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Tuesday 31 January 2017

Sun Muslim Ban Lies BUSTED

Whatever the more nuanced tone struck by his more upmarket Times, Rupert Murdoch is clearly allowing none of this wishy-washy shade of grey nonsense to affect the hectoring and ranting tone of the Super Soaraway Current Bun, especially when it comes to covering the actions of his new pal, Combover Crybaby Donald Trump, whose Executive Order banning visitors from seven mainly Muslim countries is encountering difficulties.
There have been demonstrations against The Donald all over the UK and USA, he’s sacked the Attorney General in a fit of rage because she, unlike all too many in Trump’s past, has said “No” to him, the petition requesting the British Government to cancel his forthcoming Royal visit has passed 1.6 million signatures, and the USA is rapidly becoming a cross between Pariah nation and an international laughing stock.

None of this is allowed to deflect the Sun’s editorial, which tells readers the Muslim Ban was not in fact Trump’s doing. Wait, what? We saw him signing the Executive Order. But no, the Murdoch goons want their readers to know “We should remember it was not Donald Trump who first inflicted the ‘Muslim ban’, but his predecessor Obama”.

Note that Barack Obama does not merit mention of his Christian name. But do go on: “WHEN the US President first targeted seven Muslim-majority countries in an anti-terror crackdown, no one protested … Why? Because it was President Barack Obama, darling of the liberal left [mention of the mythical “liberal left” - CHECK!] … It was his regime that singled out Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Syria, Somalia, Yemen and Libya and made certain travellers pass an interview to get a visa to the States … We must have missed the anti-racism marches that day”. That’s because this is bullshit.

We know this because the claim has already been comprehensively debunked by the Washington Post - that would be one of those boring US newspapers that deals in real facts, rather than the “alternative” variety peddled by the Sun - whose staff began by asking the obvious question “So what’s the difference with Trump’s action?
These were their conclusions.

First, Obama responded to an actual threat - the discovery that two Iraqi refugees had been implicated in bomb-making in Iraq that had targeted U.S. troops … Trump, by contrast, issued his executive order without any known triggering threat.

Second, Obama did not announce there was a ban on visa applications … There was certainly a lot of news reporting that visa applications had been slowed to a trickle. But the Obama administration never said it was their policy to halt all applications.

Third, Obama’s policy did not prevent all citizens of that country, including green-card holders, from traveling to the United States. Trump’s policy is much more sweeping.

The WaPo concluded that “this is worthy of at least Two Pinocchios”. In other words, the Murdoch goons’ pants are on fire.
And it gets worse: the Sun’s editorial also howls “the hysteria in Britain is still off the chart. A million-plus petition to scrap his state visit. An ‘emergency’ Commons debate demanded by Ed Miliband, ­loving another moment in the spotlight … With every daft rant the student union politicians on the Labour benches show why they are unfit to govern … The Commons should waste no time debating a US President’s immigration policy”. Fortunately, the Commons is not run by the inmates of the Baby Shard bunker.

As Mil The Younger Tweeted last night, “House unanimously passes emergency motion finding Trump Muslim ban discriminatory, divisive and counterproductive and calling for repeal”. In other words, Murdoch mafiosi, shove your rant.

The Sun’s editorial this morning is headlined by a pack of lies. No change there, then.


A.Robot (Mrs) said...

Far be it from me to question the Sun's news values or priorities, and even accepting that the Scandal in the City story is the most important thing going on at the moment and is consistent with the Sun's brave history of fighting corruption among the rich and privileged, I'm still left wondering what the function of the picture of the young lady on the front cover might be.
Could it be distraction from Trump and the demonstrations against his muslim ban? In which case, on the day after the massive demonstrations when/if the 'state visit' actually occurs they're going to need a 5 page pull-out featuring nude shots of Ivanka Trump,Saint Theresa and John Terry in order to divert their patriotic mouth-breathing readers from what's really going on in the world outside the betting shop.

Alan Clifford said...

I absolutely love it when Sun goons get desperate.

The moment is easily identified because they resort to more tit-and-bum on the front page - even when it concerns serious fraud and theft committed by bankers...you know, the economic hoodlums ignored by Murdoch fake news clerks since the latest Depression......Oh those fun loving thieves who harm nobody while trousering millions!

Murdoch's gobshites are pornographers in more than one sense of the word.

Stephen said...

Alan: no, not pornographers - pornographers are honest.

Sam Best said...

Did The Sun editor not get the memo sent out by Lachlan & James Murdoch?. Their US counterparts did as both Murdochs said they abhorred the Trump 'ban' on certain people and they were providing legal aid and lawyers for those caught up in the fiasco at various US airports.
And thus they are more & more alerting the minions at various Fox & News entities that once the Dirty Digger goes to the Great Corroboree in the Sky that policy may change somewhat and some of the more extreme right wing loonies can look forward to retirement.
Meanwhile the US MSNBC network has sniffed the wind and taken note that Fox News in the US is not building any sort of reliable audience among a newer generation and they are stuck with an aging "angry white man" brigade. MSNBC is quickly changing it's format to a mostly middle-of-the road conservative outlet to take advantage of Fox's stalling audience and to be well ahead of the game when the Digger passes.