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Sunday 7 January 2018

Toby Young Defence Failing

After this blog broke the news that the press had begun to turn on the loathsome Toby Young and his appointment to the board of the new Office for Students, eyes were then on the Sunday papers. Here, the Mail on Sunday reinforced the view that Tobes had lost his press pals as political editor Simon Walters gave him both barrels, and the ominous headline “PM’S DISGUST AT STUDENT TSAR’S SORDID TWEETS”.
The sub-headline was no better: “May slams obscene and sexist posts by University watchdog as female MPs call for his scalp”. While Theresa May did not call for Tobes to go when she appeared before the inquisition of the host on The Andy Marr Show (tm) this morning, his support is slipping away. And the steadfast Marr paper review defence mounted by Spectator editor Fraser Nelson will do neither he, nor his pal, any favours.
That is because, driven by both the Murdoch and Rothermere press, the vultures are now circulating over Tobes’ bedraggled presence. While the MoS boasts Nicky Morgan and Sarah Woolaston united in condemnation at the outpouring of sexism, misogyny, laddism, porn addiction, masturbatory indulgence, and generally obnoxious behaviour, the Sunday Times has added populist Tory back bencher Robert Halfon.

Halfon, in a piece for Red Box, states “Voters will not reward the Conservatives for elevating this divisive and elitist figure to a position of responsibility” before concluding that the appointment “shines a dark light on the Conservatives. It reinforces negative stereotypes of the ‘chumocracy’, the defence of the indefensible, and an image of my party as heartless and cruel”. And there was more.
Fraser Nelson - risible defence

After noting that Young is not the only one to have helped set up free schools, Halfon observes that what voters hear “is some posh Tory apparently denigrating disabled ramps, working class children and those with additional needs. As someone who has a walking disability, the thought of whatever building I enter having a disabled ramp fills me with joy. When you hear or read of people saying such things as Young has said, you begin to entertain some very unkind thoughts about that individual”.
Rob Halfon - telling intervention

He adds “This criticism of Toby Young is not about political correctness - far from it … Nor is this an argument about free speech … Toby Young can say what he likes, but being a shock-jock is not the same as a University regulator”. Meanwhile, Fraser Nelson was ridiculed by Alex Andreou, who riposted “I must admit, I laughed out loud at @FraserNelson defending Toby Young’s statements, as recent as 2015, with ‘look, these are historic tweets’. I have belly-button fluff older than that”.
Could it get worse? It certainly could: Walters’ MoS article also contains the ominous assertion “Environment Secretary Mr Gove hailed Mr Young last week for ‘working night and day to provide great state schools for children of every background’. But asked yesterday if Mr Gove still endorsed Mr Young, a source close to the Environment Secretary declined to comment”. Tobes is losing supporters. That leads only one way.

He can go now and preserve some dignity for volunteering his resignation. Or he can wait, and have someone else take the decision for him. No pressure, Tobes.


DBC said...

I see Rod Liddle has come out in defence of this idiot. So no surprise there.

Neil said...

Mr Nelson's defence of Cap'n Bellend included a line that went something like, 'It was eight years ago, haven't we all tweeted something we regretted after a glass of wine?'

This begs the question: if the huge number of Cap'n Bellend's output over the years each resulted from a glass of wine too many then he has a drink problem that will end up with him piss-stained on a bench in the shopping precinct shouting at the pigeons.

Neil said...

@DBC... funny you should say that, I have often thought that Rod looks like someone who already shouts at the pigeons.

rob said...

Will another Master Toady for Murdoch really get fired?

Who needs a morality or even an expertise check when you have signed up to the agenda? Look at those in the cabinet with doubtful histories.

The parallels with the Trump organisation continue apace.

As long as Dacre/Murdoch dominated media have your back there is a chance of survival.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't give a solid brass shit what the tories say or do - or don't do as in previous years - about Young. They kept shtum about that loony meff until blogs like Zelo Street made it impossible to ignore his rantings. They'll never be any different. To confirm it, all you have to do is see the daily poisoned outpourings of Murdoch and Rothermere goon squads - which of course are either ignored or endorsed by far right tories.

As for May's "disgust".......The accordion-breathing, church-going, hypocritical, cowardly, insensible, incapable tenth rate corner shop spiv can shove it on a hospital trolley and wait in a corridor for attention from a morals doctor. She, her cabinet and her party as much gobshites as Young. Always have been, always will be.

Anonymous said...

This country has become a political and moral embarrassment in places you'd least expect or want.
If the lady in the top spot doesn't act, it'll only get worse.

Arnold said...

50,000 deleted tweet. One tweet = one glass of wine. Eight years. Six glasses to a bottle.
That's - tappity-tap- 1041 bottles a year or nearly three a day. That's what I call a pisshead.

Anonymous said...

You sound jealous!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 12:48.

(a) She won't act where it might make a difference. Too much to lose.


(b) It's going to get worse. Much worse.

I hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

Surely one of the other chosen few could simply show they have a moral compass and refuse the offer of a position on this board. They may then encourage others to follow.

Anonymous said...

Didn’t he leave his wife to run off with a young one?

Anonymous said...

No one asked May about Tobes and the Colombian Marching Powder?