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Friday 19 January 2018

Nigel Farage - Arrest Soon?

While he avoids the mire now engulfing his old party, former UKIP Oberscheissenführer Nigel “Thirsty” Farage remains in the news, but not necessarily for reasons he would find desirable: he has once again been implicated in the Trump-Russia investigation being led by former FBI director Robert Mueller. Farage had already been confirmed as a “person of interest” to the Bureau, as the Guardian reported last June.
Squeaky you can't take the Fifth finger up the bum time

Now has come a development which might never have been chased up - but for the chance sighting earlier last year when an eagle-eyed passer-by saw Farage going in to the Ecuadorian embassy in London’s Knightsbridge district. BuzzFeed were duly tipped off and one of their people was on the doorstep to intercept an evasive Mr Thirsty when he emerged, claiming he couldn’t recall what he’d been doing in there.

Of course, thanks to German newspaper Die Zeit, we all knew soon enough. During an interview in which his campaign progressed not necessarily to his advantage, Nige admitted he had lied about meeting the deputy Russian ambassador, and then he admitted his visit to the Ecuadorian embassy was to visit Julian Assange, with whom he ‘discussed a lot’”. Now we know it wasn’t just about talking - or one meeting.

Talking Points Memo has toldTwo foreign allies of President Donald Trump - the face of Brexit and founder of WikiLeaks —-may have had multiple, previously undisclosed meetings during the 2016 presidential campaign. In November testimony to the House Intelligence Committee that was made public Thursday, Glenn Simpson, founder of private intelligence firm Fusion GPS, said he’d heard reports that Brexit leader Nigel Farage provided data to WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange”. And there was more.
Simpson, whose firm assembled the so-called Trump-Russia dossier, added that the data came in the form of a thumb drive”. Small enough for Nige to have collected it and taken it on board the plane coming back from the USA without any problem. And even though TPM notes “Both Farage and Assange have dismissed the suggestion that they took any action to influence the election results. The former British politician insisted he has ‘no connections to Russia’”, he keeps being highly evasive.

Remember that Farage first claimed he didn’t recall who he saw in the Ecuadorian embassy. Then he admitted he’d seen Assange for “journalistic reasons”. Then he claimed it was a “private meeting”. Then he claimed he met Assange “briefly”, but that they discussed “a lot”. He took along an LBC producer, but LBC has run nothing on the encounter. So it might have been something and nothing. But if Farage continues to be evasive, then questions are going to be asked.

And remember also that the what Glenn Simpson said was back in November. As so often with the Mueller investigation, it’s inevitably months after the event that we find out what has been revealed, and by then the questioning has moved on. But what we do know is that with the authorities being told Nige was passing data to someone considered a Russian asset, the inevitable outcome is that he will be arrested and questioned.

He can then try and evade his way out of that one. Or maybe not.


Darren said...

That moustache he grew a while ago... Try out for a Lord Lucan-style disappearance?

Anonymous said...

"So it might have been something and nothing."

And if and when it proves to be "nothing"........?

No prizes for guessing which way US Nazis at Langley and their Brit poodles at Vauxhall Cross will spin it......and which useful idiots in Blighty will run with it. Of which, Farage is likely to be an unwitting one.

Joe McCarthy lives.

Meanwhile the realpolitik of the Wikileaks exposures will be ignored. 'Twas ever thus in the world of corrupt spools and the Anglo Saxon world.

Evidence, anyone, anywhere?

Anonymous said...

Of course not.

Sounds like more huff, puff and blow the house down.

Those in glass houses should never throw stones. Albeit, some do keep throwing them and get away with it.

For a while longer than others........

Arnold said...

What makes no sense to me is why someone as recognisable as Farage would be used as a go-between.

Anonymous said...

This "private" firm Fusion GPS......

Who employed them and why?

Why would they work without payment?

How could they possibly know about something as small as a thumb drive? Unless of course it's a figment of their or somebody else's "imagination".

Questions, questions...but never any answers or evidence.

I smell rats - spelt S-P-O-O-K-S. Sounds like a propaganda set up to me. A limited hang out to trap Assange using the ever-dispensable fruitcake Farage. If it is, it's a fairly standard spook op and stupidly clumsy even by their "standards".

I'll believe Assange every day and twice on Sunday before I believe anything Brit and Yank msm and the "intelligence" agencies vomit into the ether.

Show me EVIDENCE NOT SPECULATION and I might change my mind. Until then all this anti-Russian stuff is all my arse.

Anonymous said...

You've got it all wrong. Farage went to visit Assange to take a look at his arse in the moonlight. He doesn't look at faces.

nparker said...

I will never believe a rapist hiding in a cupboard over around 20 intelligence agencies.

Anonymous said...

nparker, I look forward to seeing your evidence of rape.

In your own time.


nparker said...

Oh dear, Anonymous. An Assange true believer. Why did he refuse to come out of his cupboard and face the charges like a non-coward would? He's a coward, and a Russian asset. I understand you are trying to undermine both Zelo Street's work and that of the left in general, but it might work better if you put your faith in people who are not cowards. That won't work either, but one could try if one was so inclined.

Anonymous said...

Guess which MEP said this about his "arse in the moonlight" mistress..."She tries to copy my friend I*****, the world's most beautiful woman and the love of my life, by buying her replica white suspenders and makes me go though the motions. She sends me pictures of herself dancing in her pants or cocking her leg up in yoga poses in the squatting dog position. I have a French lady in my life who prefers croissants to squatting. The French are much more civilised."

Anonymous said...

Nparker, So you have no evidence.

But plenty of empty pejoratives a la Joe McCarthy.

Nevertheless, I still look forward to your "evidence".

In your own time. Good luck.