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Wednesday 3 January 2018

Toby Young - Unfit For Public Office

The resistance among many - and not just those on the left - to the idea of gifting the loathsome Toby Young the taxpayer-funded sinecure of a seat on the board of the new Office for Students has now reached critical mass, so much so that the Guardian has picked up on some of the deficiencies in his candidature highlighted here on Zelo Street. Tobes has sounded appropriately regretful. But he’s not out of the woods yet.
That is because, in addition to the suspicion that better-qualified applicants were passed over for the post, and revelations about Tobes’ leering, laddish, sexist and demeaning behaviour, there is more evidence that his temperament is not suited to any kind of serious role overseeing the higher education of this country’s young people - and making our Universities attractive to all those revenue-generating overseas students.
Consider the following material that Tobes did not manage to delete from his Twitter feed in time - and then ask yourself if you would let him loose with money which we as taxpayers have been caused to pony up. How about his quip to Steve Hilton - “That's the kind of thing a veteran pr***-teaser would say. Now I know you're a girl!” Or his leering at Wimbledon: “Watching all these ladies fanning themselves on Centre Court. Does it actually cool you down? You'd think it would do the opposite”.
Still think he’s worth a public post? Look again: “Danny Boyle's wife's got huge knockers. #Oscars”.  It has been alleged it was, in fact, Boyle’s teenage daughter. Still, back to the breast fixation: “@KirstieMAllsopp If you'd been there, you would have won Best Baps! Please look after my lovely wife this evening”. Knockers. Baps. Whatever.
Bad behaviour from footballer John Terry? “John Terry can shag for England as far as I'm concerned”. Yeah, it’s alright, e’s a LAD innee? Bit of BANTER innit?!? And so, no doubt, was “Someone once told me that they had to drive Oliver Stone to pick up a Humanitarian award and on the way he stopped to shag a hooker”. Lads shagging, eh?
When Richard Bacon asked “Bruno Tonioli was in my gym (remember I last saw him in Homebase). He asked for my hairdressers number. Is that a euphemism for something?” Tobes was on hand with a little routine homophobia: “@richardpbacon It's code for ‘I want to bum you’”. TOP LAD BANTER! Like observing two pundits disagreeing and wading in with “Ian Dale and Derek Draper? Why don't they just fuck and get it over with?” BANTER!
And don’t even suggest he isn’t on the loftiest of intellectual plateaux: “Get some compassion? I spend 60 hours a week doing voluntary work you patronising tosser”. Yeah, stick that one, eh? Could it get worse? As if you need to ask. “RT @songbird2407 ‘God I've gone through about 5 boxes of kleenex so far….Jesus....' Me Too, I haven't wanked so much in ages. #comicrelief”. LADS DOING TOP WANKING BANTER!!

So there you are at the DfE, advising Jo Johnson. At what point do you take the Minister aside and tell him that giving Tobes the nod may not be a good idea, and that he should pull the plug on the SOB before even worse news emerges?

Because I have to tell Bozza junior that, if he persists with Tobes’ appointment, worse news will surely emerge with the certainty of night following day. I can guarantee it.


Arnold said...

That's caustic wit according to BoJo.


SimonB said...

I guess the government wanker quota had become a bit short with the resignation of Damian Green.

Richard Gadsden said...

Red carpet picture of Danny Boyle from the 2009 Oscars:


D Trump said...

That makes two of us.

Anonymous said...

Damian Green with a porn-riddled computer.

Tiny Toby riddled with homophobia and masturbation.

Assorted tory ministers having hetero and homo "affairs"......Who can forget the hilarious image of John Major giving one to Edwina Curry, or maybe it was the other way round. (I mean, what the FUCK did they talk about while they were on the job?) Or Seesil Parkinson trying to destroy the life of Sarah Keayes. Or Boris Johnson/David Mellor with their fat rolling - oh forget it.

Those tories and their "family values", eh. And if they can lie about THAT......

Shawlrat said...

If you’re on twitter - worth a look at @toadmeister latest thread where he tries to justify himself. Unfortunately, the facts are already out there.

J said...

"Because I have to tell Bozza junior that, if he persists with Tobes’ appointment, worse news will surely emerge with the certainty of night following day. I can guarantee it."

That will be why he's just mass deleted a whole load of his old tweets, not individual dodgy tweets, but everything over a given date.

How do I know he's mass deleted? Well along with all the rude stuff now deleted are many other tweets that were rt'd by MP's which has caused the bot DeletedbyMPs to go into meltdown mode tweeting huge numbers of tweets deleted by MP's (because the originals went bye bye).

Strange how the likes of Paul Stains haven't been running articles such as "how can this man be given a job, look at all the disgusting things he's posted" after trawling Tobes back catalogue... its almost as if he has double standards and only posts about old and deleted tweets by someone when they are from the left... if they are on the right he instead ignores all his, now deleted, tweets and instead writes an article praising his anointment.

Its as if Paul "drunk driver" Stains has double standards and is not actually anti-establishment insider, but is in fact a tory spiv who only writes attack articles against the left - Imagine my Shock!

Jonathan said...

Rumours persist of very mouthy female MP shagging Member of the oppostion...

Anonymous said...

There is "beauty" in all of this.

In the cynical world of PR politics all Labour has to do is hold back saved tweets from the likes of nutty Toby. Then when the inevitable tory lies are pushed by mainstream media - flood social media with copies. The tories and their lickspittle msm will be neatly hoist on their own petard.

Of course none of it has anything to with genuine democracy. But that's the kind of "culture" we have allowed to grow.