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Wednesday 3 January 2018

Katie Hopkins Joins The Hate Channel

After her Mail Online contract ended and was not renewed - as Zelo Street had correctly predicted and then confirmed when it happened - the speculation began. Who would be foolish enough, given the libel payouts that had been made either by her, or Mail Online, because of her rantings, to give her a berth? After all, she had been built up as increasingly popular - so the outlets would be queuing up to sign her.
Viewers may still want to look away now

But there was, as Captain Blackadder might have observed, only one thing wrong with this idea - it was bollocks. Nobody who really mattered gave a flying foxtrot about Hatey Katie. There was no approach from the convocation of the terminally batshit otherwise known as Breitbart, and no permanent niche carved out for her at Fox News Channel (fair and balanced my arse). So it was on to the very minor players.

Now the news has arrived that Ms Hopkins has been signed up by Ezra Levant’s wacko far-right rant site Rebel Media. That’s the same Rebel Media that signed up Stephen Yaxley Lennon, who styles himself Tommy Robinson. Lennon has brought the channel privacy invasions galore, his attracting a suspended prison sentence for the little matter of committing contempt of court in Canterbury, and other wonders of the video world.

Those included illegally identifying an HM Border Force agent when Lennon took exception to having his passport checked on return to England from holiday. So Hatey Katie is in suitably exalted company, then. Rebel Media has issued a gushing press release which has generated very little attention (as usual with this source).

We're proud to announce that one of the UK's most controversial and popular commentators, Katie Hopkins, has joined The Rebel team! … She'll be writing a regular column at her new site, HopkinsWorld - as well as posting video commentaries, and filing exclusive investigative reports from around the globe!” Perhaps it will explain what happened to that schools speaking tour that never happened. Perhaps not.

What we do get is the usual mix of victimhood and paranoia. “The aim of Hopkins World is to tell the stories not being told. And to help your voice be heard at a time when too many of us feel the list of things we can’t say is longer than the list of things we can … When so many platforms are under the control of the Saudis, tied to fickle commercial advertisers or beholden to special interests and religious lobbyists, it is a real thrill to find a place for us to speak without censorship”. Under the control of the Saudis? Just f*** right off.

Ditto “religious lobbyists”. The only reason she rocked up at Rebel Media is that no-one else wanted anything to do with her. Perhaps an earlier Rebel Media report, where the site toldKatie Hopkins tells audience to ‘arm themselves and fight back’ … Katie Hopkins gave a speech in California … Among other things, she claimed that London is controlled by a Muslim ‘mafia’”, holds the key. She’s not dealing from a full deck.

So now she’s reduced to scratching for scraps from whoever will give her a platform. But after Rebel Media - it always ends in tears with Hatey Katie - it won’t be a case of down, but out. The age of Katie Hopkins was for a time, but not for all time.


SteveB said...

would it be unreasonable to ask how Rebel Media is funded?

Anonymous said...

Smart move by Rebel Media.

Making HopkinsWorld a separate web site means that whenever the inevitable legal action is launched against Hatey Katey, Rebel Media can say "nothing whatever to do with us guv."

Perhaps Rebel Media pay Hatey Katey as a contractor say on a monthly basis so can terminate her contract easily.

I'm far too cynical!

Colin The Bat

Ferdy Fox said...

"-as well as posting video commentaries, and filing exclusive investigative reports from around the globe!”
Really? Hard to believe unless she's the new filing clerk.

“The aim of Hopkins World is to tell the stories not being told."
Could it be that they're not being told because they're made up?
No, that's just laughable............

Roy said...

""Not dealing from a full deck"

Hmm. I suspect its more complicated than that. Or maybe simpler. Consider the possibility that la Hopkins is in full control of her faculties, is completely aware of the rather tenuous nature of the correlation between her rants and consensus reality, and simply doesn't give a shit. She's found her USP and writes what sells, *for her*

After all. If she reflected consensus reality in her poorly written essays and tweets, no bugger would bother reading her.

This may apply to some, all or no other apparently batshit neo-na... er, alt-right commentators

Anonymous said...

She's useful for taking the piss out of.

Or holding her up to the tories as an example of themselves.

A sort of female Toby Young.

Unknown said...

Tommy Robinson is a Shillman Fellow. Robert Shillman is a millionaire and also sits on the board of Horowitz Freedom centre. That's where Katie did her Calibration speech. Horowitz & Shillman get funding from several foundations like the Bradley foundation, who also fund Quilliam. Horowitz funds Robert Spencer too.

According to the Fear Inc report on Islamophobia, Horowitz had over €10 million in funding until 2011 and Daniel Pipes had $12 million. These figures have probably doubled by now because funding increased to counter BDS.

Ezra Levant is listed on Daniel Pipes' website as a recipient of funds and so is Horowitz (Middle East Forum education fund) Pipes also gets funding from several foundations and from Nina Rosenwald, who is heiress to the Seers Roebuck fortune.

Despite all that money, they still have the audacity to fleece their stupid followers.

Anonymous said...

Nobody has popped in to tell us it's dem zionist jewz yet.