulled over for TV induced road rage.


Alan Clifford said...

The whole point of TV bullshit programmes of that type is to create phony "controversies." Hence invitations to professional phonies like Moron.

Why anybody should bother watching such claptrap is a serious question against human nature.

After his experience on a Sky TV "press review" Owen Jones should have known better than to demean himself. Next time he's invited he should tell them to shove it up their arse. Sideways.

Moron is now beyond parody. A 100% dope.

iMatt said...

Piers 'Moron' Morgan as well as Nigel Farage and the Rt. Hon. Member for the 1930's Jacob Rees-Mogg can afford to support Trump as they will never be affected by the worse of his polices.

They are white, middle aged, male, high income, nominally Christian and British born. They will be insulated from things such as Trump's racism, xenophobia and misogyny. They'll be well protected from the worse effect of Brexit also.

Anonymous said...

Alan Clifford,

Did you mean Phoney?

Rich M said...


Did you mean Piers 'Morgan' Moron?

Alan Clifford said...

Anonymous @ 07:57.

A phoney by any other typo is a phoney. Or even a phony.

Hope this helps.

You're welcome.