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Saturday 6 January 2018

Corbyn Trotsky Homage - FAKE NEWS

The perpetually thirsty Paul Staines and his rabble at the Guido Fawkes blog love to condemn others for peddling Fake News. But this is a mere diversionary tactic: as any fule kno, The Great Guido is at the head of the field when it comes to lying, smearing, and just inventing false stories in pursuit of his own agenda - and of course the ever-present desire to score More And Bigger Paycheques For Himself Personally Now.
He's done nothing wrong (again) ...

And one of the Fawkes massive’s favourite targets for the creation of Fake News is Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. So it was no surprise when the Fawkes blog saw that Jezza was on holiday in Mexico and decided to talk well about it, while lying badly. First on their agenda was to claim maliciously that Corbyn should have been in Parliament at the time, although the Commons has not been sitting. But this was a mere hors d’oeuvres.
... but that doesn't stop Billy Liar ...

The rather more substantial entrĂ©e came with the totally untrue claim that Jezza had been paying homage to Leon Trotsky, who was assassinated in Mexico City in 1940, and whose life is the subject of a museum there, in the house he lived in at the time of his murder. Corbyn, his wife and two friends visited a restaurant a whole city block away from the museum. But they did not visit it. That didn’t bother The Great Guido.
... who invented this fake story (note Google search shows the original, untrue, headline) ...

So out came the smear. “Labour did not deny that Jeremy Corbyn visited Russian revolutionary Leon Trotsky’s house on a communist-themed jolly to Mexico this week … The Labour leader would have been able to visit the office where the Bolshevik revolutionary was bludgeoned to death by a Stalinist with an ice pick in 1940 … Corbyn could also have passed by Trotsky’s grave”. Except he didn’t visit either location.
... which was picked up and reheated by another liar ...

This meant a little judicious headline amendment, with four people dining out now described asCorbyn Jolly Yards From Trotsky’s House In Mexico City”. Forget that it was a whole city block away, just do the guilt by association thing. And for a while it worked - long enough for the desperate Murdoch goons at the Super Soaraway Currant Bun to claimJeremy Corbyn ‘pays homage to Communist leader Trotsky’ during Christmas holiday in Mexico”. But it was Fake News, and the Sun has been forced to backtrack.
... but this headline has had to be changed. Because it's a lie ...

Now their “News” item boasts the rather weaker headline “Jeremy Corbyn poses near home of Communist leader Trotsky during Christmas holiday in Mexico”. Yeah, right. I walked along Las Ramblas in Barcelona last November - by this boneheaded logic, that connects me to the killings there a few months previously. It’s total bullshit.
... which means more of this

But then, the name on the by-line tells you all you need to know: the odious flannelled fool Master Harry Cole, formerly Staines’ tame gofer before he was not even slightly deservedly elevated to become the Sun’s alleged “Westminster Correspondent”. A pretend journalist pretending not to cadge his copy from a borderline Fake News site, then having to have said copy amended in the face of reality - reality being he was caught lying again.

Too many in and around our free and fearless press take the Fawkes blog on trust. They should exercise more care, but cannot resist the temptation to take up the constant stream of Corbyn-bashing smears. And all it does is to propagate Fake News.

Then they wonder why the public won’t buy their papers. So no change there, then.


Anonymous said...

So what if Corbyn HAD visited the Trotsky museum and grave? (Incidentally, Trotsky was OPPOSED to the Bolsheviks. Which was sort of one of the main roots of the Russian Revolution.)

All this latest ranting rightie tirade demonstrates is how they want to inflict their political correctness on everyone else. They get more hysterical and totalitarian Volkischer Beobachter each day.

It ensures I visit the museum and the grave next time I'm in Mexico. Then post the photographs all over the internet. Thus encouraging others to visit.

I love it when righties score massive own goals like this. A clear example of just how thick they are.

Anonymous said...

Makes you wonder where national security comes in to it.

When one names oneself after a terrorist, one can't deny what its modus operandi is.

Anybody that looks up to Guido really doesn't have a clue. They just have their eyes on the prize.
Sadly for some, there is no prize.

They are all rotten in the way they benefit from each others downfalls.

As usual, they aren't in it for anybody else but themselves. A fact which becomes more apparent everyday.

A.Robot (Mrs) said...


The Labour Party today failed to deny that Mrs A. Robot had 2 pieces of toast and Marmite for breakfast this morning only yards* away from where royal mum-to-be Zara Tindall lay unawares and deep in thoughts of possible names for the new royal baby.
The Palace has so far issued no statement but sources close to Prince William have made clear that Jeremy Corbyn's silence on the matter is seen as 'disappointing'.

* Believed to be 527986.

Anonymous said...

Bludgeoned? With an ice pick? Not even technically possible, young master B. Liar.

Anonymous said...

What it actually equates to - by their reckoning is Russia = Bad and USA = Good.

Idiots still fall for it.

Anonymous said...

Last time I was in Poland I visited Hitler's bunker in what used to be East Prussia. Does that somehow make me a Nazi sympathiser?

Pavi said...

I must come to Fatty Fawkes defence and publish the following statement which is true? (probably).
Guido can now exclusivly reveal ....."Toby Young farts, picks his nose and masturbates in bed with other men" bleated the salad dodger Under Staines as he prefers to be known ...."" I should know I was there with him and helped with at least two of the (exercises) I also provided him with the photographs to put in his C.V. He is bound to want to show them to the parents when he opens his next Damian Green FREE school for Barclays Bankers. They were a bit sticky though but Damian said he did'nt mind as he was used to that"
As told to Sara Vain of the Dacre Bell End press coporation.

Anonymous said...

Guido couldn't find his own whilst lying in a horizontal position so he needed somebody to do it for him.

Ferdy Fox said...

Just had another rare look at this very informative site and the impressive Seaman Staine's work. Matter of fact I'm still trying to get my computer clean again.
Seems like most of the comments are from paranoid right wing knuckle-draggers who just coincidentally happen to vote Tory.
And guess what - these monkey brains actually believe it.
Jesus, what have we come to............

Anonymous said...

Cole and others are known to very senior detectives and three London law firms. Bullying women by threatening them with photos (one tried to end her life). Her family and friends would prefer a jail term for this piece of garbage. The other women want justice. Best pals with Fuller and let's just say there is more to what she's done to people. The sob story in the Mail won't prevent justice.