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Wednesday 17 January 2018

Tommy Robinson Threatens Murder

The law enforcement authorities have had plenty of experience in dealing with the machinations of Stephen Yaxley Lennon, who styles himself Tommy Robinson, over the years. Today they got good reason to add to that CV after Lennon threatened to commit murder - and was recorded doing so. His obsessive pursuit of all and any followers of The Prophet may just end up gaining him one follower too many.
Stephen Yaxley Lennon aka Tommy Robinson

Lennon has, recently, proclaimed his knowledge of the Qur’an, loudly boasting when given a platform by broadcasters, as he was on ITV’s Good Morning Britain when Piers Morgan, as so often, substituted shouting someone down for rational and informed debate. But when Ali Dawah suggested to Lennon that he debate with The Great Man one to one, the mask slipped as realisation dawned that the Muslim basher was not up to the job.

What Ali Dawah proposed was debate: Lennon ultimately tried to deflect by substituting a charity boxing match. That by itself shows intellectual cowardice on a monumental scale, but what followed shows that Bedfordshire Police should be taking a keener interest in someone on their patch. Because when Ali Dawah phoned Lennon, and recorded the conversation, the first thing he got out of him was a death threat.

Lennon told Ali Dawah that, should he turn up chez Lennon, he would kill him. He went on to clarify this: he would “instantly” kill him. So not only is Lennon threatening murder for doing something he himself has done several times recently to other people - hypocrisy is such a challenging concept to some people - he’s suggesting that he has the means to do so “instantly”. Is he keeping offensive weapons in his house?

Then, as if he could not dig himself in deeper, Lennon told Ali Dawah that he “respected” the killers of Fusilier Lee Rigby. How can anyone wanting to see a peaceful world have any respect for two sad individuals who used their car to bludgeon a man into semi-consciousness before brutally beheading him? Any idea that Lennon is a man of peace was blown to bits the moment he came out with that one.
Ali Dawah corners Lennon

What was also clear from the recording Ali Dawah has made available is that Lennon’s knowledge of the Qur’an does not appear to be as great as he would have us believe: he is left umming and ahhing when challenged over verses from the Holy book.

Equally bad is the idea that Lennon can rock up on others’ doorsteps - including in the dead of night, let us not forget - in order to harass those who have done no more than express an opinion which does not chime with his own. His appetite for harassment recently lost a worker in Luton his job after Lennon repeatedly turned up at the man’s workplace with his mob in tow. He is a stinking hypocrite of the worst kind.

His justification was that the man he targeted had revealed his address. But he had not. Lennon loves to call “liar” on others, but he does plenty of his own lying. Well, now he’s been caught on record, bang to rights, making murder threats against someone who is doing no more than quoting his own playbook back at him.

It is high time that Stephen Lennon’s little Wild West Show was brought to an end. It’s a subject on which Bedfordshire Police could do us all a favour.


Anonymous said...

"Robinson" is a perfect Sun or Daily Mail reader. No brains and full of shit.

Crackpot and cowardly enough to be a Murdoch or Rothermere employee too.

Terry wisewell said...

Tommy Robinson ain't full of shit he's a brave man who says what most people think but r to frightened to for fear of being labled a racist. The real racist r the scum who want
To harm everything that ain't to do with that so called sad sad religion called Islam. U crack on Tommy ur a brave man and they r few and far between these days

Anonymous said...

Not sure if you know what the word "substitute" means.

Anonymous said...

This is bullshit. Ali was the one threatening Tommy and making nuisance phone calls. I have already reported Ali Dawah to the government's Report Terrorism scheme.