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Saturday 20 January 2018

Katie Hopkins Through The Keyhole

For once, there is no need to look round that alleged Sleb house while Loyd Grossman systematically murders every pronunciation rule in the English language, because this all-new edition of Through The Keyhole features someone who was never really much of a Sleb, and it’s not on telly, mainly because she has fallen so far in recent months that no-one who matters - except the lawyers - cares much about her.
Viewers may still want to look away now

Yes, this al fresco Through The Keyhole looks at the enforced sale of a house in Exeter which is at present occupied by pro-am motormouth Katie Hopkins and her family. The has-been pundit who recently told her local paper “Here in Exeter people are nice and I can be just Katie. Realistically you would have to be quite ballsy to say anything to my face” may not be here in Exeter for very long - well, not in the same, desirable area.

That article is also a commensurate work of fiction, appearing in early November but claiming “Katie still writes a column for the Mail Online and is also in demand internationally from Switzerland to America”. She had already been binned by Mail Online. What it also didn’t mention is that Ms Hopkins had a significantly sized legal bill hanging over her. And that her house was now on the market.

As the Mirror has reported, “Featuring a neon coloured open plan kitchen, country cottage courtyard, and a lurid hot pink carpet in the living room, these photos reveal the million pound mansion Katie Hopkins has put up for sale a year after losing a libel case over two tweets … The luxurious five-bedroom family house is now up for sale on Right Move for £950,000 following Katie's legal defeat to food writer Jack Monroe last year”.

Do go on. “Located in a quiet suburb of leafy Exeter, the former columnist's home had provided a retreat from her hectic showbiz commitments in London … Boasting a generously-sized kitchen with separate utility room, the property would be an ideal base for a large family”. So the washing machine does not have to be in the kitchen, which should please Kirstie Allsopp. And that “generous size” is a whopping 33’ by 17’.

What else? “The house also features three separate reception rooms - one of which Katie has transformed into a music room - and a downstairs cloakroom and shower … All five bedrooms are spacious and future buyers would enjoy the luxury of a recently refitted large bathroom on the first floor … The top tier of the house features a huge double bedroom with connected dressing room and bathroom”.

And now it has to be sold in order for Hatey Katie to stump up the estimated £300k she owes, after losing that libel action brought by Jack Monroe. Ms Hopkins could, of course, have said sorry at the time. She could have thought twice before Tweeting about a Muslim “final solution”, thus guaranteeing she lost her LBC radio show. She could have avoided this humiliation. She is in this position because of her own actions.

Even identifying the house was made possible through her previously showing Now! Magazine around it. And like many who have observed the rise and fall of Katie Hopkins, I’m not too fussed where she fetches up - so long as it isn’t anywhere near me.


Arnold said...

I've just seen the photos, and my eyes are bleeding.

Anonymous said...

I'm sitting in my kitchen writing this, not even half that size. But this morning overflowing beyond its meagre size with...Schadenfreude

Plumbing the depths said...

The carpeting and wall fittings in the living areas are bad enough but the public convenience styling in the bathroom is nauseous.

Tim Fenton said...


I thought the white tiling rather reminiscent of the Central Line, actually.

Anonymous said...

Is she moving into a bigger house?

Could get a bigger house for less money in a shithole.

Maybe a move to the USA somewhere?

Anonymous said...

Just think. For that £300K she shelled out to Monroe she could have bought an airing cupboard to live in in London.

Which, with some luck and a following legal wind, is where she'll end up anyway. A cell in Holloway for a five spell would be even better.

God knows she's got it coming.

iMatt said...

Very lurid taste in d├ęcor. Not for me to say the twisted Kate Hopkins has no taste. However, did she not say the very same about children given certain names by their parents on ITV's 'This Morning' a couple of years ago? A lack of taste going hand in hand with a lack of morals.