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Saturday 13 January 2018

Kate Maltby Nails The Mail

Once again, the less than totally principled and professional behaviour from the inmates of the Northcliffe House bunker has been exposed by one of their targets, after columnist and former activist Kate Maltby, instrumental in bringing the behaviour of former Deputy PM Damian Green into public view, blew the whistle on their spiteful hatchet jobs.
Why the f*** can't I help that Tory c*** Green by smearing some f***ing Times columnist on his behalf, c***?!?!?

Ms Maltby was deliberately targeted by the obedient hackery of the legendarily foul mouthed Paul Dacre as soon as she suggested that Green’s conduct might be less than totally appropriate. That this was a deliberate and organised punishment beating was underscored by the two-page spread given over to Andrew Pierce’s attack piece, and the follow-up sneer from Glenda Cattia Maxima Jan Moir.
Kate Maltby viciously provokes the poor dears at the Mail by supporting one of their hate figures (Jo Rowling)

The articles featuring Ms Maltby’s revelations have been republished by her outside any paywall, so all can see what was actually written. As she tells, in the first “I was clear that I didn't consider my experience extreme. Nor did I call for Green's resignation”. The second “responded to the Daily Mail hatchet job on me. Claims made by 'sources' in the Mail are now well debunked (my parents are not 'aghast') and it has been reported that Green was personally involved in the Mail's attack on me”. The “aghast” claim is in the Pierce article.
From there, she cuts to the main event: “But there's something else I want known about the Mail's attempts to smear me. The photograph the Mail used for their hatchet job was not the photograph which 'provoked' Green to text me. It was a much more revealing image which I never gave any newspaper permission to publish”. There is more.
In 2016, I agreed to be photographed for The Times wearing a 'waist-trainer' corset, provided they only published an image cropped from the waist up. The Times, and their lovely, honourable photographer Chris, stuck to this. They are good guys … I agreed in that shoot to wear tight black leggings, so that it would be easier to cut out my silhouette and play with cropping the image. I never agreed that anyone could publish the version where my bum was on display. Then the Mail & Mail on Sunday stole the original”.
With the Dacre doggies, we’ve been here so many times before. As Ms Maltby makes clear, “That might look minor. But it matters to me. Not only did Associated Newspapers steal a decent photographer's creative copyright. They published a 'sluttier' photograph of me to suggest I had provoked male attention by revealing much more of my figure than I comfortably would”. Her next observation will also sound familiar to Dacre watchers.
I can't fully discuss whether other women were put off speaking after the Mail's coverage. But I can say the Mail tried very hard to find a single sexual indiscretion in my past. They couldn't. Other women felt more vulnerable to such intrusion”. The appetite of the Mail to dredge up anything it can, the determination and spite in the pursuit of their targets.
As Kate Maltby must know, when she concludes “Let’s make 2018 better”, the Mail is the leopard which will never change its spots. And its hacks and pundits will carry on being given the cachet of credibility: Pierce has been booked to appear on The Andy Marr Show (tm) paper review tomorrow. They keep getting the platforms, they’ll keep smearing.

Nor will the Mail mention Ms Maltby putting the record straight. IPSO will wipe the Dacre doggies’ arses as required; the charade will carry on. And that’s not good enough.


Mrs Marr said...

My Andrew is aware of all this. Bombard him with expectations that he brings it up tomorrow.

(And tell him I said that an occasional phone call would be nice).

Pavi said...

That Jan Moir has won awards though....Stone Wall Bigot of the Year for one.
Also, she's a leftie, along with Sahra Vain. By that I mean she's well to the left of the bell curve in the attractiveness stakes.
Not a phwoarr more like an arrrrrrgh. Even sticky hands Damian Green and Toby Young would agree with me on this one.
Pi pip

Anonymous said...

Pierce is a particularly disgusting and grotesque far right gnome.

He'll fit in well on Marr.

Anonymous said...

Talking of sexual harassment, Laura Kipnis has an article in the Guardian that includes a description of when she was 'goosed': 'The culprit was a future MP and Europe minister, the friend of a friend.' She doesn't name the man, but there's enough info to make me think it was Denis MacShane. Thoughts?