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Thursday 19 January 2017

Simon Danczuk Encounters Reality

Denial of onrushing reality can only go on for so long. And for still nominally Labour MP Simon Danczuk, the moment he had to face the music came yesterday, as the party he claims to love (no, don’t laugh) declined to welcome him back with open arms. Worse, although the decision on whether to expel him was officially deferred, he was left in no doubt that being sent through the trapdoor was still very much on the cards.
The aftermath of Spanker Si’s moment of truth was captured by the Evening Standard in its Londoner’s Diary column, although what the MP for Rochdale has to do with those out and about in the capital - unless they are unfortunate to encounter him - is unclear. “Simon Danczuk left in limbo by Labour” is the headline.

Readers are toldTo the Stranger’s bar in Westminster last night, where The Londoner shared a Coors beer or two with a very downhearted Simon Danczuk. The MP for Rochdale was suspended from the Labour Party a year ago after a bout of sexting. A disciplinary panel of the National Executive Committee met yesterday to discuss his case and came back to say they were delaying judgment”. There is more.

Danczuk, who has technically been an independent MP for the past 12 months, was even beginning to wonder if he might defect. He said he has been interviewed by party officials ‘and  believed the matter would be settled satisfactorily. I’m disappointed that this committee has chosen to delay’ … Danczuk has never been on good terms with the Corbyn gang - indeed, he’s said the leader has ‘a profound lack of judgment and naivety’ and he told us he suspected the NEC decision was politically motivated”.

In other words, the usual Danczuk excuses - blame Corbyn, although Jezza has been careful not to involve himself in the disciplinary process. Then, after reporting that Danczuk is once again trying to get anyone who will listen to “look over there” at Keith Vaz, we are told “The Londoner tried to draw Danczuk on whether he would now defect to another party - he didn’t say yes and he didn’t say no: ‘I’m weighing up my options at this point’”.

Yeah, right. But let me put Spanker Si right. He can blame Corbyn all he likes - the cause of his predicament is staring back at him every time he looks in the mirror. It was Danczuk who “sexted” a 17-year-old girl. It was Danczuk who over claimed his expenses, had to pay them back, and is still being investigated by the Metropolitan Police. It was Danczuk who had the violent bust-up with ex-wife Karen in Spain.

It was Danczuk who was involved in the lurid goings-on involving a series of young women, some of whom have since seen sense and dumped him. It was Danczuk who tried to score another £9,000 in expenses. My information is that Labour has decided that it would rather not have the SOB back in the fold, and that it is only a matter of time before the party has amassed sufficient evidence to justify kicking him out for good.

Simon Danczuk should stop feeling sorry for himself and man up. The mess he is in is his own fault. He is facing political oblivion. And it couldn’t happen to a more deserving chap.


Fishman Dave said...

Given his previous, I reckon he's nailed on to defect to UKIP. No doubt he'll be welcomed with open arms

pete c said...

And who else would have him?

keith said...

UKIP would be the place for him. But I guess everyone's waiting for the outcome of the Stoke and Copeland by-elections. Labour hoping that they can see off UKIP, Danczuk waiting to find out if Nuttall and co are still worth joining so he can continue to milk the expenses.

But what would happen if May went for an early election? Would Danczuk still claim to be the Labour candidate, does the Rochdale party have an alternative or would they have to deselect (dread word) their sitting nominal Labour MP first.