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Sunday 29 January 2017

Nigel Farage - A Liar And A Bigot

Once again, former UKIP Oberscheissenführer Nigel “Thirsty” Farage has been granted the oxygen of publicity by the BBC, to the initial dismay of many who wonder exactly what he has to do to cause the Corporation to look elsewhere for informed punditry - well, punditry better informed than Farage is ever going to be. This dismay was then tempered when Sunday Politics host Andrew Neil caught Farage with his trousers alight.
Squeaky burning trousered bigot finger up the bum time

Mr Thirsty, to no surprise at all, declared his unswerving support for Combover Crybaby Donald Trump and his executive order banning those born in a number of majority Muslim countries from entering the USA. “Well I do [agree], because I think if you just look at what is happening in France and Germany - if you look at Mrs Merkel’s policy on this, which was to allow anybody virtually from anywhere - look where it’s led to” he told.

And what, pray, has it led to? If Farage is alluding to the Berlin truck attack before Christmas, the perpetrator had been refused asylum and would have been deported - had the authorities in Tunisia not delayed sending the paperwork. But he wasn’t finished: “Now there are seven countries on that list, he is entitled to do this, he was voted in on this”.

Very good Nige: (a) in the 40 years from 1975 to 2015, no citizen of those seven countries has been responsible for the death of a US citizen on US soil, (b) there was no ban on countries like Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and the UAE - whose subjects were responsible for rather a lot of US deaths on US soil, and (c) the countries not included in the ban are also those where Trump does business, while (d) he does not have any business interests in the seven countries on the banned list.

That was not all: Neil tripped Farage up when he asked exactly how many killings had been perpetuated by refugees on US soil. The answer was Zero. Small wonder Mr Thirsty could not recall any such incident, as there was no incident to recall. This part of the interview was missed out of the Mail’s report, and the Sun merely mentionsThe MEP conceded American citizens radicalised at home are responsible for the recent terror attacks in the US rather than refugees”, almost in passing at the end of its piece.

It was left to the Mirror to point out that Farage had seriously misled the BBC’s audience, called out for his deceit, and then tried to explain it away by blustering “But when you’ve got a problem already, why on Earth would you wish to add to it?” Refugees aren’t responsible for killing US citizens on US soil. But in Farage world, they might be.

The Mirror’s report went on “Andrew Neil noted the US already has one of the toughest immigration checks in the world - especially for refugees … Refugees must be recommended to the US via a United Nations agency, and must undergo biometric checks and screening from four federal agencies”. The news that many who have earned the right to reside in the USA now cannot get back into the country has evaded Farage.

This is a politician who has manoeuvred himself into a position where he never has to take responsibility for his rabble rousing. A rank hypocrite, he rails against an elite that he is part of, many of his followers blind to the obvious. And to him it is all a great game. Perhaps the time has finally come for Nigel Farage and his appetite for self-publicity to be shown the door for the very last time. And don’t forget to lock it behind him.


LesK said...

And so say all of us. If no-one listens to Farage he might just go away.

Andy McDonald said...

He won't. As has been revealed, a major factor in his televisual ubiquity is a small number of people with serious money threatening the BBC and the like if their mouthpieces don't get airtime.

Second factor is availability. Fill that airtime at all costs.

The other factor is, of course, that he's "good telly", as in he'll cause controversy and get people talking about him and replaying the clip and that means kudos for some line producer in a world where ratings and audience share are everything.

Pro EU Peter said...

I'm always available for the dishing out crap and I could be as camp as Christmas and spread my gayness and upset lots of far right religious zealots but for an even better way of causing controversy just be the Pro EU gust of wind these political programmes need.

Anonymous said...

And he wants to keep his MEP pension -------