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Sunday 28 January 2018

Laura Perrins Holocaust Shame

Yesterday was Holocaust Memorial Day, the anniversary of the occasion in the latter stages of World War 2 when Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp was liberated by the advancing Russian army. It was one of those moments when the evil perpetrated by the Nazi régime became terribly clear to all concerned: this had been an extermination camp, and the vast majority of those murdered were Jewish.
No, you're still not getting asked back

Such horrors, together with the wish to put an end to the wars between European states that had led to that point, drove the formation of what we now know as the European Union. It is a fact that those vehemently opposed to membership of the EU find difficult to comprehend. So it was that one of those opposed to the EU ended up performing the most shameless act of Holocaust revisionism for personal advantage.
 After Guy Verhofstadt had told “Today we remember the victims of the Holocaust. This tragedy was the worst example of what extreme nationalism can lead to. The European Union was created to ensure this will never happen again”, the unfunny and tedious Laura Perrins showed she could not get her head round this by sneering “This is pretty shameless. Not even for one day, can they rest from the politics and remember”.
She was reminded of the EU’s backstory, but was not for being swayed. “Do you even know about the elopement of the EU? Yes further European integration was to prevent future wars but I don't think centralising power is necessary to do this”. The EU eloped? Where did it go? Gretna Green? And the idea that the EU is about “centralising power” is a false premise, whatever Ms Perrins thinks.
Auschwitz-Birkenau: the banality of evil

And she was rather shaky on the question of what Winshton would have done: “I think Churchill was keen on the idea of continental Europe bering in a union, but Britain outside it”. Then, though, came the Holocaust revisionism. “It happened with the National SOCIALIST party used European anti-Semitism, together with progressive Eugenics, and centralised State power to systematically murder 6 million Jews. That's how it happened”.
The idea that the Nazis were socialists is for the birds. This was a far-right, nationalist, openly racist organisation. But by now, Ms Perrins had passed the point of no return. “Centralised State power is a leftist concept, and a key reason why so many Jews died. But don't let facts get in the way of your denial of historical fact”. Wrong, wrong, wrong. State capitalism is not a leftist concept. And the British Empire wasn’t either, although it depended on centralised state power. So that’s another less than glorious failure.
Laura Perrins’ Conservative Women group blog is only kept where it is in the rankings because the Guido Fawkes blog plugs it incessantly, and reader comments are cobbled up into blog posts to boost the numbers. Or, as many would call it, fiddling the figures.
But her media appearances are drying up - the Marr Show hasn’t asked her back after one poorly-received excursion on the paper review sofa, and her two Question Time appearances have elicited little but ridicule - and the likes of the Daily Mail haven’t come calling for a while. Hence the desperate search for attention.

Laura Perrins is all washed up. Her Holocaust revisionism proves it. Sad, really.


Gonzoland said...

Julia Hartley-Brouhaha is having a go on twitter over Guy Verhofstadt's Holocaust message.
Numerous comments elsewhere in the media about Jeremy Corbyn's 'failure' to include the word 'Jewish' in a passage he wrote for the Jewish Book of Holocaust Remembrance.

Anonymous said...

For the first time in ages I forced myself to watch Marr this morning. I hoped it had somehow transformed itself from a standard module right wing establishment propaganda unit.


There was tedious tory capitalist Andy, baggy-eyed, badly dyed hair, loopy arm-waving, and phony enthusiasm. On the sofa opposite, a standard duo of Murdoch goons plus an Observer drink-of-water. On the coffee table, the usual smattering of tory "newspapers" which Marr and the goons "reviewed" with as much insight as a cockroach. Then Marr "interviewed" shifty-eyed shouty tory capitalist Livingdone - what an appropriate name THAT is - as the latest May apologist and Cockney hedge fund barrow boy. The sum total was as relevant to the lives of Britons as The Presidents Club. It was nothing more than a collection of irrelevant London wine bar gimps.

Needless to say Corbyn was on last. Naturally Marr did a lot of shouting masquerading as "questions", for which he as usual tried to provide his own diatribe of answers. Corbyn brushed him off as easily as McDonnell does. Poor Andy had to resort to a badly out-of-sync opera singer.

It'll be an awful long time before I even think about letting Marr and his right wing propaganda anywhere near my living room. He looks like dry rot set in years ago.

As for Perrin, her on camera behaviour merely shows she hasn't learned the Marr shtick of hypocritical delivery. Her opinions are of course pure London Meff and worthless. Rather like Marr and his "show".

Fishman Dave said...

Is it she of the bog-Irish accent? If so, I'm not surprised, she's completely unhinged

Arnold said...

"The EU eloped? Where did it go? Gretna Green?" And who with?

Rivo said...

I wonder if those on the right who trot out the tedious line about the Nazi's being socialists because it says so in their name also demonise democracy and republicanism on the basis that North Korea calls itself the Democratic People's Republic?

nparker said...

The conclusion is stark: Laura Perrins is a sickening woman. She is a disgusting Holocaust revisionist.

What's more, Verhofstadt's message was not political in any way whatsoever. He was merely expressing the origins of the organisation he is a part of, on the day those origins are most pertinent.

The only person politicising it is her. Sickening, nasty little woman.

Unknown said...

“ConWoman”. Ha ha ha.

Ferdy Fox said...

Given that many of the British upper classes were sympathetic to the Nazis and that Oswald Mosley and his supporters, all fans of Hitler, were extreme right wing thugs there wouldn't appear to be a great deal of left wing sympathy there.
Furthermore, the Nazis were vehemently opposed to communism, hence their hatred of Russia.
Still, as Ms Perrins states, we don't want to let a few facts get in the way of re-writing history. Complete idiot!