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Sunday 7 January 2018

Tony Parsons NHS Rant BUSTED

While some right-leaning pundits are trying - without success, fortunately - to advance their agenda of moving health care towards a US-style model (where it costs twice as much per head for less good outcomes), others are playing the blame game, trying their best to get readers to blame problems in the NHS on someone other than the people who ultimately make the funding decisions - that would be the Government.
Another weekend, another unmerited paycheque

For the Murdoch goons at the Super Soaraway Currant Bun, this means an opportunity to attack minorities, and sure enough, washed-up has-been Tony Parsons has stepped up to the plate in no style at all to administer a kicking to all those “foreigners”, which means those who don’t speak English properly, plus those whose skin colour is not in accordance with types declared acceptable by Creepy Uncle Rupe and his fellow Mafiosi.

The headline tells you all you need to know: “Our NHS is not here to wipe the world’s bottom - health tourism is bleeding our health service dry”. And don’t bother looking at The Red Team: “WHATEVER Jeremy Corbyn and his stooges tell you, there is no quick fix for a health service that is doing its best for a population that is ageing, overweight and expected to top 70million within ten years”. Yeah, do as Rupe tells you!

So what’s the problem? “Treating foreigners who have paid nothing into the system makes a mockery of the NHS, which came into existence to care for our people, not to heal the world … But record numbers of health tourists are flying into the UK to give birth to their babies on our maternity wards”. How many? “The exact number is unknown”. So you don’t know. “A Sun investigation made a conservative estimate of 4,500”. You made it up.
Nye Bevan: Parsons would not have reached up to his ankles

Have another go. “The largest unpaid maternity bill was at the Royal Berkshire NHS Trust, where a mother from ­Pakistan currently owes £46,000”. Yeah, it’s the Scary Muslims (tm)! And it wouldn’t be a Parsons rant without a little reminiscence: “It was never meant to be this way … But when the NHS was created in 1948, there were only 50million of us and we didn’t get many visitors”. Wrong: the population in 1951 was 43.7 million.

And it wouldn’t be a Parsons column without lying about politicians long dead. “When Labour’s Nye Bevan created the NHS in the aftermath of war, he never anticipated a world of gastric bands for the morbidly obese, the Third World flying in to have their baby, and transgender teens freezing their eggs in case they changed their mind about their preferred gender”. Bevan would not have picked on the weak and vulnerable, nor would he have countenanced victimising those of other faiths, nor those not speaking English.

Nor would he have immediately thought the worst of others’ motives, as Parsons does: “While out walking my dog on one of these dark winter mornings, a woman approached me and posed a question in broken English … ‘Where is the free hospital? she asked … I have no idea if she was referring to our local hospital by name - the Royal Free Hospital of North ­London - or if she simply meant a hospital where she could get free healthcare … But I got the gist … And our chance meeting summed up so much of what is killing the NHS”. It told everyone else what an un-Christian and uncharitable cretin Parsons is.

Attitudes like that may continue to score Tony Parsons More And Bigger Paycheques For Himself Personally Now. For most others, it shows he’s out of touch. No change there.


Stephen said...

"Broken English" - she had a heavy accent, like many British citizens: and she was obviously looking for the local hospital because she referred to it by name. The chance meeting summed up something, but not what Parsons thinks it did. What a racist little dick he is, really.

Anonymous said...

One day people will wake up to the mainstream media spiv NHS agenda of far right propaganda thugs like Parsons.

The overall sabotage and profiteering policy method really is quite straight forward. All mainstream print and broadcast outlets deliver the propaganda accordingly:

1.Deliberately underfund the National Health Service. But do it slowly and carefully. Gradual funds starvation is the key to everything.

2.Ensure the permanent civil service has enough far right individuals to crush any opposition from juniors.

3.Organise the NHS into rigged “trusts” manned by overpaid and bribed executives and managers who can be relied on to perform according to rigged far right terms of reference. Where possible, employ people from profiteering private “health” corporations.

4.Deliberately fail to train and employ enough medical staff. Even charge aspirants for professional training. See also 6 below.

5.Set treatment and financial targets almost impossible to meet. Just enough to strain the service to near breaking point.

6.When near breaking point is reached, gradually salami slice medical treatments into private companies to “help relieve pressures”. Employ foreign agency staff in the same way and for the same “reason”.

7.Propagandise doctors and nurses to believe the only answer is a profiteering private system “like the USA”. A tiny minority will actually believe the lying nonsense. Attack junior doctors who resist profiteering.

8.As conditions worsen, leave it to msm outlets to report the symptoms without reporting on the deliberate sabotage policies which cause them.

9.The propaganda intention is to deliberately undermine public trust in the whole concept of a public health service and to replace it with profiteering private insurance.

10.If all else fails......blame the victim, including medical staff. Which is the point we have now reached. It’s your fault for getting ill in the first place. And for growing old. And for needless use of facilities.

All of it of course is intended as an attack, egged on by the loony USA, on anything which smacks of organised collective economic systems designed to benefit everybody. The National Health System and its committed staff remains a wonderful example to the concept. And this is why it is hated and a prime target for the far right profiteering thieves, liars and hypocrites who run this country – people who infest and corrupt right through government, civil service, companies and mainstream media. Cowards who haven’t the guts to state their true intention outright because they know what the public response would be – they’d get their arses kicked for all eternity.

Now is the time for the Labour Party to call out the perpetraitors and ask the electorate to re-endorse and properly fund and staff a public health service free at the point of use, get rid of private companies once and for all, and completely repudiate any notion of profits made off the backs of our most vulnerable citizens. If that is not accepted we can look forward to the edifying spectacle of private ambulance crews searching through a prone street casualty for credit cards and distraught families selling their homes to meet medical bills which are actually invoices for profits.

As Nye Bevan said, the NHS will last as long as people want it. If they don’t want it or can’t summon the courage to fight for it then the outcome is obvious.

Meanwhile, Parsons is an insignificant propaganda clerk in a corrupt organisation. He should be treated as such.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 13.57,

Labour? Seriously?

I wouldn't be surprised to see another election but rumours are starting to circulate that a well known university math department spontaneously combusted itself because it heard Diane Abbot was in line to do the ceremonial opening.

Anonymous said...

Well @anonymous. It's maths department, which could hardly spontaneously combust anything else, and the verb is rarely, if ever, used transitively in British English. Are you one of those people Parsons was referring to?

Anonymous said...

@Anon 17.13

The S fell off. Like it does on a perverts Speedo trunks at the local pool.