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Wednesday 25 January 2017

Sarah Vine Gina Miller Hypocrisy

The legendarily foul mouthed Paul Dacre and his obedient hackery at the Daily Mail have reacted to yesterday’s Supreme Court decision in the only way they know how: petulant tantrums and mean-spirited hatchet jobs. Thus it is that Daily Mail Comment, the authentic voice of the Vagina Monologue, proclaims thatThis was not a good day for democracy”. The upholding of a democratically elected body’s supremacy. Yeah, right.
Sarah Vine ... unprincipled hypocrite

But this is as nothing when put alongside the attacks on Gina Miller, whose legal challenge against the Government’s attempt to invoke Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty using the Royal Prerogative and thereby sidelining Parliament led to High Court and then Supreme Court rulings which incurred Dacre’s displeasure. “The Daily Mail leads the way in Brexit bileopined the Guardian’s Jane Martinson. She did not have to wait long for the proof.

First has come a sneering attack piece by Ruth Sunderland headlinedWhat's the truth about Gina Miller? A loss-making company. False claims about a law degree. And critics who say she's a shameless self-publicist”. And then, demonstrating the Dacre doggies’ total lack of self-awareness, comes a hit job from … Sarah Vine.

Mrs Michael “Oiky” Gove is the epitome of shameless self-publicity, and she has not disappointed. “Gina's no martyr: She's a pushy Posh Mum” she trills, not telling Mail readers that Sarah Vine is the archetypal pushy posh mum. But she does know how to smear her targets: “She is almost Mitford sisters-like in her ability to misunderstand and patronise ordinary citizens [Ooh Nazi reference!]. To her, only the hopelessly non-U would vote to leave the EU, as Nancy Mitford might have put it [and another!.

She just doesn’t get it … She has no concept of what life is like for those who have not thrived under the yoke of Brussels” says someone who has no concept of what life is like for ordinary people (Ms Vine insists on driving everywhere in London. Not for her the slumming it on public transport. And you can forget the idea of cycling).
Gina Miller ... principled campaigner

But on she drones: “Nor, quite frankly, is she telling the truth when she claims her case is about ‘process, not politics’ … In fact, that statement confirms how little regard she has for the intelligence of Leave voters”. Sarah Vine can go one better than that - she has no regard for any voters, Leave, Remain or undecided. That’s how her husband shamelessly got to claim for a £7,000 kitchen for their London home.

How? “Oiky” had been “flipping” his main residence to take advantage of the then Parliamentary expenses régime. But he then had to pay the £7,000 back. And now his wife is lecturing Gina Miller, who hasn’t sponged off the taxpayer, on regard for voters.

And she’s not finished yet: “It’s hard to imagine a case that’s been more about politics than this one, about the attempt by those who see power and privilege as their entitlement to wrestle it back from those who have dared to exercise the only real power they have: a democratic vote”. Power and privilege, eh? Let’s just check that one out.

This is Sarah Vine recalling her wedding day: “Sixty or so of our good friends gamely schlepped to the South of France for a knees-up. There was George Osborne chatting to, of all people, feminist author Caitlin Moran, and Ed Vaizey, now the longest-serving-ever culture minister, delivering his brilliant best man speech … And Samantha Cameron, radiant and pregnant with her first child; she and David laughing on the coach back from the church”. Power and privilege as an entitlement? She’s got it.

And that’s before the six-figure salary she gets from the Mail for her weekly drivelfest. And the six-figure retainer paid to Gove by the Murdoch mafiosi, to whose ranks he has returned after Theresa May rightly dispensed with his services as a minister. And his MP’s salary. And the MP’s pension that will come later. And the expenses that he still claims.

Sarah Vine is the worst kind of stinking hypocrite. So no change there, then.


Alan Clifford said...

Oiky's expenses claim is the same spivvery as the scam pulled by the Fallon Fraud.

According to Wikispooks: "Fallon, Deputy Chairman of the Treasury Select Committee, claimed for mortgage repayments on his Westminster flat in their entirety. MPs are only allowed to claim for interest charges. Between 2002 and 2004, Fallon regularly claimed £1,255 per month in capital repayments and interest, rather than the £700-£800 for the interest-component alone. After his error was noticed by staff at the Commons Fees Office in September 2004, he asked: "Why has no one brought this to my attention before?" He repaid £2,200 of this over-claim, but was allowed to offset the remaining £6,100 against his allowance. After realising they had failed to notice the excessive claims, Commons staff reportedly suggested Fallon submit fresh claims which would "reassign" the surplus payments to other costs he had legitimately incurred."

Trump is an utter lunatic, but plainly we have our own corner shop versions here in the "United" Kingdom.

David said...

The DM really is desperate, isn't it? The best a bunch of supposedly professional journos can manage in order to vent their spleens is cheap-shot ad hominem attacks on Miller? The stuff of the playground.

Bob said...

On Channel 4 news Gina Miller took part in a debate with four male politicians and a male interviewer. There was predictable provocation from Patrick O’Flynn, very much in tune with the DM character assassination copy today. She acted with great dignity and clarity over her role in re-establishing some semblance of democracy to the triggering of Article 50. But most of all she made O’Flynn look like the narrow minded hypocritical chancer that he is.

Tim Clark said...

Nancy Mitford was a Labour Party member. Can't even get that bit right can she? Stupid woman.

David said...

Small wonder that she's frequently parodied as "Sarah Vain" by the Private Eye team.

Anonymous said...

That quote about her wedding is particularly tragic, now that none of those people would want to be in the same room as her, particularly her "radiant" best friend Samantha Cameron. But that's what happens when you knife your friends in the back in pursuit of power, a power that you then fail to achieve through your own ineptitude. Poor Sarah, hubby back on the back benches, dreams of being PM over, glamorous friends no longer speaking to her, sat at home night after night knocking back bottles of wine (at her own admission) while knocking out bitter bitchy attacks on women happier, more successful and more attractive than she will ever be. It would take a heart of stone not to laugh.