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Monday 23 January 2017

Sun Shills For Murdoch’s New Pal

Combover Crybaby Donald Trump may be a serial sex pest, a sullen man-baby, an inadequate and unstable creep who needs to feel love and hear applause so much that his team packs meetings with hired hands to clap and cheer him. But for Rupert Murdoch, this is his new pal, and therefore The Donald can do no wrong. Moreover, he is going single-handedly to help Britain make its exit from the European Union a success.
There is, sadly for those who believe what Don Rupioni tells them, very little chance of that last one being true. The constitution of the United States does not allow a President to rule without the backing of Congress, and the approval of the Supreme Court. And there are plenty of politicians - including many Republicans - who won’t vote to give the UK a trade deal without wanting to know what’s in it for them, and those they represent.

That has not stopped the Murdoch Sun being given its orders to both back Trump, and talk up the prospect of his Presidency being A Very Good Thing for the USA, Britain, and anyone else who may doubt the beneficial effects of having a serial acquirer of Chapter 11 bankruptcies in the White House. Generously remunerated pundits have fallen into line and are now singing Trump’s praises. It is as predictable as it is sick-making.

So on Friday, readers were treated toBrexit and Trump’s election ranks with the fall of the Berlin Wall as a turning point in history” by Allister Heath, who went on to tell “The age of deference is over and the majority want their interests and values to matter more than those of cultural and political elites”. Heath, like Trump, is part of that elite.

The Trump equals Success with Brexit line was echoed - by complete coincidence, you understand - the very next day by James Forsyth: “With the backing of the new US President Donald Trump, the UK is in a great position and Brexit success is a Don deal”. Sadly, Trump had promised in his inauguration speech only to put “America First”.

Confirmation that this was the approved Murdoch line came when faithful retainer Trevor Kavanagh joined in with a rare Sunday excursion, claiming “May’s tough talk and Trump’s support are great for Brexit as PM sends Eurocrats’ union dreams crashing top the floor”. But as I told yesterday, mainstream European politicians don’t care about us leaving.

European newspapers are just taking the piss out of Theresa May’s posturing, ridiculing her impotent bluster. This cannot be allowed to reach Sun readers. Instead, deeply unpleasant and disgraced former editor Kelvin McFilth has today announcedThe US Election means Brexit Britain holds Trump cards while European Union has none … a trade deal with the United States is finally within our grasp”. No it isn’t - it’s just hot air.

Kel is backed by Kavanagh making another visit to his bully pulpit to underscore how wonderful it’s all going to be: “Pro-British Donald Trump has real power and big plans… which is music to Theresa May’s ears”. Trump is only pro the last person to bend his ear. But Kav is away with the fairies: “it is the tottering EU where the impact of his presidency is likely to be felt first”. That would be the EU that doesn’t fall in line for Rupert Murdoch.

Now, the Sun has its instructions to sound just like Trump trashing those he dislikes: the EU are tottering, losers, sad. The reality is that all those pundits have sold out to such an extent that they will put their names to whatever they are told to. Now that’s really sad.


Alan Clifford said...

Whenever you meet or see some of Murdoch's yesmen bureaucrats like Kavanagh and MacKenzie the most obvious thing about them is how SEEDY they look and sound. Disgusting no-marks the lot of them.

Meanwhile, Trump has done only one good thing: He's told mainstream media to go fuck themselves. Which is one of the reasons he garnered so many votes. Make the most of it because his "policies" will be disastrous - his enemies will see to that. But it's going to be amusing watching US rat eat US rat while the Brit rat May squeaks from the touchline. Bozo Johnson will of course come in with all water pistols blazing.

As usual the victims of it all will be the citizens of the USA and the UK. But they can't say they haven't been warned time after time.

pete c said...

Just can't wait for the deluded fools to roll out all the 'alternative facts' when The Donald gets impeached.

And then again when Brexit gets shunted off the pitch.