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Tuesday 2 January 2018

Guido Fawked - Corbyn Iran Fake News

After taking most of yesterday off, the part-time borderline Fake News site that is the perpetually thirsty Paul Staines and his rabble at the Guido Fawkes blog has sprung back into action this morning, doing what they do best - talking well, but lying badly. Their prime beef this morning is that the Labour leadership have declined to stick their bugles into the business of another sovereign nation. So why the hypocrisy?
Ah well. This sovereign nation happens to be Iran, and they’re BADDIES! You know, like James Mason in North By Northwest - Boo! BADDIES!! So after telling readers of their support for their mate, the loathsome Toby Young, by lying about him (he didn’t “work” at Harvard or Cambridge, Fawkes folks, as Frances Coppola has pointed out), and lying that sham press regulator IPSO has thrown out another complaint by the Skwawkbox (that happened last Autumn, and it wasn’t “another” one), it’s on to lying about Jeremy Corbyn.
Behold he who sits in righteous judgment on others ...

Day six of the protests in Iran and still no comment from Jeremy Corbyn or Emily Thornberry. So far 450 protesters have been arrested and the death toll has exceeded 20. Boris has been defending the protesters’ right to demonstrate so why the silence from Labour? Surely nothing to do with Jezza publicly backing the country’s Khomeinist rulers?

Very good, except that Jezza has done nothing of the sort, although he has appeared on Press TV. One particularly nasty Fawkes lie is the claim that Corbyn “Agreed with a Press TV caller that Britain’s national broadcaster were ‘Zionist liars’”. He didn’t, but details, eh? There are other creative claims by the Fawkes Massive in order to back up the assertion “Labour Silent On Iran As Top Corbynistas Back Régime”, which Labour has not been.
... the pack of lies churned out in his name ...

But, sadly, the number of “Top Corbynistas” that can be found backing the Iranian régime is zero. None. Nil. Nada. Zilch. Zip. Not a sausage. Bugger all.

The closest that The Great Guido gets is to quote Aaron Bastani, who has no connection to Jezza, saying “Astonished at how many *still* don’t get cheering on protest whatever its demands and whatever the political context. Any breakdown in Iranian regime *could* make Syria look like theme park. Yet many Brits still cheer on regime change”.
... and the numpty selected to do the lying

What Bastani is very clearly warning about is the potential for instability - rather obvious, as he has mentioned Syria. The consequences of a protracted civil war there should be rather obvious, even to those in the hermetically sealed Fawkes bubble.
The only other citation the Fawkes rabble can manage is Harry Leslie Smith (really classy, eh, beating up on 94 year old World War 2 veterans?) who reminded us “Probably the most important thing for #IranianProtests is to never believe American or British politicians when they say Iran needs to be a democracy b/c what they mean by freedom is your return to their spheres of influence like under the Shah when protesters were also shot”.

Yes, the less than benevolent rule of the Shah of Iran, installed as leader after the 1953 coup backed by the UK and US. The outward signs of liberalism shown to the West masked an unpleasant dictatorship - as well as the inconvenient fact that the revolution of 1979 was partly Our Fault. Still, why bother educating readers when your only purpose is to lie about Corbyn and those who support him? Another fine mess, once again.


Anonymous said...

Scandals and upset all around politics.

Just another day at the office and business as usual.

You cannot cure political ills until you disassociate certain types.

"They are killing free speech"

Nope. Just silencing those who wouldn't know the truth if it fell in their lap.

You are all ten-a-penny.

Anonymous said...

Well, it was only a matter of time before Gobshite Guido lifted his head out of the lavatory pan to spit the nazi contents everywhere.

We've seen the standard CIA/MI6 tactics long before they injected the current poison in Iran. The same thing was tried in Turkey against the Erdogan regime. Before that, in Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan and all over Asia, Eastern Europe, Africa and Central and South America. Even Western Europe too.

It isn't necessafy to support theocratic or totalitarian regimes to know that our "intelligence" agencies are even worse than the governments they routinely try to undermine. That the disgusting long term affects are self evident to those who want to look. That the CIA and MI6 have no interest whatever in genuine democracy - their brief is to bring sovereign dissenting goverments under US control, even if it means replacing them with mass murdering thugs or by instigating civil war. Divide et impera.

The Guido arsewipes are merely useful idiot mouthpieces. The same old formula is so obvious it would be laughable if innocent human lives and societies weren't at stake. Remember the awful sight of little dead 3 years old Aylan washed up on a foreign beach like so much flotsam and jetsam? That's the legacy the USA and Britain are leaving to the world. And don't think it will ever be fogotten.

Guido? Not worth a carrot. Not an ounce of human decency in any of them. Gobshites to a man and woman. Symptoms of real evil, be it ever so banal.

Anonymous said...

It amazes me that Jeremy Corbyn has not taken Mr Staines to court regarding defamation of character.

After all Lord McAlpine won his case against Sally Bercow.

Open and shut case I would have thought.

Wot A Site said...

Nothing to wonder about.

Stained is operating from a "Catch me if you can" surround.

It does beg the question of whether intelligence agencies really do care about the publics first line of defence.

Or 'Government' as it's known.

Frozen assets it is then......