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Saturday 21 January 2017

Piers Morgan’s Protest Meltdown

Former editor of the Daily Mirror - and the Murdoch Screws before that - Piers Morgan, whose career has progressed despite his being unceremoniously sacked from the editor’s chair at the Mirror, a share dealing controversy, his paper having most likely been involved in phone hacking, and an ability to bring out the worst in anyone who disagrees with The Great Man, is once again making a social media spectacle of himself.
Never knowingly undersold by Himself Personally Now

After finding that there were several women’s marches taking place across the globe, and that their primary target was Combover Crybaby Donald Trump and especially his derogatory language aimed at women, Morgan lost it. After all, The Donald is his Bestest Important Pal. He’s friends with the President. And he’s prepared to defend his pal, however indefensible his behaviour, and whatever the embarrassment to others.
So off he kicked: “Imagine if there were a load of men-only marches today? The feminists would go crackers”. Emma Kennedy clearly displeased him by putting him straight over the difference between assault and consensual acts, so it was time for a “look over there” moment: “just to be clear, you support what Bill Clinton did with Monica Lewinsky in the Oval Office while he was President?” And there was more.
Even though his campaign was progressing not necessarily to his advantage, Morgan bravely continued. “I'm planning a 'Men's March' to protest at the creeping global emasculation of my gender by rabid feminists. Who's with me?” he blustered. Jon Favreau, former chief speechwriter to Barack Obama, fielded that one with aplomb: “how much attention would you need to finally feel secure?” Not going well, was it?
But The Great Man had a trick in reserve: sneer at the Guardian! Of course - it works for his pals at Mail Online, so when Oliver Duggan, who works for the paper, asked him “Are you actually planning a 'Men's March'? When is it? And where?” back came the predictable slice of inverted snobbery: “Yes. In the middle of the Guardian newsroom”. Yeah, right. Like Kath Viner and her team would let him in the building.
That did not stop Morgan. After Duggan asked if he remembered what a newsroom looked like, he doubled down on the sneering: “I remember that your newsroom was always full of millionaires munching on rare imported lentils whilst bemoaning world poverty”. And on the subject of lentils, “Ask Polly Toynbee. I think she imports them with her truffles”. And another witless sneer.
Morgan is the one with a taste in expensive motors, a place in LA, and a tendency to play Loadsamoney as he waves his wad around social media trying to get others to enter bets, just so he can prove how much he can afford to lose. So he dislikes Ms Toynbee for having more style than he can muster. In any case, what he has such a problem with today goes against what he was saying only last May: “A right to protest should always be respected”.

And now James Ball of BuzzFeed is saying out loud what many must be thinking: “This has got to be getting embarrassing for ITV at this point”. Dead right it must. Especially as BuzzFeed have picked up on it, and other online sources may well follow.

Piers Morgan loses all sense of reason when anyone gets at his pal Trump. Does The Great Man have a problem with free dissenting speech? He’s not lining a job up with The Donald, surely? As Private Eye magazine might have said, I think we should be told.


P Morgan said...

That's simply not true.

I don't know about the cheque.

She may have been editor at that time I dont know.

When did they run the story?

Whats the point of intelligence if they don't kill? I laughed out loud when I heard that.

What's your point?

Some of my Leveson quotes for you.

Alan Clifford said...

Moron forgot this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0EBQ0taYXtQ

Still......facts, ey? Who needs 'em?

rob said...

He's just one of the UK's finest carpetbaggers. Follow the cash and he'll be there ditching his last held principles to accommodate his new paymaster.

Wonder if St Theresa will save him from Leveson 2 and possible criminal trials over phonehacking?

Tez May said...


Absolutely not. They zoomed in on me baking my Shepherds pie in the kitchen.

That camera was so sharp it even noticed I was using beef mince instead of lamb.

I'm glad it didn't make front page.

Fishman Dave said...

It doesn't seem like two years since I had to explain to Piers the meaning of the word 'twanking'. It is apparent that he took no notice though

rob said...

@ Tez May

I should check the wifi on your fridge too if I was you. Especially now you have been chilled out of EU Ministers meetings.

D. Trump said...

You all need GOD in your lives. We here in the USA are so confident in his existence that we print it on our money. Yes, we believe in the invisible and things that cannot be seen. But don't you dare try and tell us that a missile hit the pentagon because that is craxy talk.

Let GOD smile down on you and clear away the rain.

I can walk on water and clear up small amounts of water.I might struggle with a Tsunami though.

There is one due to hit the New York coastline in the future.
I'll do my best to try.

Stay blessed folks!

Tez May said...

One doesn't use a fridge.
One has a fondness of larders. Even thought up a few of my speeches in there.

Thinking of setting up a Facebook account for the larder appreciation society.

rob said...

@ Tez May

Interesting use of larder.

Ever think that you may miss your "best by" date?

Given the lack of any real substance in many of your speeches one might think you have gone a little stale?

Sam Best said...

Lord Alan Sugar put it succinctly:
"Lord Sugar ‏@Lord_Sugar 15h15 hours ago
Lord Sugar Retweeted Piers Morgan

Why don't you shut it . No one is taking a blind but of notice of you ."

pete c said...

What a premier league twat is that PM. (Waste of space on QI last week).

Apparently now having a Twitter ruck with his brekky co-host over the weekends marches.

He seems to think they were anti-democratic.

Rivo said...

He has apparently tweeted that his suggestion of a Men's march was just a 'joke', a witty jest to wind up the lefties on Twitter who, sadly, were all to humourless to realise he was being ironic...

David said...

Probably not so much Twitter being full of alleged humourless left-leaning type as Morgan's inability to be funny in the first place....