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Monday, 1 January 2018

Record Year For Zelo Street

Happy New Year everyone!
Here on Zelo Street, there is little in the way of self-promotion: this blog deals with business first, and leaves the bragging to others.

However, and here we encounter a significantly sized however, 2017 was a record year for the blog, and so before getting down to that New Year business, a few facts and figures.

Back in early 2015, the previous post on blog stats recorded the first month that 100,000 page views had been recorded. Or, to make the numbers look bigger and scarier, the total was running at well over a million page views a year.

I have to tell you that 2017 tripled those numbers.

The total number of page views for 2017 was in excess of 3.6 million, thus averaging over 300,000 a month. These numbers bettered the 2016 total by more than 50%.

That’s despite all the newcomers to the scene. And it’s despite the sneering, abuse, and disdain from the Press and Pundit Establishment.

Yes, the more the Media Establishment ignore Zelo Street, the better the numbers. It’s as if the wider public is no longer interested in the witterings of “The commentators who count”, as the BBC’s Sunday Politics laughingly calls them.

There’s a message in those numbers. But only for those prepared to listen.


Starbuck said...

well done Tim
you deserve it - keep up that investigative and critical spirit of yours

Anonymous said...

Very well done, Tim. Thoroughly deserved.

The figures show this is the beginning of the end of mainstream media and its lies and propaganda. With some luck, those who peddle it too.

There will of course be an attempt to ride this out - perhaps even the occasional come back - but in the long term contemporary print and broadcast media are doomed. It can't come soon enough for the cultural health of this country.

I don't always agree with your opinions. But they are always verifiable (or otherwise) elsewhere.

So congratulations on your achievement. You've earned it.

Donald J. Trump said...

I read this blog not because I like to, but because it is the only way to find out what a VERY dishonest and unfair FAKE NEWS MEDIA is saying about my good friends, Nigel, Katie, Milo and Julian using phony and non-existent “sources”. SAD!

Donald J Trump said...

Forgot to mention that the so-called Zelo Street is FAILING.

Treezer May. said...

Fuck you, Fenton.

Right. I'm off to my strong and stable church to sing rich psalms to my hedge fund husband.

Have I said Fuck You, Fenton yet?