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Monday 30 January 2017

Don’t Menshn Rogue POTUS Staff

After Combover Crybaby Donald Trump took up residence in the White House, the crackdown on US Government agencies exercising their First Amendment rights was swift. For instance, Twitter feeds dispensing any information on environmental matters were out: anything like that had to go through the new President’s “scientific advisors”. So climate change would be censored out of existence - well, officially, at least.
(c) Doc Hackenbush 2014

As a result, several Rogue Twitter feeds have sprung into life, one of which is Rogue POTUS Staff, giving anyone who wants to know an insight into the fantasy world of The Donald and his cabal of variously bigoted, intolerant and unhinged hangers-on. As the two leads in a well-known film might have put it, who are those guys? Someone who decided she would find the answer was (thankfully) former Tory MP Louise Mensch.
Ms Mensch may have been removed from heading her own website, the piss-poor Murdoch bankrolled Heat Street, but she is still contributing copy to it. Sensing a story opportunity, but too stupid to know her attempts to get it were futile, she DM’d the Rogue POTUS Staff account “WE would love to feature your story on heatst.com. We would need to verify your identity first but it would stay confidential. Let me know if you’re interested”.
The Rogue POTUS Staff saw her coming: “Sorry, but we won’t reveal our IDs to anyone, period. It’s just too much of a risk”. But this was not enough for Ms Mensch, who, rather than just accept that the people behind the account had good reason for keeping their identities confidential, threw a significantly-sized mardy strop in response.
OK pinning; @RoguePOTUSStaff is run by Bannon and is an attempt at disinfo. Defended #Putin #Assad troll Gabbard. Unfollow them all” she ranted. Very few people took any notice. So she upped the ante with “This is the pro-Putin / Assad account that Bannon trolls @RoguePOTUSStaff retweeted with antisemitic hashtag (two pics)”. Yes, with Ms Mensch, accusations of anti-Semitism are never far away.
This, too, was a waste of time and space. As Rogue POTUS Staff said in response, “Speaking of disinfo, @LouiseMensch just trying to pressure us to out ourselves after refusing to do so … Enough @LouiseMensch . Why don't you tell the truth, that you're angry at us for not divulging our IDs for your website. THAT is Bannon-esque”.
Their stance was the right one, for several reasons. One, the Trump White House team is deeply paranoid, and vindictive with it. Two, Louise Mensch works for Rupert Murdoch, whose organisation runs Trump fan outlet Fox News Channel (fair and balanced my arse) - no way should anyone give one of Murdoch’s VPs info useful to the Trump team.

Three, as observers of Murdoch machinations in the UK well know, their management betrayed scores of supposedly confidential sources to the Police in order to take the heat off themselves and avoid a corporate prosecution. Would the Murdoch mafiosi do that again in order to get an in with The Donald? You bet they would.

And Four, as Louise Mensch’s former fellow MPs will tell anyone who wants to know, she cannot be trusted not to go blabbing to the Murdochs. The Rogue POTUS Staff people were absolutely right to decline her invitation. And long may they Tweet.


Alan Clifford said...

And five......

The Sports, Media and Culture Committee are going to "investigate" Fake News.

That should make for some hearty horse laughs.

They're only about a hundred years too late. Ever since the Zinoviev "letter," actually. Wouldn't it be hilarious if they stumbled on a Brit equivalent of Operation Mockingbird and exposed the total corruption of mainstream media?

Here's a constructive suggestion: Start with "reporting" of the Hillsborough Disaster, Orgreave and the miners strike, Weapons of mass destruction, the bombing of Yugoslavia and Libya, the de facto level of poverty and unemployment, deliberate destruction of manufacturing, banks thievery, monopoly mainstream media ownership, and an exposure of our non-democratic "democracy."

I can give them loads of other topics but I'd run out of space. The poisonous unbalanced Mensch and her ilk are the least of it.

Meanwhile, I won't hold my breath.

Anonymous said...


rob said...

I'd like to hear from any rogue GCHQ staff.

Do they know who they are working for and who they are sharing intelligence with?

If Theresa May has sold the pass to DJT via Murdoch & Bannon for those "lucrative" trade deals are we now sharing with Putin and his PutinBots?

It must be getting more difficult to work out who our allies and who exactly who is the enemy and how much information we need to withhold if circumstances change again in the near future.

And after Ms Mensch's comments during the Guardian/Wikileaks saga I wonder who she regards as traitors now?